Wednesday, February 9, 2011

luan legacy

i first came across this homosexual ghetto Asian guy from a fellow blogger's page, Shazwani & i was immediately hooked!
this guy is hilarious with a capital H!
it's like there's a black woman stuck in his body!
for a small guy, he sure has attitude!
he doesn't give a damn about what other people say about him (just read the comments on his videos on YouTube),
he curses a lot (A LOT!),
*i think i'm overdosing on exclamation marks on this entry. :D*
(maybe too much for some people but i don't find it offensive, in fact funny),
and like Leona put it,
"you can't come up with quotes like that in a flash if you don't have the brains to do it."
i couldn't agree more, my friend.

i just love this guy & i don't think i want a boyfriend anymore.
i want a gay best friend!
and since the past few days, i just gotta have my dose of his ramblings.
these three are my favorite.
and if u enjoy them very much like i do, subscribe to him.

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Lois Lane said...

Why bitch? Bitch why? lol