Wednesday, August 29, 2012

law of attraction works for me :)

when hubby was called to report duty on the 16th July in Petaling Jaya, being a worry wart, i started to worry about almost everything.
particularly about him finding his on way in an unfamiliar place.
i've been studying in the Peninsular for a few years so boarding buses, LRT & the KTM Komuter to get my way around actually thrilled me.
but for hubby, it's a brand new experience, being away & apart from family and close friends in a big city.
yes, dearest hubby is the original kampung boy. :)

i proposed to him about me coming along to KL so that i can show him around.
it was Wednesday, he's leaving on Saturday and purchasing flight tickets last minute would cost us an arm and a leg.
as much as he wants me to come, in the end, the decision was made.
i will stay.
i was devastated cause we both didn't know for sure when we will see each other again.
i was thinking if we can't welcome the fasting month together, at least we can spend our weekend together.

but that night, as if Allah knows how much i wanted to be with him that weekend, i received an SMS by a colleague that our names were listed to attend a 5 day course in Melaka, starting 16th July and we're leaving for KL either on the 14th or 15th July!
the timing just couldn't get any better.
i was in such disbelief i confirmed with her twice!

the next day at the office, i immediately booked my return flights for 14th July (same flight as his) & 22nd July.
and so the rest is, like they say, history.
Alhamdulillah we were given the chance to welcome Ramadhan together.
had our first teraweh at Taman Desa's mosque & iftar the next day at my sister in law's parents' house in Port Dickson.
it was definitely a weekend better than i have imagined.

i'm loving this law of attraction thingy!