Wednesday, February 9, 2011

luan legacy

i first came across this homosexual ghetto Asian guy from a fellow blogger's page, Shazwani & i was immediately hooked!
this guy is hilarious with a capital H!
it's like there's a black woman stuck in his body!
for a small guy, he sure has attitude!
he doesn't give a damn about what other people say about him (just read the comments on his videos on YouTube),
he curses a lot (A LOT!),
*i think i'm overdosing on exclamation marks on this entry. :D*
(maybe too much for some people but i don't find it offensive, in fact funny),
and like Leona put it,
"you can't come up with quotes like that in a flash if you don't have the brains to do it."
i couldn't agree more, my friend.

i just love this guy & i don't think i want a boyfriend anymore.
i want a gay best friend!
and since the past few days, i just gotta have my dose of his ramblings.
these three are my favorite.
and if u enjoy them very much like i do, subscribe to him.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

do i look that maternal? really?

at a food court,
i was playing with Andika while his mother was eating & his father went to get us drinks.
then a couple who were in their mid 30s (i think) with their 3 children took seats next to our table.
the ever friendly nephew of mine started smiling & giggling at them all the while tried to wriggle his way out from my arms.
he started babbling which eventually caught the attention of the couple & they started to play peek-a-boo with him, obviously entertained by his antics.

Guy: Brapa umor nya? (How old is he?)
Me: 9 bulan. (9 months)
Guy & Wife: Aih, jadi tuboh nya o. X kedak 9 bulan. (He's much bigger for someone his age)
Wife: What's his name?
Me: Andika.
Wife: Nama pendekar eh. (Sounds like a warrior's name)
Guy: Ne bapak nya? Ne tauk kamek kenal. (Where's the father? Who knows we might know each other)
Me: Nya pegi meli aek tek. (He just got up to get some drinks)

at that point, i felt like it's just a normal conversation between strangers.
until my bro in law got to our table & i saw the guy's face in such disbelief that i realized that the guy might have thought that Andika's my son & my bro in law was my husband.
fyi, my bro in law was 9 years my junior.
hate to break it to u but i'm no cougar.
*rolls on the floor laughing*

at a bookstore,
i bumped into a colleague who also thought Andika's my son eventhough at that time my sis was holding him & my bro in law was nowhere in sight.
by then, it wasn't that funny anymore.

but come to think of it, much better that they thought i'm the mother instead of the Indonesian maid / nanny.