Tuesday, December 30, 2008

huge disappointment

PMR result was announced today.
wasn't a parent yet but i can't help feeling anxious for my sister.
but such a let down when i finally found out how she did.
i won't disclose it here though.
out of respect.
and shame on my part.
let's just hope she learnt from her mistakes & do well in SPM.
i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Praise to Allah i'm still breathing & in good health.

another year had passed & hopefully this new year will bring;

**more joy & happiness

**strength to overcome any obstacles coming our way

**patience while going through everyday life

**perseverance to keep on going eventhough everything is going against us

InsyaAllah, this year we will accomplish more than we hoped for & be a better person spiritually.

May ALLAH Bless Everyone..:)

a day at the beach

it's been 2 years since i last when to Palm Beach, Sematan.

we had a small get-together for the newlyweds (not exactly new) Victor & Ernah who got married last June.

they were high school sweethearts & looking at them being happily married, u can't help but feel envious. in a good way of course.

as a friend put it, they were more thorns than roses that day.

6 roses among 10 thorns. prickly!

the day was beautiful. the sun was up & the breeze was just heavenly.

the guys had fun playing football on the beach while us girls prepared the food.

then it was time for play in the sea.

i dont swim & honestly, i was scared.

but i brushed all the bad thoughts aside & had a blast playing in the water with fieza & juzz.

we even had our own spa session..:)

BOBET, ZILAH, SUE, LYNN, ANNE, HATHSEY & AWG MU. really wish u guys were there..:(

Palm Beach, Sematan

see those two tiny bumps in the pic? that's Pulau Talang Talang.

fieza & me with our silly hats

roses for sale. not! ;p

Saturday, December 27, 2008

will kiss for world peace

check out this site www.niveaxoxo.com.

the 'x' should give it away. yes, this site is all about kisses, smooches, pucker ups, smackaroos, u name it, they got it!


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:* send a digital kiss for ur loved ones, no matter where they are. i just did. *blush*

since i'm in kissing mode, enjoy this video. muah muah!

Thursday, December 25, 2008



NAUGHTY OR NICE? that's the question.

regardless of the answer,

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all Christians celebrating the glorious occasion.

especially my closest friends Anne & Hathsey. (i have presents for u two, better to claim early..;p )

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

nokia & me

i've always been into Nokia handphones.

i had used it from the first time i was introduced to the technology & i never looked back since.

Nokia 8210
stolen back in university. my very first handphone. i still curse the perpetrator to date.

Nokia 3310
borrowed from my brother cause i can't afford to buy a new one back then.
still functioning but outmoded. misplaced it somewhere.

Nokia 3100
my sister lent it to me. i like it ‘cause it glows in the dark.

Nokia 3200
bought with my PTPTN loan

Nokia 5300 express music
my first ever slide phone.

Nokia 3120 classic
currently using, right up til now

i've been loyal cause Nokia has a way with me. can't really explain it but lets just say, what we have is special. and I don’t have the heart to look the other way.
now i have another reason to love the brand even more.

a new addition to the family, just released NOKIA 5800 EXPRESS MUSIC.
and it’s touch screen! gotta love it!
Apple lovers gonna hate me for saying this but iphone falls short compared to this baby.
and i quote Daniel Ionescu-PC World (3rd October 2008);
"...apparently, you get so much more for your money than with an iPhone"
"For the iPhone, you know the drill: iTunes Music Store, $0.99 a pop. Being able to download as many songs as they want, for free, seems to be a great selling point for the 5800, especially for those who are on a lower budget."
"Nokia's 5800 Express Music also features a 3.2-megapixel camera, with autofocus Carl Zeiss optics and a dual LED flash. All these blow iPhone's 2006 style 2-megapixel-no flash camera out of the water. Also, Tube records videos at VGA quality (640X480px) and has a frontal camera for video calls, something that the iPhone can't do at all."
"Storage capacity-wise, the 5800 and iPhone seems to be on the par. Tube comes with an 8GB memory card and supports up to 16GB cards. Still, the Tube can have a slight advantage for those who want more than the given storage capacity, as they can buy additional memory cards and just pop them in the phone (iPhone's memory is built in and cannot be expanded)."
"GPS, Wi-Fi and a 3.5mm jack so you can plug in any headphone you like. But as an added extra, 5800 will support Adobe Flash from the start, something that iPhone is still lacking, so the Web browsing experience might even be better than Apple's."
no one could say it better than someone who knows the drill about technology.
i can't help it. i am so getting it! :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

i still want it.so bad!

it was definitely love at first sight.

one look and i was immediately hooked.

it must have been the most beautiful footwear i have ever seen.

and my foot looked damn good in it!

but i was too analytical back then & i made a decision that i still regret til today.

i should have bought it but i didn't.

thinking the price would fall lower & once it does, i'd grab at the chance.

the price did fall alright. 20% less but looks like i wasn't the only one smitten.

they had ran out of stock! the white colour that i want & the size 5 i'm wearing!

i even asked my sister in law in KL & my friend who went to Miri to get it for me but they were sold out too!


i have never been so frustrated.

i still am.

if only i had listened to my heart & not my head, i'd definitely have it by now..:(

Monday, December 15, 2008

i'm seduced!

got these for myself today. never occured to me to give in to my olfactory demands but Victoria's Secret? how can i resist? they're Pure Seduction Hydrating Body Lotion & Eau de Toilette Spray from the Secret Garden Collection range and damn! smelling like a sensual mix of casaba melon, plum & freesia, i feel so sexy i wanna make out with myself! i m so buying more for myself later. while i'm at it, maybe i shud get myself their lingeries too. that sounds like a great idea..;)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

wanna be on top?

i just finished watching America's Next Top Model Cycle 10 reruns & my, was my head throbbing from the continuous watch!
i know, im a bit outdated as the Cycle 11 winner had already been revealed (i'll start watching Cycle 11 tomorrow) & maybe in the making of Cycle 12 as we speak.
i followed the reality show religiously 'cause eventhough im no model material & not fit for fashion life, i do secretly dream of being a part of this whole glamourous experience.
the travelling, the idea of being dolled up & the chance to express emotions through pictures are just a few reasons why i love watching the show.
so today i googled & found pictures of all the winners together with the beautiful Tyra Banks (except for Adrianne Curry-Cycle 1 & Danielle Evans-Cycle 6. couldnt find them. buhu..).
my favourite winner would be Yoanna House from Cycle 2. what about u?

Yoanna House of Cycle 2
Eva Pigford of Cycle 3

Naima Mora of Cycle 4

Nicole Linkletter of Cycle 5

Caridee English of Cycle 7

Jaslene Gonzalez of Cycle 8

Saleisha Cooper of Cycle 9

Whitney Thompson of Cycle 10

McKey Sullivan of Cycle 11

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

housewarming & majlis bercukur part III

30 November 2008
Sunday came & it was time for us to leave.*sob sob* woke up early, packed our stuff & left for the airport. bought a few magazines since they're cheaper there (cheapskate!) & we bid goodbye to my bro+wife+baby zahra, my sis+hubby+naufal+amira & my younger sis.

touched down at Kuching at 1530hrs & arrived home at 1600hrs. it was still early & i was still in on-the-go mode. rang up friends but they were either busy or working. bummed, i decided to tag along my aunt who's heading back to our village in Kota Samarahan.

i took the wheel & after almost 2hrs drive, we arrived safely there. hunger pang struck so we bought burgers (which stall was right in front of our house) & i took pictures to kill the time.

my grandparents home. love it especially at night. cold! brrrr..

my aunt's corn stalks. her very own piece of heaven.

the mosque, located just beside our house. but still im too lazy to go & pray there. God, please forgive me!

house cum burger stall.
it sure was a long day for me & i journeyed quite a long distance that day. KL - KUCHING - KOTA SAMARAHAN. being jetsetter ready i guess? ;p

housewarming & majlis bercukur part II

29 November 2008
woke up to the sound of my nephew screaming "Bangun semua.hari dah lewat!" adorable but i was so shocked by the sudden noise, i almost sat up in bed. he had unofficially took up the responsibility of being the human alarm, waking everyone up. i sprang up lazily & got primped n prettied for the big event. since i've promised more pictures and less yada yada, here they are. :)

wif my niece, HURIYA AMIRA.

wif NAUFAL ISKANDAR & HURIYA AMIRA. must be my favourite pic of the bunch. made me look mummy material. ;p

wif sis. can u believe we're actually 10 years apart?

baby of the moment. ZAHRA QISTINA BATRISYIA.

wif mummy dearest. don't i look 'manja' or what? :D
mother & daughter. i've always thought they're a carbon copy of each other. they are so similar in many ways.

the menu for that day. don't be fooled by the small portion. i had a few servings. :)

'berzanji' ceremony.

look at zahra's foot peeking out. the baby sure is something. :D

'bercukur' ceremony in progress

and poor zahra after the whole thing is over.

proud parents wif their precious bundle of joy. aren't they cute together? aaawwww..
after the ceremony ended, we went to Nilai 3 to get some stuff for back home. i bought a few things for myself. wasnt really in the mood to shop & there wasnt any ATM around. bummer.
at night, we have the usual get-together conversations & at one time, the spotlight was on me. oh yeah, the most feared question by all single ladies.
"When will U be married?"
my sister in law's sister who is the same age as me will be getting engaged next January (they've been together for 5 years). that should bring up the pressure level up a notch. just great.
i know, im 25 & ripe enough for married life but the time hasnt come. yet.
i will settle down but only with the man i love & i dont mind waiting a few more years if that's what it takes to be happily married. :)

housewarming & majlis bercukur part I

i was meaning to update about my trip to KL more than a week ago but since my phone (with all the pics) wasnt with me so i had to put it in the backburner for a while. but today, i was reunited with my phone & here is the snippet of my 3 days stint in KL. enjoy!

28 November 2008
my flight to KL took off at 1940hrs instead of the ETA at 1910hrs that day.

a good thing though coz i was late. fashionably late of course. my aunt & i both got off from work at 17oohrs & thank heavens there was my uncle (might be an F1 car driver wannabe) sped us off to the airport.

damn there were cars everywhere! traffic was bumper to bumper & i was cursing like hell for the other cars to pick up their big butts & move it! (in silence of course coz my under aged cousins were present).

forgive me for being nasty but the watch i had on showed 1820hrs, 15mins more before the check in counter would be closed.

it was precisely 1835hrs when we reached the counter & thank God there was still a queue. never had i been happier to see a queue in my life!

after checking in, we ran like crazy to the boarding gate & saw another queue to board the plane. since the plane wasn't here yet & our tummies were grumbling, we ran (again!) to Marrybrown to grab something to eat.

mashed potatoes were wolfed down like hungry predators & was just about to take a bite from our burgers when the announcement came on.

"Calling all passengers of flight AK5217, ready for boarding."

so we stuffed back the burgers into a plastic bag & secretly smuggling it inside the plane (too thrifty to buy food on board).

my aunt & i got seats next to each other but guess who sat next to my right?

KENNY SIA. yes,the KENNY SIA the famous blogger!

apart from my friends, i was inspired to be one, by him. i didnt recognize him at first (tell me, who really notice the person next to u in a plane? definitely not me.) but when i heard him speak & saw the orange iPod he once blogged about, i started to put the pieces together.

but silly me, too starstruck to strike a conversation let alone took a picture. :(

touched down at LCCT, we tooked a bus to KL Sentral where my sis will be picking us up. we picked up where we left off & we finished our burgers within the 75mins journey.

on arrival, we waited another 75mins for my sis & hubby to pick us up. i was grumpy coz i was tired, sleepy & mosquitoes just wont stop hovering over me!

in the car, i took a nap (3rd time that day) & when we finally reached my brother's house at Bukit Mahkota it was almost 0100hrs.

well, my day didnt stop there.

the whole household (the ladies at least) were busy preparing goodie bags for the event the next day. i helped a bit but mostly just sat there watching (i just had a long day so they cut me some slack for not helping).

after freshen up, i had a very late supper at 0200hrs (my diet is officially ruined!) & finally went to bed around 0300hrs.

the dedicated group preparing the goodie bags

goodie bag

and here's what's inside: sweet treats & egg stand

unrelated to the whole topic but i just had to post it. my fav part in the whole house. the jacuzi!

keep on reading, fellas. the updates on the big event would be next. and this time, more pictures & less blabbing..:)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

xmas wish

Dear Santa,

I've been nice (well maybe a bit naughty) this year so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (batting lashes with super cute puppy dog eyes) make my wishes come true. :)

iPod nano RED edition with free personalized engraving. love it!

p.s: f.i.e.z.a, im putting the LAWS OF ATTRACTION to the test..;p


while rummaging through my stuff (did a little spring cleaning) i stumbled onto a name i have desperately left behind & tried so much to forget.

just the name would be ok, but there was his number as well!

it's been more than a year & i was so intrigued to know how he's been doing.

ego aside, i sent him a message (but i didnt tell him it was me though) & he replied and as the messages were exchanged, somehow i felt liberated.


coz now i know he's doing great & i realised that i don't have the same feelings for him like before.

there wasn't the excitement of anticipating for his replies.

i finally had CLOSURE.

time had definitely healed me.

although i won't deny i still think of him at times but i m just going to concentrate on what i have now coz it is soo much better.

way better.

someone who appreciates me & makes me feel like i'm the most beautiful person in the world.

and i miss that someone today.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

what makes us different makes us beautiful

i just watched PENELOPE, a story about a girl's inspiring journey to find herself & her one true love.

sounds like any other story right? wrong.

here's the twist. she was cursed & was born with a face of a pig. of all creatures, a pig? yikes!

and my, was she horrendous. correction, grosteque is the word that would best describe her.

the mother (played brilliantly by catherine o'hara) shied penelope (christina ricci) away from the public since birth, even faked her death (wouldn't blame her though) & tried her very best matching her with a blue blood brood in order to break the dreaded curse.

she got fed up with the whole ordeal (try doing that for 7 years & got rejected every single time) until she met johny (james mcavoy).

with all odds against them, it's a wonderful watch to finally see the two of them get together.

oops, did i just tell u the ending? my bad. but i really can't help it.

what i love about this movie is that it tells u to accept urself regardless what others perceive u to be & that u could still meet that special someone who would accept u flaws & all.

so if u're into modern day romantic tale, this is the movie for u. it's a light watch that will leave u with the warm and fuzzy feeling at the end. :)


i feel like crap at the moment

i m bloated

i cant stop eating

my skin is breaking out

i m not in the mood for anything

i can snap and cry any second now

argh! i hate THAT time of the month! :

tag bahasa sarawakku

RULES Sila jawab semua soalan di debah ya ada part 1 ngan part 2 dengan penoh kejujoran tanpa molah sebarang rujukan dalam internet. Jawab dengan spontan dan bersahaja. Sapa-sapa boleh jawab soalan tok asalkannya paham. Sik kira urang Sarawakkah, atau dak lepeh melaya hehehe.. Sila tag mangsa seterusnya mimimum 3 urg (3 urg adalah direkomenkan, jangan tamak daa..) dan soalan untuk sidak boleh dipinda asalkan berkaitan dengan negeri Sarawak.

tagged by f.i.e.z.a.
x kalak2 ku molah entry lam bahasa sarawak tapi gasak jakla.haha..

***** PART 1 *****

Kitak ada rahsia sik?
J: Mestilah ada oo.padah kmk lok sapa yg xda? :p

Kitak mok bergerek ngan lelaki yang mudak dari umo kitakkah?
J: X salah mun nya matured & dpt merik kmk apa yg kmk mok in a relationship.

Kitak sukakah pergi kolej?
J: Suka.coz time ya ada ptptn & dpt blanja sakan.haha..

Pa polah kitak munda duit sejuta?
J: Travel,pegi haji,invest,donate to charity,shopping sakan & mestilah mendirikan masjid.oh oh..

Adakah kitak sanggup bercinta dengan kawan kitakpun?
J: Sanggup.kdg2 bagus gik ngan kawan dirikpun coz nya dah tauk true colours kita koatan dah lamak kenal.

Nak ni lebih bagus, rasa dicintaikah atau mencintai urang?
J: Dicintai la.mesti alu rasa best & self esteem pun nait.hehe..

5 egek lagu kesukaan kitak:
* The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script
* Miss Independent - Neyo
* Come On Get High - Matt Nathanson
* You Make It Real - James Morrison
* Moondance - Michael Buble

Mun urang nak disuka kitak ya dah ada urang lain, apa akan kitak polah?
J: Pugei kan sampei nya gila ngan aku sorang.haha..xdabah,let go jakla.it's not meant to be lah ya.

5 egek rancangan tv paling kitak suka:
* Oprah
* CSI (all 3 franchises)
* America's Funniest Home Videos
* The Apprentice (Donald Trump pun,Martha Stewart pun x suka)
* America's Next Top Model (x penah miss cgek season, biar download dari Utube.huhu..)

Kitak ada apa-apa yang disesalkan dalam idup?
J: X pileh major yg mena2 diminat time kat U & x maintain ke'slim'an bdn time sekolah dolok.nektok dah meletup kedak mak org.haha..

Kitak akan jadi macam kitak knektok kah mun kitak (kononnya) dilahirkan semula?
J: Mungkin.tp arap2 la much2 better.

Apa wish yang kitak maok masa tok?
J: Dapat semua yg kmk maok lamak2 tok:
*keja bagus (x madah nak nektok x bagus tp mok gaji besa gik sbnrnya.hehe..)
*sehat tubuh badan & panjang umor

Kitak rasa apa jenis insan yang tagged kitak ya?
J: Insan yg nak nyuroh ku manas molah soalan bukan2 jak panjang tok.tapi manis.boh alu kembang idong,za.haha..

Mun diberik pilihan, kitak sanggupkah jadi "bujang tapi kaya" atau sanggup "berkahwin tapi idup miskin?
J: Bgs gik kawen tp idup miskin coz wpun miskin,ada juak teman.kita x miskin sorang.gikpun nakka org slalu madah,anak2 adalah harta yg paling berharga?yerr..

Apa kaler kesukaan kitak?
J: Itam, engkodok tua & mirah

Kitak sanggup berkorbankah demi sebuah hubungan?
J: Sanggup.mun bebela berkorban k nya.

Mun lah kitak jatuh cinta ngan duak urang sekaligus, nak ney dipilih kitak?
J: Sapa yg dolok minang kmk.haha..

3 egek perkara yang teringin kitak mok polah tapi sik dapat-dapat?
* Menang peraduan esp grand prize nya keta mewah or banglo.hoho..
* Kawen ngan org puteh kedak maya karin & ning baizura.haha..
* Cita-cita gik kecik jadi stewardess tp check body lok.huhu..

Sapa mangsa tagged kitak yang seterusnya? (tapi jawab soalan nak debah ya berkenaan Sarawak)
* sue
* kenny sia (cam nya maca blog aku.haha..)
* noalicious
* daria
* ahmoi chantek
(since the last 3 dah kenak,so u're off the hook.hehe..)

- malas nk molah part 2. panjai gilak. huhu..

i'm doing just fine

i can't believe it. i just can't.

i had survived almost 96 hours without my handphone (refer last entry) and for someone who regards her phone as a security blanket, i m doing just fine.

to be frank the first 24 had to be the toughest.

i kept reaching into my bag or beside my pillow coz somehow i heard it rang & even vibrated but it later hit me that it's just my mind playing games with me.

but then 36 passed, later 72 and now 96, i don't feel the urge to do those things anymore.

i m less delusional now as i've come to terms that it's not with me (and that i know we'll be reunited next week) and somehow, i stopped caring not having it around.

well, it's true when people say that we appreciate things (and people) more when they're no longer with us.

u begin to reminisce all the sweet memories together (in my case, listening to my favourite songs over and over til the battery went dead & instant messaging his royal sweetness during wee hours when i can't get online) & wishing us two were never apart in the first place.

but the same goes to the saying 'Out of sight, Out of mind'.

coz when that particular thing (and person) were never available when u need them, somehow u forget that they were actually there.

that's when u start fending for urself, realising their presence are no longer needed. and that u can manage on ur own.

all i'm saying is, never take things (and especially people) for granted.

we always see things in a different light once we lost them & most of the time it'll be too late to do anything.

oh my, that was deep (even for myself). forgive me, i've been feeling philosophical lately. and it's only my phone, just imagine what i would write if i lost (knock on wood) my dearest someone..(^_^)

Monday, December 1, 2008

lost without you

baby, i miss u too much..
i m restless without u..
it feels weird not having u around..
at times, i can still hear u calling out for me..
and at times i find myself reaching out for u but u weren't there..
i m terribly sorry for what i did..
i never thought it would come to this..
i m at lost of what to do next..
trust me, im suffering inside as well..
how can i not?
when u have been with me through thick & thin..
never to complain, but always to listen..
u cheered me up when i was at my lowest..
and u brought me to earth when i was dreaming too high..
now, u are no longer here with me..
and i hate myself for that..
it would be lonely for me tonight & the nights to come..
coz u won't be next to me just like u always do every other time..
i know i might sound silly here but i don't care..
others don't know what we have is special..
so i promise, i will come back for u..
a few days more and we'll be together again..
just like before,