Monday, December 14, 2009

life's not all that bad :)

i blame fieza for the picture's bad quality. :p

after a series of unfortunate events happening in my life,
my broadband's faulty.
my handphone's barred.
my cat died.
my gold bracelet misplaced.
finally something good came out from all these.
i got lucky in a lucky draw last night.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

in loving memory

"our cat is gone.."
"what do u mean gone?"
"he's dead. ur dad & i found him yesterday afternoon at our backyard.."

. . . . . . . . .

i was speechless.
i was crushed.
i didn't know what to say.
we only had him for a few months but it feels like we had him forever.
he was the latest addition to our family,
the apple of our eyes.
we were so used to having him around & now that he's gone i still feel like he's still here, maybe just playing outside the house.
but when night comes, it hit me that he's not with us anymore because his usual spot on the sofa is now empty without him curling comfortably on it.
i did notice that he wasn't himself these past few days but i thought it was just temporary & that he'd be back to his crazy self in no time.
but that time never came cause he's no longer here.
the moment mom delivered the news, i was instantly brought back to all the times we were together.
the time when he sneaked under the table & suddenly jumping and nibbling on our feet.
and the time when he started climbing on top of us, snuggling up close when we pulled up the blanket, getting ready for bed.
also when he purred on our faces when we sleep cause he had to relieve himself but we forgot to leave the door open for him.
he liked to sleep at odd places but he loved sleeping with us the most.
i miss his warmth & my nights would be lonely again without him.
he was a very special cat & no other cat could ever take his place in our hearts.
i m sure of that cause my dad buried him under his favorite tree, the tree he liked to climb onto & how i can see my mom's eyes watered whenever we talked about him.
i hope he will be happier where he is now with non stop supply of his favorite cat food.
i miss him so much already & i don't care that i m actually crying in public while typing this.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

one qurban i could never forget

*dusting off debris & spiderwebs off blog*
im really sorry for not updating.
i never thought anyone would notice my abscense but somebody actually did.

firstly, i'd like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all Muslims.
speaking of qurban, every year i always had flashbacks to when i was in secondary school.
unabashed, i'd like to share what happened on that one fateful day 11 years ago.
our school participated in the qurban of a few cows & goats at our school mosque.
after school session ended, my friends and i stopped by to watch the whole thing in progress.
as soon as i reached there, i immediately spotted a white cow, already lying on the ground, barely breathing.
with blood dripping from the cut on its neck, the bovine looked directly at me with tears in its eyes.
as if begging for mercy.
it was heart wrenching & tears started streaming down my cheeks.
not wanting my friends to know, i retreated far from the crowd but one actually noticed & asked whether i was ok or not.
i wasn't ok & i was still crying when i reached my room.
later in the evening, we had the qurban meat for dinner but i didn't have my dinner that day.
i didn't have the heart to.
friends keep telling that i was just being silly & that the cow died for a good cause but i just couldn't shake the sight of it from my head.
not until now.
i think i should go for therapy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

books galore

source: google

i received these two books in the mail the other day.
and i only paid RM40 for them.
really, im serious.
i found i real great website for book lovers like myself & they sell pre loved books (but for me they look just like brand new) for a fraction of a price.
im now planning to purchase a few more books for my collection.
Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic Series for starters.
don't take my word for it.
visit here.

footnote: my broadband is officially dead. i miss being online every day. :(

Sunday, November 8, 2009

congratulations AMER & ETA

remember the post about me leaving to KL about two weeks back?
i actually went to Port Dickson to attend a wedding.
i was supposed to publish an entry about it once i got back home but my broadband started showing symptoms of terminal illness i had to put it to rest.
for almost a week now, i been carrying around my laptop to places with WIFI access just to get connected.
so forgive me for the short updates & lack thereof.
(cause when i do get online, i'd be spending most of my time taking care of my crops & animals in Farmville. im at level 32 now by the way. ;p )

without further a due,
here are the pics taken on that day.
i apologized for the pictures' poor quality.
nevertheless, do enjoy!

the beautiful bride & dashing groom with their cake

baby emile in dreamland

bride & groom with the bride's family

bride & groom with my sis, my bro+family & urs truly

bride & groom with my sis

bride & groom with urs truly

sis, me & zahra who was obviously annoyed

sis with sis in law & zahra who was pretty much still annoyed

urs truly with sleeping baby emile

anyway, i had the perfect answer for the ever ending question, 'When's ur turn?'
actually, my bro answered it for me.
when asked, he promptly replied, 'Ayang is waiting for her blue-eyed knight in shining armour.'
not exactly in those words but u get my point.
he obviously knows my taste in men.

happy birthday, dear!

it's like all my favourite guys are celebrating their birthdays this month.
with that, i wanna wish my dear friend, Hathsey,
can't wait for December to come cause he'll be home for Christmas.
i'll be counting the days.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

happy birthday, bro!

before the day ends, i'd like to wish my dearest brother, Azahar,
as he said, age is just a number & he's damn right cause to me he doesn't look his age at all but younger.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

..and im leaving on a jetplane

i'll be leaving for KL in a few hours but i'm still thinking about what to pack.
for those close to me knows that this is a common sight, my love for last minute preparation for everything!
it's true when they say old habits die hard.
an interesting thing happened just now (and i find it funny), while loading our stuff into our overstuffed luggage, my sis & mum suddenly got choked up & teary eyed.
thinking about our cat!
we had to let him stay at my aunt's cause we won't be around for 4 days.
my sis even had a little souvenir from him last night when she sent him there.
a deep, long scratch on her left arm.
pretty obvious he didn't want to stay.
so the two of them were talking about him & his antics which never failed to make us laugh.
i was excluded cause i wasn't that close to him, not because i m heartless ok?
i could be worse that's why i didn't allow myself to be attached in the first place.
cat story aside, i need to continue packing.
i'll be attending a wedding & majlis bercukur this weekend so i need to look my best cause i'll be on the watch for potential partners.
and i need to come up with a witty comeback for the usual 'when will be ur turn?' question.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

destress urself

watching law abiding citizen last night was a real different experience.
for starters, we were in Hall 4 in MBO Cinema where all the seats are couple seats with reclining back rest.
as first timers there, my sis and I were like 'waaa, best!' and started to rock back & forth on the chair.
we were like Neanderthals, we just couldn't help it.
and my, was it cold in there!
in all the movie was great.
it's one of the movies where u have to watch til the end cause u don't have a clue what will happen next.
and what's more, i got to see my favourite man half naked.
Gerard Butler is damn fine!

as promised, here are a few ways on how to alleviate excessive stress u're dealing with.
(Clyde, Gerard's character should apply some of these before he starts taking things into his own hands)

~ be aware of ur stressors & emotional & physical reactions
~ recognize what u can change
~ reduce the intensity of ur emotional reactions
~ learn to moderate ur physical reactions to stress
~ build ur physical reserves
~ maintain ur emotional reserves
~ eliminate stress from ur environment
~ improve air quality around u
~ change bad lighting
~ organize & decorate
~ have personal space
~ learn meditation & breathing techniques
~ focus on an object / sound
~ create a mental image of a pleasant & relaxing place in ur mind & immerse urself in that

why am i suddenly an expert in this stress thingy?
actually i just went through a one day training on STRESS MANAGEMENT yesterday so i thought about sharing what i learn from that.
so that we all can be less stressed out & when we do, we know how to handle it better.
hope it helps, folks!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

stressed out? destress!

do you . . . . . .

experience memory problems?
find it hard to make decisions?
see only the negative side of things?
desire to escape or run away?
have urges to laugh or cry at inappropriate time?


are you . . . . . .

moody & hypersensitive?
angry & resentful?
easily irritated & on edge?
lacking confidence?

and suffering from . . . . .

back pain?

then u must be STRESSED.

i know i am cause i said yes to most of the above.
especially now when my internet connection keeps getting disconnected.
(along with other things)
but fear not, i will share with all of u on how to alleviate all those excessive stress but u have to wait for my next post.
i'm getting ready to watch Law Abiding Citizen starring Gerard Butler (yum!) & Jamie Foxx and later have a late supper at McD.
my diet?
to hell with it.
i'm destressing.

why do they have to take it away from me?

"please bring me back my Whitnut.."
Spongebob playing me as a distraught & desperate Whitnut lover
-credits of google-

it's way past midnight & my sweet tooth is craving for something.
for Whitnut, from Big Apple Donuts.
white chocolate on top with peanut butter filling.
i love it so much, i bought it each & every time i came by that place.
so frequent that even the guy there knew exactly what i wanted without me telling.
but the last time i checked, they don't make it anymore.
u should have seen the look on my face when they told me that.
a bit like Spongebob's or maybe worst.

Friday, October 23, 2009

he's super clean now

Miles just had his first 'official shower' today.
after more than 2 weeks!
im so horrible!
it wasn't intentional though.
it's been raining a lot lately & i've been working the afternoon shift.
excuses aside, the bottom line is im just too plain lazy!
by the way, Miles is what i decided to call my ride.
Miles gets me going the extra miles.
get it?
(thanks to Anne for the suggestion)
and right now, he looks sparkly & clean & brand new, i just love it!
kudos to the hard working blokes at The Original Carwash at Rubber Road.
ranging from RM8 - RM12 (wash only), RM13 - RM17 (wash+vacuum), RM30 - RM80 (full wash+vacuum+wax) with complimentary drink (u can choose either tea, coffee or lime juice), u can be one happy & satisfied customer like me!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

i could use a little help here

someone's birthday is fast approaching but i still don't have a clue on what to get.
any ideas?
im open to suggestions.
it's for a guy by the way.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

everything happens for a reason

for those who missed me (cough), i'm back!
my absence wasn't intentional.
but because i was feeling under the weather since Saturday,
had the whole Sunday lying helplessly in bed,
and spent my Monday coughing away (and still lying in bed).
only today, i'm in a much better state.
a lot better that i just came back from the shopping mall since 5pm!
how about that for painting the town red?

while being sick, i had an epiphany.
noticed i get that a lot?
well, eventhough i hate being sick cause being sick would mean,
a) i look terrible (worse than my usual morning face)
b) i'm stuck at home (my activities are limited)
c) i had to refrain eating my all time favorite food & stock up on plain water (gag),

i realised that there is some good that come with all the bad things that happen (and being sick is just one of them)
let just say, things always happen for a reason.
i usually hold on to this just to comfort myself until i started seeing the 'reason' why it happened.
because sometimes it takes days, weeks or years but at times, it only takes a few hours maybe just a few minutes.
ok, a few example.
1) i was supposed to fly to KL from the 9th-12th this month, alone. but i rescheduled for a later trip at the end of the month. i fell sick on the 9th til 12th. if i have gotten on a plane that day, God knows what will happen to me. maybe i'd collapsed at LCCT, who knows?

2) i had a minor accident with a motorcycle 3 years back but was too scared to tell my dad, i drove around town with a dented car. on my way home (finally), i gave way to a familiar face driving a familiar car. turned out, he's the guy i've been crushing on like FOREVER (at that time) & he was looking oh so tasteful, i kept replaying the moment our eyes met that when my dad finally found out about the car, i still manage to smile despite the punishment i had to go through.

3) my sis & i were to fly from KL to KCH (also 3 years ago) and guess what? i'm the only one out without a seat. technical glitch they said but whatever. so i had to stay behind & waited for the next flight while my sis flew alone (our luggage were already aboard so one of us had to fly first). the silver lining in this story? our car broke down in the middle of the road. if it wasn't for me who arrived much later with two taxis, my whole family would have been stranded much longer at the side of the road.

there's actually more but u should get my point by now, right?
so now, i always try not to complain & question God why such thing happened & why me?
because there must be a reason it happen & the reason might actually be worth it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


i have been anticipating to publish this blog post for the loooooongest time.
fieza & myself have been keeping mum for almost a month now.
man, it was really hard!
there were times when we almost let it slip our tongue thus ruining the surprise.
but we followed through, only 3 other knew about it.
yes, we were so tight lipped about it that even my parents didn't have a single clue on what's going on!
i just looooove throwing surprises cause the reactions of the unsuspecting 'victims' never failed to make my day.
but today, it is no longer a surprise.
the secret is finally revealed.
today, i would like to say it loud & proud that i have found a new love.
well, it's not a newborn nephew or niece, or a new pet.
definitely not any new arm candy.
(getting one would be great though)
u read that right, i just picked up my car yesterday & i still can't believe that i own one now!
i've been making plans since forever but things kept coming up so i had to put it aside for a while.
until that one fateful day in September when i had an epiphany.
'it's either now or never'
i m glad for that sudden realisation & much persuasion on fieza's side that a month later, i m still trying hard to wipe the smug look off my face.
so without any further a due,
this is MY BABY.
(haven't named it yet. any suggestions?)

pic taken by fieza. artsy! this is just the display unit. well u know what im trying to convey here. :)

footnote: i just realised major things keep happening in my life on the 8th. first, i got employed on 8th March last year & now this. will i be meeting The One on the 8th too? :p

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SpongeBob Mood Widget

Sunday, October 4, 2009

fill me in

Haagen-Dazs' version of mooncakes. yummy!
pic credits to google

lately i've been craving for something.
and that something is none other than a rich, heavy & dense mooncake.
with red bean paste.
just the thought of it makes my mouth water.
to be honest, my first time having it was 2 years back because before, the mooncakes i saw all have salted eggs in it & i couldn't see myself eating salted egg with anything else besides rice.
i figure the taste would be revolting.
and the thing not looking inviting at all sure didn't help.
but my brother bought one & insisted i had a small bite,
later i ended eating half.
but not the salted egg filling though.
not ready for that yet.
have anyone tried it?
i mean the one with the salted egg?
is it any good?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

im feeling frisky

i dont feel like sleeping alone tonight.
i've been sleeping on my own for too many nights because i wanted the whole bed all to myself.
but come to think of it, good things get better when shared with others.
so tonight i decided to share that other half of my bed.
cold nights wont be as cold anymore when i can snuggle up close to the warmth of another living being.
talking on my bed wouldn't make me look like im crazy anymore when i have another pair of ears listening patiently to my every woes.
and my hands would definitely not behave when i have something to touch & rub on.
before u have any funny ideas, let me set the record straight.
i'll be spending the night with my cat.
i repeat, my cat.
why not?
he deserved it anyway.
he's been a very good pussy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar

born 0457 hrs
22 September 2009
3 Syawal 1430H

our latest bundle of joy
really looking forward to see this little guy next month
udak loves u!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

satu hari di hari raya

for me, Hari Raya would be less of a celebration if it lacks the loudness of firecrackers & beautiful firework display on the sky.
even my mum joined in the fun.
yup, she took a few of my sister's secret stash & fired up a few very loud ones.
while i sat in my room covering my ears.
before u start taunting me for being a sissy, let me explain myself.
i had had a bad experience with firecrackers & anything that explodes
(that includes bottled yogurt).
back in 1994 when i was in primary 5, i was as brave as any other 11 year olds.
i lit firecrackers on my hand & let go milliseconds before they exploded.
i would laugh & got so high with the adrenaline rush, i never wanted to stop.
my cousin who was 5 years my junior became the sole spectator and he was in total awe with what i did.
(he wasn't allowed to touch them)
he clapped every time the stuff exploded & pleaded for more.
as i was also enjoying myself, i gave in to his demands.
but lighting firecrackers then throwing it in the air one at a time when i have a box full of them waiting to be fired up made me restless.
i wanted my night to end with a BANG!
it sure hell did!
i took out one whole string of firecrackers & lit the fuse.
i waited anxiously for it to start popping away & when it did, the thing started to fly all over us!
we both ran for cover but it was too late.
it flew right on top of my foot & scarred me for life.
ruined my dream of becoming a foot model
(i just add that up).
but it did scar & scare the shit out of me.
now anything to do with explosives, please count me out.
so during this Hari Raya, play safe ok?


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Exhibit A
name: tonyeng
breed: siamese
age: toddler (in cat years)
crime: caught red handed chewing on owner's charger & earphone to pieces
(as seen in Exhibit A)
got off with a warning for being super cute & having eyes like jelly

Monday, September 7, 2009

farming might be my forte (^_~)

my humble little farm. isn't it just cute?

i m currently alternating between tabs.
here & FARMVILLE on Facebook.
yes, i m the latest person who got swept off the interactive online games wave. previously, i wasn't bothered at all.
i even ignored all the requests & gifts that i received related to the game. until i tried my hands at it (after much persuasion from a friend), i was immediately hooked!
and i m now at level 9. yippee!
(but still waaaaay behind others)
i m so caught up with the whole thing that sometimes i find myself counting the hours when the seeds i planted should be harvested or whether my trees and animals are ready for me to collect their fruits, eggs, milk & truffles.
besides that, i can always sell them later if i want to.
see? it's just like farming in the real world. but minus the heat, back breaking hard work & huge capital.
i m slowly progressing & moving up with the help of other 'farmers.' who would have thought, i can have so much fun over a little game in cyberspace.

Monday, August 31, 2009

suckers for romance, this is a must read (^_^)

credits to google

remember this entry?
i finally have the book!
i m super duper psyched!
it's actually a very belated birthday gift from my dear friend, Anne.
thank u so much, babe!
i m going to spend one whole day (uninterrupted) to finish the book.
so next time when ur calls are going straight to voicemail or u find ur messages not replied,
please don't take it to heart.
that would be me, immersing myself in the book.
oh i can't wait!

i wanna live!

it's Merdeka Day today.
despite the whole 1 Malaysia thing,
my spirit isn't so up there with the rest of other Malaysians.

i just realized my life is pathetic.
let me take that back, that's too harsh (even for myself).
my life is . . less than exciting.
(explains the lack of updates on this blog)
'cause interesting things don't happen much in my mediocre life.
actually so far, life has been good.
but i want something more out of life.
i love my family & friends and life has been more bearable when they're around.
when i m alone, that's when the pity party starts.
i envy those who are spontaneous, who aren't scared to go out there on their own & try something new.
who is so full of life & live life without any regrets.
i m a natural born worrier.
(not warrior even if it sounds the same)
i worry A LOT.
even over the minutest things & the puniest details.
i make mountains out of molehills.
and i m scared to step out of my comfort zone.
i pretty much thought life is good as it is.
until i see others living theirs to the fullest.
and saw that i had missed out a lot in comparison.
i tell others that change is good even if it's hard in the beginning.
and that if u don't like something, stop complaining, change it.
but i don't practice what i preach.
i m still stuck in this static rut i called life.
so what should i do now?
where do i start?
how do i make my biography / memoir a more interesting read when i'm finally gone?

footnote: u think i should say YES to all opportunity that comes my way just like Jim Carrey in YES MAN?

Monday, August 24, 2009

life's a POP

i just can't stop giggling while typing this.

wanna know why?

just now, my mum was pestering me about a yogurt drink i bought a few days back, untouched in the fridge.

known for her concern about the pettiest thing, she was worried about the drink going to waste.

actually i did take a sip from the bottle before but later decided to not finish it.

it tasted weird.

really weird.

serves me right for choosing LIME + CUCUMBER flavoured yogurt drink.

i still shiver everytime i was reminded of the taste in my mouth.

ok, to cut the long story short, i told her she could just throw it away coz it's a few days old & might have passed the expiry date.

so while i was surfing away on my laptop, i suddenly heard a very loud POP!

just like the sound of someone popping open a champagne bottle but louder.

it was so loud i almost had a heart attack.

turned out, the bottle that contained the yogurt drink had become an explosive device.

somehow the gases inside the bottle was so eager to get out that with the slightest movement, the bottle cap came flying a few metres away.

it took us a while to find it.

seriously. im not joking.

i couldn't stop smiling because that was the second time the same thing happened.

first it was me.

thank goodness the bottle cap didnt pop on my face or i would have a Rihanna for a few days.

and just now, it happened to my mum.

im just curious, what actually happened in the bottle?

*pakdukun, here's one research u could do :) *

since Hari Raya is near, maybe i should keep a few bottles handy.

to be in tune with the festive season.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

always in our hearts

i went to visit arwah's grave this afternoon with a few friends.
it was such a beautiful day.
the sun was up, the sky was clear.
we could even feel the gentle breeze.
much different than what we had the week before.
the haze was so bad,
it was suffocating to even step out from the house for just 5 minutes.
but not today.
as a matter of fact,
on the day arwah was buried,
the weather had changed for the better.
it poured heavily.
much awaited rain after a long week of dryness & unbearable heat.
it looked as if the universe also mourned after his departure.
but for me it was truly a blessing.
because of all days, it was decided to rain on that particular day.
and as we sat next to his grave, reciting Al-Fatihah & Yasin,
the cloud shifted, forming a natural canopy above us.
we breathed out air of relief,
for the realisation that he left in a peaceful way.
before, i cry just by the mere mention of his name.
but now, i smile because i know he never really left.
he will forever be a part of us, secured safely in our hearts.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

al fatihah

on Sunday,
i visited a very dear friend at the hospital.
his condition had deteriorated from the last time i saw him.
it's heartbreaking to see someone u've known for a long time,
as someone so full of life to a person laying helplessly on the hospital bed.
i tried to be strong and was thinking about talking to him eventhough i know he wasn't conscious at that time.
i had so much to say, i want to tell him that i want him to get better, things will be ok in the end & we'll be going out with the others like usual, but the words didn't come out.
i couldn't even get myself to call out his name.
i got all choked up.
and then the tears came streaming down,
i had to get away.
i wasn't that strong.

today's Thursday.
and that dear friend of mine had gone.
he passed away around 2pm today.
i was at work when i heard the news.
but i didn't even shed a tear.
i was in complete denial.
i know he was really sick & he could leave us any time.
i didn't expect it to be this soon.
but it finally dawned on me that he's really gone when we reached his house.
there were family & friends reciting Yasin, crying & consoling each other.
while reciting Yasin, i broke down & cried at the mention of his name 'azyzeer rahiim' which means 'yang maha penyayang.'
i never lost someone very close to me before & i couldn't grab the idea that i won't be seeing him around anymore.

i will always remember u as the cool guy.
someone with great talent in art.
and eccentric sense of style.
who introduced me to Arctic Monkeys & the sorts.
a guy with few words but never ending smile.
and how u always make that cute faces of urs.
i will sure miss that.

i think i never thank u enough for being my friend.
for the time u kept it a secret when u saw my blood stained school uniform in class.
for giving me rides to the surau when we worked part time at a school canteen with a few others.
for letting me win Street Fighter a few times when we escaped from work at the canteen.
for the laughter we shared while playing UNO.
for the last birthday gift u gave me & fieza last year.
for the great time we had at all the outings just because u were there.

i still can't believe u're gone.
but it's ok, at least u won't suffer anymore.
i know right now u're in a much better place.

may ur soul rest in peace.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

impulsive buying

i wasn't planning to buy anything today but look what i got.

an MNG purse.

i was smitten the first time i laid my eyes on it.

they also have it in black with gold lining but after much deliberation, i ended up with this.

i have a huge thing with snakeskin prints.

please don't ask why.

i just do.

or maybe, like fieza pointed out, 'the choice u made shows ur true personality.'

so how do snakeskin prints portray me?

m i..



or even


im just curious.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

forgive & forget?

i did something horrible the other day.
i didn't mean it but because it did happen, does that mean i'm a bad person?
here's the scenario,
u'll be the judge.
it was my officemate's birthday the other day.
my colleagues & i decided to surprise her with a present.
as a self professed shopaholic, i volunteered to go for the hunt of the ultimate present.
after spending hours choosing, i decided on a table clock.
it's black with hints of metal.
modern looking.
i really thought she'd like it so she can put it on her workstation & think of us everytime she sees it.
sounds like the perfect gift, right?
she's Chinese & it's a big NO NO to give out clocks, watches, hourglass, and even sundials on their birthdays.
because by doing so, it's like u're counting the hours, minutes & seconds of their death.
imagine how i felt when i found out.
instead of making someone happy on her birthday, i made her think of something as gloomy & depressing as death.
seriously, i didn't know.
how can i be that ignorant?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

isn't this thing the cutest?

i'm not really sure whether it's a bear, a fox or a dog.
but all i care is that it's damn cute!
can anyone buy it for me?
pwetty pwetty puhlease?
*giving puppy eyes & batting eyelashes*

Sunday, August 2, 2009

unagi time!

it's the month of August & it must be my next favourite month of the year (after June, my birthday of course.)

coz from the 1st to the 31st, it's gonna be UNAGI TIME at SUSHI KING!

everybody say YAY!

(doing the Chicken Dance)

i've always loved sushi & my favourite would be none other than UNAGI.

fyi, unagi is freshwater eel.

yes, u read that right.

as gross as it sound (and look), it tastes so damn good im lost for words!

and i had this for dinner just now,


unagi served with beancurds & grilled veges with gravy.

washed it down with hot green tea,
pure bliss.

i love it so much, once i made my bro bought a huge slice & finished it all by myself.

u should have seen the disgusted look he gave me (he couldn't stand it).

good thing though, i won't have to share with anyone.



so, head down to the nearest Sushi King outlet.

you might see me there (again!) wolfing down unagi & other delicacies.

man, im salivating already.
footnote: i want a guy who likes eating sushi especially unagi. well, guys SHOULD like sushi. why? remember what Sam did in Sex in The City for her boyfriend on Vday? yes, that's the one. so better start liking sushi now. ;p

Monday, July 27, 2009

suckers for romance, this is a must watch. (^_^)

have u ever watched something or read something, it left u with goosebumps & somehow ur eyes start to water without u realising it?
well that just happened to me.
i came across The Pink Stilettos while blog hopping & i immediately fell in love with her entry i just have to publish it in mine.
it's about a movie bound to be released here in October.
The Time Traveler's Wife with Rachel McAdams & Eric Bana playing the leads.

(oh i just love them!)
it's based on a best selling novel with the same title by Audrey Niffenegger.

(i m so getting the book!)

just in case u're wondering, the soundtrack is Broken by Lifehouse (i love it so much i have it on repeat).
seriously, i just had goosebumps. AGAIN.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

brace yourself for traffic jams

starting tomorrow until the 30th, most major roads will be closed from 6am to 12 midnight in conjunction with the official launch of Kompleks Dewan Undangan Negeri & the 211th Majlis Mesyuarat Raja-Raja (MMRR).

on the 27th, the roads in particular are Jalan MacDougall, Jalan Wayang, Jalan Main Bazaar, Jalan Barrack, Jalan Masjid, Jalan Gambier, Jalan Power, Jalan Khoo Hun Yeang & Jalan China.

roads that would be temporarily closed would be Jalan Lapangan Terbang, Jalan Song, Jalan Tun Jugah, Jalan Simpang Tiga, Jalan Tabuan, Jalan Ban Hock, Jalan Bukit Mata & Jalan MacDougall.

from the 27th til the 30th, roads closed would be Jalan Tun Jugah, Jalan Simpang Tiga, Jalan Tabuan, Jalan Ban Hock, Jalan Bukit Mata, Jalan MacDougall, Jalan Tun Openg, Jalan Satok & Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman.

the MMRR delegation will visit Muzium Negeri on the 27th so there would be no access to Jalan Lapangan Terbang, Jalan Tun Jugah, Jalan Simpang Tiga, Jalan Tabuan, Jalan Ban Hock, Jalan Bukit Mata, Jalan MacDougall & Jalan Tun Openg.

later in the evening, the MMRR delegation would be present at The Sarawak Regatta so we all should stay away from the same roads mentioned above.

on the 28th, the MMRR delegation will visit Taman Orkid so during the visit, Jalan Lapangan Terbang, Jalan Tun Jugah, Jalan Simpang Tiga, Jalan Tabuan, Jalan Ban Hock, Jalan Bukit Mata, Jalan MacDougall, Jalan Tun Openg, Jalan Satok & Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman won't be open to public.

their visit to Kampung Budaya after that would see Jalan Lapangan Terbang, Jalan Tun Jugah, Jalan Simpang Tiga, Jalan Tabuan, Jalan Ban Hock, Jalan Bukit Mata, Jalan MacDougall, Jalan Tun Openg, Jalan Satok, Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman, Jalan Semariang, Jalan Sultan Tengah & Jalan Santubong unaccessible by vehicle of any kind.

Jalan Lapangan Terbang, Jalan Tun Jugah, Jalan Simpang Tiga, Jalan Tabuan, Jalan Ban Hock, Jalan Bukit Mata, Jalan MacDougall, Jalan Tun Openg, Jalan Rock, Jalan Kota Padawan & Jalan Puncak Borneo will be closed during the visit.

i bet we'll gonna spend time on the road a lot longer than usual.


klutzy me

notice anything wrong in this picture?
look closer.
see it?
ok fine.
look at the miniature hourglass.
the one i got for my birthday from my colleagues?
'where's the sand?' u may ask.
well, that's exactly my point.
i didn't know how i do it but somehow the thing came crashing down on my table and in a split second i had blue sand all over.
warning: please don't let me come near ur breakable valuables. u might hate me after that.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

my battle of the bulge

yes, ur eyes aren't lying.
the fat ass on the far left is me.
correction: was
i had a total wake up call when i saw this pic.
taken back in Sept 2005, i was at my heaviest weight.
maybe i even reached 70++ but i couldn't be sure coz back then,
i can't even look at a weighting scale, let alone step on it.
just imagine, with my height of just 5 feet with that much load on.
i ballooned so much, i looked like im about to be blown out to space.
my feet constantly hurt and i had zero self esteem.
most of the clothes i want so badly to wear didn't fit me.
what's worst,
i can't even look at someone giggling or laughing without thinking,
"they must be talking about me."
that's when i thought, this really has to stop.
i had to change.
i don't wanna look like this forever.
and i definitely don't wanna feel inferior anymore.
fast forward 4 years later,
i've managed to unload 10kg of the excess weight i've been carrying around
& kept it at that.
just 2kg shy of my ideal weight.
it didn't come easy though.
i've tried almost everything.
u name it, i tried it.
and yes, i relapsed a few times.
but i'm glad & proud of myself that i made the choice to live a much healthier life.
to date, i must admit i m still struggling to keep the weight off coz i m constantly hungry. sumtimes i feel like im eating for two. :D
and like farah put it, food is bliss.
pure bliss.
so at times, i did give in to my cravings.
the likes of nasi ayam penyet, McD & ice cream are huge temptations for me to resist.
but once in a while in a small portion doesn't hurt right?
for me, better to eat a little bit of everything than depriving urself of some things.
but that's just me.
explains the relapses and why i don't look like Jillian, the trainer from The Biggest Loser.
footnote: pic was taken during juzz's convocation. notice the things missing from our heads now? ;p

Monday, July 13, 2009

are we love worthy?

last nite i went out to celebrate fieza's belated birthday with my besties, juz & bobet.
during dinner we reminisced the days we spent in KK and later planned for another island getaway some time next year.
the destination?
KRABI, fellas!
im keeping my fingers crossed on that one. ;)

we also had heart to heart talk about relationships, wedding plans & how our lives would change after settling down.
yes, we have these conversations very often lately.
blame us for being 26! :D
we focused on all the great stuff of course until one point, we started figuring out plans to prepare ourselves for the worst.
touch wood.

i found it scary that rather lately im hearing relationships that either had faltered or on the verge of breaking up.
aware of my status, i m looking forward to be in a relationship.
i might as well strangle myself if i said that i don't feel a thing when i see lovebirds giggling, holding hands, feeding each other like the world revolves around them.
just them.
i can be so green with envy i swear i would rip my clothes off & turned into Hulk (but with boobs.) :D

but thinking & seeing how feelings can easily change, can be his side or even mine, i m now having second thoughts about this thing called love.
i m pretty much comfortable with where i m now & it's just damn hard to find a decent guy these days.
the potential ones are either taken, gay or not responsive.
not even a twitch. nada.
im giving out hints & sending vibes but u still don't get it, do u?
seriously, do i have to write 'I LIKE U. LET'S HOOK UP' on my forehead to make it obvious?
guys. they just can't read between the lines.
we just have to say it straight on, out loud, in their faces.


if there are no such thing as rejection, i'd definitely do it in a blink of an eye.
i don't mind making the first move once in a while but only to some extent.
that is IF he is worth the trouble & the possibility of being turned down.
but in the end, nothing really beats the feeling of being pursued & swept off once's feet.

Friday, July 10, 2009

i know it's late but happy birthday, babe!

i know, this entry is a bit overdue.
please forgive me for i was deprived of internet access for the past 4 days.
but it's still never too late to dedicate this spot for a special someone.
and that someone is no other than my bosom buddy,
who had just turned 26 on the 7th of July!
she's one person whose smile could light up a whole room,
whose laughter is terribly contagious,
whose infectious love for food made us both heavier than we were in high school,
whose penchant for cute guys sometimes made me blush out of embarassment,
whose passion for life & in search of love is undeniably strong,
whose warm personality never fail to bring out the best in me
whose sincerity made me value our friendship more than anything in the world.
so babe, here's a whole bunch of pictures of us.
im glad the fondest memories i had,
i shared mostly with u.
at Sematan (small gathering for newlyweds, Victor & Ernah)

at Star Cineplex, eager faces waiting to watch Madagascar 2

in Awg Mu's car, sightseeing in KK

buffet at Harbour View, small gathering with other smskians

attending our officemate's wedding reception at Dewan Suarah

on our way to Pustaka Negeri for a jog
(muka lanji & muka bahagia. haha..)

our reflections at Charles & Keith store

at SCR Express, Satok where we started planning for our trip to KK

ramah tamah aidilfitri 2008 at Saddad Court
(i looked like a faggot here. seriously.)

celebrating ukasya's (fieza's nephew) birthday at seafood buffet, Crowne Plaza (now known as Riverside Majestic)

Aziza's wedding at Crowne Plaza (now known as Riverside Majestic)

raya 2008

at work

Fizah's wedding at Dewan Suarah

feeding hungry tummies at Pizza Hut

Kak Syah's wedding at Sime Darby Convention Centre

at Bobet's house, raya 2007

the years might pass us by without us realising it,
but hopefully our friendship will stand the test of time.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

tag diri sendiri. pathetic. :D

1. bekas kekasih saya adalah ://daniel wu. in my dreams. :D

2. saya sedang mendengar ://bunyi kipas full swing.

3. mungkin saya patut://turunkan berat badan. baju ambik dari tailor dh x muat. benci!

4. saya suka ://surprises. especially things that can melt my heart & make me go awwwww...

5. sahabat-sahabat baik saya ://adalah mereka yg kenal saya inside out.

6. saya tak faham ://kenapa saya masih single? :D

7. saya kehilangan ://mood nak makan semalam disebabkan gatal2 satu badan.

8. ramai yang berkata ://saya lihai bila driving.

9. makna nama saya ://saya pun x pasti. ;p

10. cinta itu adalah ://sesuatu yang indah. :)

11. di suatu tempat, seseorang sedang ://shopping sakan (fieza)

12. saya akan cuba ://utk tidak segan lagi & pursue that guy. ;p

13. ayat SELAMANYA membawa maksud ://sampai hujung nyawa.

14. telefon bimbit saya ://baru lepas charging. dh full. happy. :)

15. bila saya terjaga dari tidur ://saya akan cari handphone, tgk jam pukul brapa & tarik selimut sambung tidur.

16. saya paling meluat apabila ://ada orang yg rasa diri bagus sangat & others are inferior.

17. pesta/parti adalah ://funfair.ada kumpulan kristal.

18. haiwan yang paling comel yang saya pernah temui ialah ://kucing. period.

19. peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan bagi saya ialah ://peringkat remaja (sekolah asrama). the best years of my life!

20. hari ini ://saya teringin nak makan luar.

21. malam ini saya akan ://online dgn bobet kat Coffee Bean or Starbucks.

22. esok pula saya akan ://bangun lewat coz keja syif petang. yippie!

23. saya betul-betul inginkan ://wang yang banyak coz C&K tgh sale sekarang. i need new heels!

24. ketika anda lihat wajah anda di hadapan cermin pagi ini ://muka camni rugi orang x nak. :D

25. pusat membeli-belah atau arked permainan ://semestinya pusat membeli-belah.

26. Makanan Barat atau Jepun ://dua-dua. i like western+asian. :)

27. bilik yang terang atau gelap://samar-samar adalah romantik & sexy. ;p

28. makanan segera adalah ://heaven bila benar2 teringin.

29. ayat terakhir yang anda katakan pada seseorang?//"ne kunci bilit kamek, mak?"

30. siapa yang anda nak tag?//siapa-siapa yg sudi. :)