Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Back on track (hopefully)

Can't believe my last entry was more than half a year ago. 😲

Work has been super crazy and exhaustion would be my new middle name.
It got so bad that I believe I lost few of my brain cells in the process. 😷

The worst was when my colleague & I missed our flight from Bintulu to Kuching.
Not because we were late but because all the while we both believed our flight was at 2.30pm when actually it was at 12.30pm!
We both thought that we arrived early at the airport & when we tried to check in our luggage, it was already 12.36pm. 😑

After leaving our names on the waiting list for the next flight at 4.10pm, we got some lunch and waited and waited.

About 3.30 we went to the counter again to check on our chances of boarding the 4.10pm flight and we encountered the most annoying staff ever!😤
It was a young man but he was so soft spoken we can't barely hear what he was saying and we had to ask him to repeat himself a few times but still he sounded the same with no facial expression.
He was practically whispering to us in a noisy airport!
It got so bad we had to ask another staff at the next counter to get the information we wanted.

We got lucky & managed to board the 4.10pm flight. Transit for 20 minutes in Sibu and reached Kuching approximately 5.50pm.

I just hope I won't come across him or anyone similar in the future.
Once is enough.😒