Thursday, February 26, 2009

don't say i didn't warn u part II

i m not kidding.
watch out for this seat as well.


thank goodness it wasn't me this time.
a lady got it bad. the seat failed on her in a middle of a movie!


and she & her boyfriend (i assumed) left the hall.
pretty pissed off i'm sure (especially the guy).
they were lucky i wasn't a drama queen or a bitch coz i let it slide when it happened to me.
but i don't think they'll be lucky for long.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

don't say i didn't warn u

for those avid movie goers,
who just need their fix on the latest motion pictures on the silver screen,
(especially on Tuesday nights & Wednesdays)
who frequently take trips to Star Cineplex at Medan Pelita, Kuching,
i have two words for u.


if u're thinking about choosing this seat,


better think again.
i made a stupid decision by choosing that seat,
and i ended being a laughing stock.

*thank God only a friend was the sole witness & it was already dark when it happened*

because as my arse were just getting comfortable with the seat,
to my horror, it suddenly collapsed under my weight.

*i'm not exactly that heavy. i think*

turns out, the seat was, put it this way,


and i think i sprained my shoulder a bit from that.

darn it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

pegged! (as daria put it)

pegged by f.i.e.z.a,
so here goes!


  1. doesn't drink milk. at all.
  2. has a few ex beaus whose names start with the letter F *chuckles*
  3. quite a chatterbox (but not a broken record) *wink*
  4. in love with Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull since forever
  5. wants the Saiful Nang to be her wedding photographer
  6. says she doesn't want someone far but still.. *laugh*
  7. amusing to see her being teased coz she seldom gets angry. except for one time. "pikir aku x pande manas ka?" *rolling with laughter*
  8. partner in crime when it comes to gossiping
  9. likes to fully utilise her baby talk voice - "eeeliiiik!"
  10. will have the svelte figure she's aiming for on her 26th bday *u go, girl!*

  1. keep things to myself most of the time
  2. hopeless in the kitchen (but great in other parts)
  3. keen with the idea of living abroad
  4. prefers brisk walking rather than jog
  5. hopeless romantic
  6. drool over sexy guys, sexy lingeries & sexy heels
  7. adore cats
  8. love a good read & laugh
  9. clueless about politics
  10. eager to get married and have lots of babies

lois lane



my niece,
*quite a mouthful & a handful*
just turned 1 on 16th February 2009.
Udak misses & loves u so much!
can't wait to smother you with my hugs & kisses!

Monday, February 16, 2009

temptation not resisted

during my last visit to Charles & Keith, i was pretty damn sure i'll be coming back for the glossy black gladiator wedges i've been eyeing.
but as a true Cancerian who always lives up to it's reputation,
i came back feeling indecisive.
should or should i not get it?
wanna know why?
'cause i have fallen for something else!
a 3 inch faux croc skin (i think) killer heels i just can't take my eyes off.
how could i have overlooked this beauty in the first place?
*angry with self*

i tried it on,
put it back,
tried it on again
& put it back for the umpteenth time til my friend told me to snap out of it.

"if u like it so much, u should just buy it. it's the last 3 days of the end of season sale and if u wait til the end of the month, it would be looooong gone by then."

i tried to deny her statement but she was hit on.
damn, she was right! and my, she's good!
*i am easily influenced & persuaded, qualities i could live without*

and the ending of the story should be an easy, predictable one.
i ended buying it & been having multiple orgasms ever since.
*not literally u perv!*

Sunday, February 15, 2009

how was ur valentine's?

valentine's day suck big time this year.
i woke up queasy this morning,
puking non stop like a pregnant woman in her first trimester.
it hurt so bad, like my guts were being pulled out slowly.
to make it worse,
my valentine was busy with work at court the whole day,
so no hope being his center of attention.
anyways, happy valentine's day to all.
hope yours were way better than mine.

Friday, February 13, 2009

i've always had a HUGE crush on brad pitt.
come to think of it, he was my first love.
too bad he doesn't know it. ;)
for those who have known me since secondary school, they know so well about the file i had on everything BRAD.
i had postcards, posters, newspaper articles, cut outs from magazines etc.
u name it, i got it.
i knew almost everything about him, i was a walking Wikipedia.
and my most priced possession back then was a Brad Pitt calendar my sister bought in Japan for my birthday.
i loved it so much 'cause i got to ogle at his pictures 24/7, 365 days a year.
i hung it up in my locker. although dressing up, still felt like he's undressing me with his eyes. well, that's the closest i can get to have him & undressing me in the same sentence. ;p
how time flies. he married & divorced Jennifer Aniston,
and now a doting father to Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne & Knox (notice all the boys has the letter 'X' in their names?) together with partner Angeline Jolie.
i thought i'd be suicidal & cried my eyeballs out at the sight of him with another woman (women) but thank God i wasn't THAT obsessed.
watching the movie, THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON stirred up something inside me.
i fell in love all over again!
although i might sound a bit biased here 'cause i love him to bits, i'd say go watch the movie.
if i can sit in a movie theater for 165 minutes without complaining, then it's definitely worth watching.
it's not nominated for Oscar for nothing. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

pissed off!

i want to update but somehow,
i just cant seem to add any pics in my entries.
since yesterday.
i m so pissed!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

strip for valentine

got u at strip didn't i? ;)
received this in the mail yesterday.
slimming sanctuary? wtf? (in denial)
but then it hit me.
i went there ONCE for their trial package (years ago) & they never failed to update me on their latest promotions since.
this is not an advertorial but since valentine's day is near,
might as well put it in good use. :)

the content of the pamphlet (the pics) were a bit explicit to be featured here so i'll just summarized what it's all about.
[forewarning: it's really for the ladies. but guys will benefit most from it. i bet! ;) ]

Brazilian Bikini Wax = RM98 per therapy
Beautiful Bust = RM138 per therapy

but why choose to do it separately when u can have both for less?

Brazilian Bikini Wax + Beautiful Bust = RM188

so wait no longer, visit / call them & this valentine's day, let the intense passion flow..:)

Monday, February 9, 2009

points to ponder



Saturday, February 7, 2009

heart wins

for those who wonder what my heart & head are fighting over,
here's a little hint.
imagine u have finally found The One,
u feel so strongly for the other person & the feeling is mutual.
the only problem is, u two can't be together under some circumstances.
should u stay in that relationship that's going nowhere but u know u're the happiest with that person?
or let each other go & try to move on but be miserable for the rest of your life?

i've given it much thought and this time, i'm listening to my heart.

sorry head, emotions prevail over logic.
i know every decision i make will have its own ripple effects.
i have no clue as what will happen next.
but i'm ready for any outcome that comes with this decision.
i'm hoping for the best but i'm also prepared for the worst.
even if things don't work out like i hoped, i'll know that i've given my whole heart into it.
that i've loved eventhough i lost.
i wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life haunted with 'what ifs' & 'if onlys.'
wishing i have done this instead of that.
regretting for not doing what i really wanted just because it's the right thing to do.
in life, tears will be shed & hearts will be broken.
no doubt about that.
but i can always turn to God for strength.
this is my life & i will choose how it should be.
and i choose to be happy.
at least for now.

head or heart?

i had a really good cry last night.
something to do with the matters of the heart.
i'm really at lost of what to do next.
my head tells me to snap out of it,
face the facts,
stop living in denial & start looking the other way.

but my heart assures me that this is just a little bump on the road,
there is hope & that it is meant to be.
i've always been someone who listens to my head more than my heart,
should i listen to it now?


Thursday, February 5, 2009

puppy love revisited

" i've alway had a soft spot for u back when we were classmates.
in other words, i had a crush on u.
u were different.
unlike others, u cared.
i have wanted to tell u then but didnt get the chance
so i just felt like telling u now.."

i was totally caught off guard.
didn't expect a little catching up with an old friend would lead to this.
eventhough i don't share the same feelings, it was sweet though.
kudos to the guy for having the courage to admit it.
and flattering too since it's been kept a secret for more than 14 years.
who would have thought?
*God knows how funny i looked back then, with no sense of style at all.haha..*