Sunday, March 18, 2012

the first time is the scariest?

Last night was my first time watching live football match at Stadium Negeri.
It was between Sarawak and Lions XII FC, a team from Singapore.
Sarawak lost 1-0 through a penalty kick.
According to A and the majority of those present, it wasn't a fair match & the referee was biased.
He was supposed to give a Sarawak player a penalty kick but he didn't.
And that's when the horror started.
The spectators started to chant in unison, "Referee rasuah".
At first I find it amusing but later the amusement turned into fear.

When the final whistle was blown, the crowd got even angrier.
They threw plastic bottles filled with water (these were restricted but somehow some people managed to sneek them in), plastic cups filled with ice cubes, leftover food, garbage bin covers & someone even peeled of the seats and hauled them over the fence into the field out of anger.
It sure was scary, I was trembling.

My first time going to a match and a riot happened.
Just great.

These aggresive supporters continued to taunt the referee & the opposing team until they leave the field.
Some even shouted threats to the referee, that he will never see the light of day after last night.

Terrified, I begged A for us to leave the place.
But once outside, the crowd was even more aggressive I almost shit my pants (thankfully I didn't).
Some were already waiting outside the main gate with helmets, sticks and stones.
As A and I reached our ride, some brainless prick parked their car right in front of us.
We had to wait for the stupid owner of the car or the cars beside us to leave, only then we could drive out.

We waited for about 15 minutes but still no sign of the idiot.
So we continued to watch the commotion unraveling in front of our eyes.
A few people were pushing the main gate open so that they can get inside, some managed to slip through.
And when a bus tried to move through, it was stopped by the rioters.
The bus managed to get through but with a broken taillight courtesy of the angry mob.

15 minutes later, the owner of the car beside us came and finally we can get out of the war zone.
I was praying all the time for us to safely leave the place in one piece & Alhamdulillah we did.

All I can say is, I don't always watch live football match but when I do riot happens.
(9gaggers will understand).

Thursday, March 8, 2012

highlight of february

Dearest Abang,
Remember when I said I'll write again when something interesting happens?
Well I got news for u.
It's kind of old news but it's still news right?
I got engaged on 26 February!
Can u believe it?
Your late bloomer of a younger sister is now officially someone's fiancée.

Back to the story of my engagement.
It was raining really heavy on that fateful morning and I got home just a few minutes before A's family arrived.
Donned in red, a lot of people were confused whether I'm getting engaged or married.
Honestly I did go a bit overboard on my ensemble but it sure turned out stunning in pictures.

Here's a few pictures from that day from fieza's blog.(I don't know why, but I always have problems uploading pictures).
Wish u could see for urself how happy I was.
Al Fatihah, Abang.

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they are my sunshine :)

I just realised the pictures of my nephews & nieces on this blog's side bar are so few years ago.
Naufal Iskandar just turned 7 a week ago.
Huriya Amira is 5.
They even have a younger sister now, Eliya Qaisara & she's 18 months.
Zahra Qistina Batrisyia is 4.
Emile Aqmar Haziq is 2 years 6 months.
Nur Andika Dasuki will turn 2 on 9th April.
I am a proud aunt of 3 nephews & 3 nieces.
Hopefully by next year I'll have my own.

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