Monday, September 29, 2008

promises: kept or broken?

doesn't matter how u did it: "i swear on my grandmother's grave..","cross my heart & hope to die" or just a simple pinky swear..

i know,it's supposed to be the former rather than latter..
but if u're in my shoes,u'd reconsider..

it's not like im justifying (not even close) what i did but sometimes u just have to be the bad guy & break that promise..

u must be wondering what exactly did i do..

believe u me,it's nothing huge.not a matter of life and death or the fate of the human race lies entirely on it but some things do mean a lot to some people and i just made a promise to one of those people..

but some things are just out of my's not like i intend to make a promise & not keep it.nope,that's not me..

since it's been said and done,there's nothing much i could do rather than beg on my knees & cry my heart out (just so guilt would overpower the disappointment on me) and promise (again?) that it's not going to happen in the future..

next time,i wont be making promises on the spur of the moment..

i've learnt a and my big mouth..:(

my first time

the first is always the hardest.
hardest to start: FIRST STEP
hardest to forget: FIRST LOVE
hardest to pull off: FIRST IMPRESSION
and definitely the..
hardest not to spend: FIRST PAYCHECK..:D
since this is my first pathetic attempt to blab about anything i want,so cut me some slack for all the mistakes & me being too passionate or blunt about certain topics..
just enjoy what u're reading.if u're not,then it's ur loss.definitely not mine..
i thought i've made a pretty good first entry there,see u guys on the next..:)