Monday, December 14, 2009

life's not all that bad :)

i blame fieza for the picture's bad quality. :p

after a series of unfortunate events happening in my life,
my broadband's faulty.
my handphone's barred.
my cat died.
my gold bracelet misplaced.
finally something good came out from all these.
i got lucky in a lucky draw last night.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

in loving memory

"our cat is gone.."
"what do u mean gone?"
"he's dead. ur dad & i found him yesterday afternoon at our backyard.."

. . . . . . . . .

i was speechless.
i was crushed.
i didn't know what to say.
we only had him for a few months but it feels like we had him forever.
he was the latest addition to our family,
the apple of our eyes.
we were so used to having him around & now that he's gone i still feel like he's still here, maybe just playing outside the house.
but when night comes, it hit me that he's not with us anymore because his usual spot on the sofa is now empty without him curling comfortably on it.
i did notice that he wasn't himself these past few days but i thought it was just temporary & that he'd be back to his crazy self in no time.
but that time never came cause he's no longer here.
the moment mom delivered the news, i was instantly brought back to all the times we were together.
the time when he sneaked under the table & suddenly jumping and nibbling on our feet.
and the time when he started climbing on top of us, snuggling up close when we pulled up the blanket, getting ready for bed.
also when he purred on our faces when we sleep cause he had to relieve himself but we forgot to leave the door open for him.
he liked to sleep at odd places but he loved sleeping with us the most.
i miss his warmth & my nights would be lonely again without him.
he was a very special cat & no other cat could ever take his place in our hearts.
i m sure of that cause my dad buried him under his favorite tree, the tree he liked to climb onto & how i can see my mom's eyes watered whenever we talked about him.
i hope he will be happier where he is now with non stop supply of his favorite cat food.
i miss him so much already & i don't care that i m actually crying in public while typing this.