Monday, August 31, 2009

suckers for romance, this is a must read (^_^)

credits to google

remember this entry?
i finally have the book!
i m super duper psyched!
it's actually a very belated birthday gift from my dear friend, Anne.
thank u so much, babe!
i m going to spend one whole day (uninterrupted) to finish the book.
so next time when ur calls are going straight to voicemail or u find ur messages not replied,
please don't take it to heart.
that would be me, immersing myself in the book.
oh i can't wait!

i wanna live!

it's Merdeka Day today.
despite the whole 1 Malaysia thing,
my spirit isn't so up there with the rest of other Malaysians.

i just realized my life is pathetic.
let me take that back, that's too harsh (even for myself).
my life is . . less than exciting.
(explains the lack of updates on this blog)
'cause interesting things don't happen much in my mediocre life.
actually so far, life has been good.
but i want something more out of life.
i love my family & friends and life has been more bearable when they're around.
when i m alone, that's when the pity party starts.
i envy those who are spontaneous, who aren't scared to go out there on their own & try something new.
who is so full of life & live life without any regrets.
i m a natural born worrier.
(not warrior even if it sounds the same)
i worry A LOT.
even over the minutest things & the puniest details.
i make mountains out of molehills.
and i m scared to step out of my comfort zone.
i pretty much thought life is good as it is.
until i see others living theirs to the fullest.
and saw that i had missed out a lot in comparison.
i tell others that change is good even if it's hard in the beginning.
and that if u don't like something, stop complaining, change it.
but i don't practice what i preach.
i m still stuck in this static rut i called life.
so what should i do now?
where do i start?
how do i make my biography / memoir a more interesting read when i'm finally gone?

footnote: u think i should say YES to all opportunity that comes my way just like Jim Carrey in YES MAN?

Monday, August 24, 2009

life's a POP

i just can't stop giggling while typing this.

wanna know why?

just now, my mum was pestering me about a yogurt drink i bought a few days back, untouched in the fridge.

known for her concern about the pettiest thing, she was worried about the drink going to waste.

actually i did take a sip from the bottle before but later decided to not finish it.

it tasted weird.

really weird.

serves me right for choosing LIME + CUCUMBER flavoured yogurt drink.

i still shiver everytime i was reminded of the taste in my mouth.

ok, to cut the long story short, i told her she could just throw it away coz it's a few days old & might have passed the expiry date.

so while i was surfing away on my laptop, i suddenly heard a very loud POP!

just like the sound of someone popping open a champagne bottle but louder.

it was so loud i almost had a heart attack.

turned out, the bottle that contained the yogurt drink had become an explosive device.

somehow the gases inside the bottle was so eager to get out that with the slightest movement, the bottle cap came flying a few metres away.

it took us a while to find it.

seriously. im not joking.

i couldn't stop smiling because that was the second time the same thing happened.

first it was me.

thank goodness the bottle cap didnt pop on my face or i would have a Rihanna for a few days.

and just now, it happened to my mum.

im just curious, what actually happened in the bottle?

*pakdukun, here's one research u could do :) *

since Hari Raya is near, maybe i should keep a few bottles handy.

to be in tune with the festive season.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

always in our hearts

i went to visit arwah's grave this afternoon with a few friends.
it was such a beautiful day.
the sun was up, the sky was clear.
we could even feel the gentle breeze.
much different than what we had the week before.
the haze was so bad,
it was suffocating to even step out from the house for just 5 minutes.
but not today.
as a matter of fact,
on the day arwah was buried,
the weather had changed for the better.
it poured heavily.
much awaited rain after a long week of dryness & unbearable heat.
it looked as if the universe also mourned after his departure.
but for me it was truly a blessing.
because of all days, it was decided to rain on that particular day.
and as we sat next to his grave, reciting Al-Fatihah & Yasin,
the cloud shifted, forming a natural canopy above us.
we breathed out air of relief,
for the realisation that he left in a peaceful way.
before, i cry just by the mere mention of his name.
but now, i smile because i know he never really left.
he will forever be a part of us, secured safely in our hearts.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

al fatihah

on Sunday,
i visited a very dear friend at the hospital.
his condition had deteriorated from the last time i saw him.
it's heartbreaking to see someone u've known for a long time,
as someone so full of life to a person laying helplessly on the hospital bed.
i tried to be strong and was thinking about talking to him eventhough i know he wasn't conscious at that time.
i had so much to say, i want to tell him that i want him to get better, things will be ok in the end & we'll be going out with the others like usual, but the words didn't come out.
i couldn't even get myself to call out his name.
i got all choked up.
and then the tears came streaming down,
i had to get away.
i wasn't that strong.

today's Thursday.
and that dear friend of mine had gone.
he passed away around 2pm today.
i was at work when i heard the news.
but i didn't even shed a tear.
i was in complete denial.
i know he was really sick & he could leave us any time.
i didn't expect it to be this soon.
but it finally dawned on me that he's really gone when we reached his house.
there were family & friends reciting Yasin, crying & consoling each other.
while reciting Yasin, i broke down & cried at the mention of his name 'azyzeer rahiim' which means 'yang maha penyayang.'
i never lost someone very close to me before & i couldn't grab the idea that i won't be seeing him around anymore.

i will always remember u as the cool guy.
someone with great talent in art.
and eccentric sense of style.
who introduced me to Arctic Monkeys & the sorts.
a guy with few words but never ending smile.
and how u always make that cute faces of urs.
i will sure miss that.

i think i never thank u enough for being my friend.
for the time u kept it a secret when u saw my blood stained school uniform in class.
for giving me rides to the surau when we worked part time at a school canteen with a few others.
for letting me win Street Fighter a few times when we escaped from work at the canteen.
for the laughter we shared while playing UNO.
for the last birthday gift u gave me & fieza last year.
for the great time we had at all the outings just because u were there.

i still can't believe u're gone.
but it's ok, at least u won't suffer anymore.
i know right now u're in a much better place.

may ur soul rest in peace.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

impulsive buying

i wasn't planning to buy anything today but look what i got.

an MNG purse.

i was smitten the first time i laid my eyes on it.

they also have it in black with gold lining but after much deliberation, i ended up with this.

i have a huge thing with snakeskin prints.

please don't ask why.

i just do.

or maybe, like fieza pointed out, 'the choice u made shows ur true personality.'

so how do snakeskin prints portray me?

m i..



or even


im just curious.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

forgive & forget?

i did something horrible the other day.
i didn't mean it but because it did happen, does that mean i'm a bad person?
here's the scenario,
u'll be the judge.
it was my officemate's birthday the other day.
my colleagues & i decided to surprise her with a present.
as a self professed shopaholic, i volunteered to go for the hunt of the ultimate present.
after spending hours choosing, i decided on a table clock.
it's black with hints of metal.
modern looking.
i really thought she'd like it so she can put it on her workstation & think of us everytime she sees it.
sounds like the perfect gift, right?
she's Chinese & it's a big NO NO to give out clocks, watches, hourglass, and even sundials on their birthdays.
because by doing so, it's like u're counting the hours, minutes & seconds of their death.
imagine how i felt when i found out.
instead of making someone happy on her birthday, i made her think of something as gloomy & depressing as death.
seriously, i didn't know.
how can i be that ignorant?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

isn't this thing the cutest?

i'm not really sure whether it's a bear, a fox or a dog.
but all i care is that it's damn cute!
can anyone buy it for me?
pwetty pwetty puhlease?
*giving puppy eyes & batting eyelashes*

Sunday, August 2, 2009

unagi time!

it's the month of August & it must be my next favourite month of the year (after June, my birthday of course.)

coz from the 1st to the 31st, it's gonna be UNAGI TIME at SUSHI KING!

everybody say YAY!

(doing the Chicken Dance)

i've always loved sushi & my favourite would be none other than UNAGI.

fyi, unagi is freshwater eel.

yes, u read that right.

as gross as it sound (and look), it tastes so damn good im lost for words!

and i had this for dinner just now,


unagi served with beancurds & grilled veges with gravy.

washed it down with hot green tea,
pure bliss.

i love it so much, once i made my bro bought a huge slice & finished it all by myself.

u should have seen the disgusted look he gave me (he couldn't stand it).

good thing though, i won't have to share with anyone.



so, head down to the nearest Sushi King outlet.

you might see me there (again!) wolfing down unagi & other delicacies.

man, im salivating already.
footnote: i want a guy who likes eating sushi especially unagi. well, guys SHOULD like sushi. why? remember what Sam did in Sex in The City for her boyfriend on Vday? yes, that's the one. so better start liking sushi now. ;p