Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Employee of the month(s)

The first time I was informed, I really thought they were just joking.
But when a few more colleagues (and bosses) came to congratulate me, that made me think there must some truth in it. Right?
They won't be so mean to make something like that up.

And so it was true.
Today during our office's Majlis Perhimpunan Setia & Warga, I was awarded Anugerah Pegawai Contoh 'Tiru Macam Saya' for the period of January until June 2015.😊

Working in the GST division is definitely full of challenges.
If it wasn't for the guidance & knowledge shared by my superiors, I wouldn't be receiving this today.
InsyaAllah this will be a driving force for me to be at my best at work & in life.
I am eternally grateful for the recognition & appreciation given.
And that's all for my receiving speech.