Wednesday, June 27, 2012


i turned 29 yesterday!
*throws confetti*
nothing much changed in my life between that one year period when i turned 28 and now.
i have my wonderful family, great friends, stable job.
except for the fact that i celebrated my 29th birthday as a wife.
maybe a mother next year?

Friday, June 22, 2012

a post long overdue :p

yesterday was our second wedding monthliversary.
that's how long overdue this post is.

here comes the bride & groom
another shot

and another
our simple dais
he won. because i let him. :p

thanks kak irda & abg jaha for the ridiculously delicious cake

where exactly is the camera? :D

i still can't recall what made us laugh so hard

officemates, godmom & mom in law

gorgeous ladies of ex-smsk

bride & groom with both parents

ma familia minus udak & andika

my second family plus my nephew & nieces

groom's buddies

groom's Man Utd buddies
   then we had a few shots at the dais


 later, a few shots outdoor.
it was so hot outside i was begging for the photoshoot to be over real fast. :D

but we got a better idea & took shots inside where it was cold. :)


 official photographer was SwkPixel. 
really great team to work with. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

in a week! ;)

and because i'm turning 29 in a week (woot!), here's my humble wishlist for those itching to know what i'd like for this year. :)

don't get too excited too soon, i just wanna be prepared. ;)
( this or any books regarding pregnancy, parenthood, marriage )
ht what to expect when youre expecting ll 120510 vblog 5 Things You Dont Expect When Youre Expecting

i'm now in my department's bowling team so these items would definitely stop my teammates from pestering me to have my own bowling set :P

i'm a size 5 by the way,

i use the no 11 ball,

and a bowling ball bag to complete it :)

since i've transformed myself into a hijabista (not sure whether it's a real word coz i just made that up),
and i'm still in experimental mode so any style of hijab would do ( i love paisley & abstract motives )
all three from

Penny Chiffon Maxi Dress - Green
  Shirt Maxi Dress - Dark Green 
i can't remember the last time i bought something like this for myself.
long sleeved maxi dress - both from

 i could imagine the stress melting away

 the sand.. the sun.. this is the life

apart from these, i wish to be in the pink of health, happy & very much in love. :)
happy becoming birthday to me!