Friday, June 26, 2009

26 on the 26th

the day is finally here! i m officially 26 today!
turning 26 on the 26th. isn't that just awesome?
what's more, my friends and i will be leaving for KK tonight at 2230hrs.
thank u to everyone who took the time to send me bday wishes through sms, wrote on my Facebook wall, send messages & comments in Tagged & Friendster, wish me personally in the office, made a special entry in a blog and those who went the extra mile to get me something.
i am eternally grateful.
u guys gonna make me cry!
talking about gifts,
remember the paper bag Felicia left me when she had a sleepover at my house?
here's what's inside.
a cute beach bag.
(item no:7 in my wishlist)
thanks, babe. i love it so much im bringing it to KK with me tonite. ;)

another cute gift from Bobet.
she knows so well the sudden fascination i have towards anything love shaped that she got me this adorable multipurpose storage bin.
yes, i can sit on it & it doesnt break. :)

another one (wait, two) to the list
my officemates got me these: square pillow & miniature hourglass
the perfect gifts for my aching back & my habit of dozing off in my workstation ;p
i think that's all for now 'cos i've yet to receive more gifts. :D
footnote: i still can't get over the fact that the legendary & iconic Michael Jackson had passed away. rest in peace.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy birthday!

before the clock strikes 12 in just a few minutes,
i'd like to wish a very dear friend of mine,
may all your wishes come true & God speed!
if u'll ever need a place to crash in Kuching, just holler.
i'd love the company.
take care, babe!

us at audio's wedding

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i love you, man

i googled this!
this movie is effing hilarious!
right from start til finish, there's always something that cracked me up.
im shy & definitely not loud but through out the whole movie, i've transformed into another person.
i haven't laughed that much (in public) for a very long time.
it's a fun watch but i also discovered a thing or two from it.
curious to know what?
bear with me, then.

1. every guy has a BFF. yes, not just us girls. guys do have someone they can confide with, someone they can share everything. literally, EVERYTHING.

2. looking for a friend is harder when u're older. it's like looking for a partner but minus the white picket fences dreams & procreation.

3. it still is hard to tell straight & gay guys apart. sigh.

4. some people DO look like their pets (or is it the other way around?)

5. some pets DO resemble famous people.

6. RUSH rocks!

7. guys, when u're engaged, once in a while calling her up surprisingly and say "hey fiancee.." those two words would definitely melt her there and then. i know it'll work on me. ;p

lost u there?
watch the movie, u'll get what i mean. ;)
footnote: i am sooo getting the uncut version from f.i.e.z.a. i just had to watch it again!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

f.i.e.z.a tagged me!

f.i.e.z.a tagged me (again!) so here goes!

1. apa perasan sekarang - bosan sgt2 coz perasaan membuak-buak nak keluar tp xde teman. nak keluar sorang2 cam pathetic je. :(

2. saya nak makan - abc special & sotong kangkong di swee kang. ingin eh! huhu..

3. saya x suka - bila saya PMS. sekelip mata boleh bertukar jadi 2 org yg berbeza. super sensitive & super pissed off.

4. impian saya - travel the world dgn org yg disayangi.

5. haiwan yg saya tidak suka - cicak. pernah sekali kena gigit cicak time tido kat sekolah asrama. pastu terus trap cicak tu dlm tingkap sampai kering. puas ati! haha..

6. saya harapkan - yang duit xkan habis. bila withdraw 50, 500 masuk. heaven!

7. jika boleh diputarkan masa - nak blaja rajin2 time spm so that boleh fly overseas to further studies.

8. saya pada 10 thn akan datang - seorang anak, isteri, ibu yang baik. hopefully!

9. hp saya adalah - nokia 3120 classic. hujung bulan ni setahun la dia. :)

10. saya pernah bercinta sebanyak - 0 kali. yes, saya x pernah bercinta. crushes mmg ramai tp setakat tu sahaja. dh jumpa that perfect guy tp sayang, byk sangat halangan nya. :(

11. saya suka pada - lelaki yg boleh bimbing saya. yg tegas tp penyayang. passionate terhadap kehidupan, kerja & saya. :)

12. kawan2 saya - kebanyakan nya adalah kawan-kawan dari sekolah menengah. lepas dari tu saya x pandai sangat berkawan. lambat sikit nak warm up dgn orang baru. segan ye, bukan sombong. ;)

13. pernah dikhianati -so far x pernah lagi. hikmah nya x pernah bercinta. :D

14. apa yang hendak dilakukan terhadap org yg mengkhianati anda - kalau ada nanti, saya nak doakan dia 'bahagia' dunia & akhirat. (me being sarcastic)

kalau rajin, boleh la tag diri sendiri. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

rain.. rain.. please stay..

it's raining.
and i've always loved rain.
i love watching the rain falls,
the sound on my rooftop & the way it makes me feel.
at the moment im feeling all warm & fuzzy despite the cold.
and im missing that someone.
cause it always happens that when we talk,
it rained & somehow, it had become our song.
our song is playing now.
hope u're listening.

footnote: it's not helping when u're listening to Taylor Swift's Crazier on repeat.

another one from the wishlist :)

felicia aka ahmoi chantek had a sleepover for the weekend and we had so much fun together!

the late outing with other bloggers, the unforgettable dinner at frappe (go fish!), the hunt down of that someone's house, audio's wedding & the when-u-getting-married-game-using-ring-and-hair thingy (bekaus-bekaus!). :D

but the best part of it was: i got my early birthday present (10 more days to go, fellas!) from her.

she made it very clear for me to not have a peek inside the paper bag, even a little that she went to the extend of stitching up the opening!

curious as i am, i pretty much have an idea what it is (after much shaking & weighing it out) but no worries, i'd still act surprised when i open it. ;p

thanks a lot babe, u're such a doll!

and hope u'll love that something in that little red box too. ;)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the bitter truth

pic courtesy of US
today, the truth is out.
for more details on his sexual liberation, click here

Sunday, June 7, 2009

the shan & rozz show

this entry is a little explicit so make sure u're above 18 before u proceed.
i love SHAN soo much i just had to share him with u all.


guys, don't be jealous.

and girls, don't drool too much. he's mine! ;p

for more videos from them, visit
i love the video with the expat too.
footnote: do all guys name their 'thingy?' i'm curious. for example Shan, he named it SARASON. cute!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


just now, i saw my dad eating dinner alone.
on the table were canned stuff & take-outs.
it was an unlikely sight 'cause my dad is a picky eater so we never had instant food on the table whenever mum is around.
and mom would always be there to keep him company eventhough she was full or didn't feel like eating.
so i put the pieces together & my theory was hit on.
my mum left with my aunt to settle a few things back at our village in Kota Samarahan.
dad is always reserved but mum is the life of the household.
no wonder dad looked a bit . . . lifeless.
i guess maybe he doesn't feel complete.

my mom just came back.
u should have seen his face lit up when he saw her walked in the door.

Friday, June 5, 2009

utterly orgasmic!

i bought myself an early birthday present today!
another pair of gorgeous heels from Charles & Keith
it's been months since my last purchase of similar item,
so i guess it's fine to splurge once in a while, right?
women can never have too many shoes.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my humble wishlist

since my birthday is near (23 more days. yay!) & friends had been hovering over me, curious about what i'd like so it's only fair i publish my wishlist here. fyi, the list applies for other occasions too. ;)

1. REVLON Beyond Natural Blush & Bronzer
i've been looking for a bronzer since forever. really love the sun-kissed look. sexy!

2. Maybelline / Kate Make Up Palette or Eyeshadow Quad (for smokey eyes or earth tones)
i seldom wear eyeshadow but it'll come handy on special occasions like wedding receptions since everyone's getting married lately and that includes u, Audio. :)

3. The Pillars of The Earth by Ken Follett
heard about this book from Oprah so it must be really good!

4. Velocity by Dean Koontz
i just love a great thriller!

5. Dumbells (2's) 3 lb / 5 lb each
i hate my jelly arms that jingle like crazy everytime i move so im hoping these babies gonna help tone them up.

6. Yoga Mat
this might sound ridiculous but i used to practice yoga. i stopped doing it coz i slipped most of the time. explains why i need it right? ;)

7. Beach Bag / Tote
i don't buy handbags that often, let alone a beach bag so getting one would be nice.

8. Summer / Maxi dress / Sundress
like my feminine side better? these could help to achieve that. :)

9. Heels
anything comfy & makes me feel sexy, i'll love it. as long as it's more than 2 inches. im a size 5 btw.

10. Lingeries

my eyes twinkle at the sight of lingeries. my favourite would be sheer, silky, in fly away or baby doll. go ahead, google it. :)

i think that's about it. actually there are more but 10 should be just right. thank u in advance, fellas! ;p

footnote: doing this wishlist, i suddenly had an epiphany. im doing the same list when im getting married. so i wont get the same present twice. im a genius! :D