Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar

born 0457 hrs
22 September 2009
3 Syawal 1430H

our latest bundle of joy
really looking forward to see this little guy next month
udak loves u!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

satu hari di hari raya

for me, Hari Raya would be less of a celebration if it lacks the loudness of firecrackers & beautiful firework display on the sky.
even my mum joined in the fun.
yup, she took a few of my sister's secret stash & fired up a few very loud ones.
while i sat in my room covering my ears.
before u start taunting me for being a sissy, let me explain myself.
i had had a bad experience with firecrackers & anything that explodes
(that includes bottled yogurt).
back in 1994 when i was in primary 5, i was as brave as any other 11 year olds.
i lit firecrackers on my hand & let go milliseconds before they exploded.
i would laugh & got so high with the adrenaline rush, i never wanted to stop.
my cousin who was 5 years my junior became the sole spectator and he was in total awe with what i did.
(he wasn't allowed to touch them)
he clapped every time the stuff exploded & pleaded for more.
as i was also enjoying myself, i gave in to his demands.
but lighting firecrackers then throwing it in the air one at a time when i have a box full of them waiting to be fired up made me restless.
i wanted my night to end with a BANG!
it sure hell did!
i took out one whole string of firecrackers & lit the fuse.
i waited anxiously for it to start popping away & when it did, the thing started to fly all over us!
we both ran for cover but it was too late.
it flew right on top of my foot & scarred me for life.
ruined my dream of becoming a foot model
(i just add that up).
but it did scar & scare the shit out of me.
now anything to do with explosives, please count me out.
so during this Hari Raya, play safe ok?


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Exhibit A
name: tonyeng
breed: siamese
age: toddler (in cat years)
crime: caught red handed chewing on owner's charger & earphone to pieces
(as seen in Exhibit A)
got off with a warning for being super cute & having eyes like jelly

Monday, September 7, 2009

farming might be my forte (^_~)

my humble little farm. isn't it just cute?

i m currently alternating between tabs.
here & FARMVILLE on Facebook.
yes, i m the latest person who got swept off the interactive online games wave. previously, i wasn't bothered at all.
i even ignored all the requests & gifts that i received related to the game. until i tried my hands at it (after much persuasion from a friend), i was immediately hooked!
and i m now at level 9. yippee!
(but still waaaaay behind others)
i m so caught up with the whole thing that sometimes i find myself counting the hours when the seeds i planted should be harvested or whether my trees and animals are ready for me to collect their fruits, eggs, milk & truffles.
besides that, i can always sell them later if i want to.
see? it's just like farming in the real world. but minus the heat, back breaking hard work & huge capital.
i m slowly progressing & moving up with the help of other 'farmers.' who would have thought, i can have so much fun over a little game in cyberspace.