Wednesday, December 26, 2012

thanks sayang

Long story short, hubby bought me the perfume from my to-buy list.
The trick: When asked, 'Smells good. U want it?'
Just answered YES firmly, without hesitation & get all doe eyed, Puss In Boot's style.
Works every time.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

can't wait!

i just have to write this here.



Thursday, December 20, 2012

she's one happy lady :)

some time last week,

udak : ayang, udak rasa nak beli perfume ko. (ayang, i think i wanna buy myself a perfume)

me: beli la dak. lak kamek ngan. (buy then. i'll come with u)

udak : ok, pas trimak kita pegi. (ok, we'll go after payday)

last night we went out perfume hunting.
she haven't decided which one she wants so we headed to the airport to check out the perfumes there.
it was closed.
of all days, it decided to close yesterday.

her last perfume was Tresor In Love by Lancome.
it was a birthday present from moi.
knowing the fact that she loves it so much, a bulb immediately lit in my head.
i know the ultimate perfume for her.

so we went to Parkson at The Spring.
i led her to the Lancome counter, asked for the tester of this particular perfume.
my sister and i love the smell, i know she's gonna love this one too.
i was right.
with one single whiff, she's hooked!
there it was, beautifully packed as a christmas gift set, together with a mascara and a nail polish.
without thinking twice, she asked the salesperson to wrap it up & made her purchase.
i BBMed sis about it just to irritate her and she was.

but there's happy ending for everyone of course.
i get to keep the mascara and sis, the nail polish.

Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

smell good, feel good

as much as i love smelling good, i have only owned a few perfumes and it only started during my uni years (thanks to ptptn haha).
i don't stick to one scent in particular, i usually go for the latest one in the market.
the better the perfume ad is, the more i wanted to buy it.
i am easily influenced like that. hehe.

i am into fragrance with a hint of sweetness to it, not too overpowering.
the kind that makes me feel sexy and confident in my own skin or girly and flirty.
the kind that leaves a lasting impression on someone.
by breathing in deeply, can get people to say, 'yup, nieza just passed / was here'
actually that sounded kinda creepy but u get my point.

since i have discarded all the bottles, thanks to Google, here are the perfumes that once was my signature scent.
except for no 6 & 7 though.
they're in my to-buy-list next year.

Notes: Chilled Quince, Water Lotus, Ginger Lily.
Notes: Passion Flower, Vanilla, Vetiver
Notes: Red Plum, Sweet Freesia
i'm not really into floral inspired fragrance but J'adore is an exception. Composed of Ylang-Ylang of Comores, Damask Rose, Sambac Jasmine.

Notes: Freesia, Jasmine Petals, Bulgarian Rose
Notes: Freesia, Green Leaves, Citrus Zest, Peony, Magnolia, Musk, Sandalwood, Warm Chocolate Accord.     
Notes: Litchi, Guava, Mangosteen, Magnolia, Litchi Blossom, Freesia, Sandalwood and White Musk.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

lazy saturday

Today, it's just me, sis & Andika at home.
Since Mak & Bapak left for KL & then Turkey (envy!) less than 2 weeks ago, Udak became our sole guardian.
She's on call now leaving just the 3 of us.
Sis is taking her nap after feeding Andika & Andika's watching reruns of his favourite cartoon, Oggy & The Cockroaches.
And me, I'm dead bored cause I can't change the channel.

On a happier note, hubby's coming home next Saturday for a 10 day break. Yeay!
That means we get to welcome the new year together.
Double yeay!
Can't wait!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012


a historical date for Kuching customs.
it was the day our new building headquarters, where i work was officially launched by Sarawak Chief Minister.
took us one whole month to prepare everything.
i wasn't involved in any of the committees cause i just got back from a 2 months course and i guess they overlooked my name.
not that i'm complaining. hehe.

other senior officers including myself were in our 3 piece suit along with a tie, an aiguillette and a customed bowler hat.
something i never wore almost 2 years in service.
it got so bad that i don't have the slightest idea where i placed my long sleeve shirt, the one i have to wear underneath the suit.
as last resort, i had to buy my own, in 2 sizes too big cause the store ran out of my size.

before the whole launching starts, we were busy prepping ourselves and each other in the office like it was the morning of Hari Raya. haha.
and we help ourselves to a few shots.

spot me if u can hehe

me with fellow colleague

around 9am we were summoned to come downstairs and by 9.30 everyone was seated.
the crowd was overwhelming, i think more than 2000 people were present.
the Chief Minister arrived around 10.30am, the ceremony ended around 11.30am and the best part of all, lunch!
by Hilton Hotel oh yeah! haha

here's a few shots from the day.
a month's hard work for just a few hours of ceremony.

gamelan & singers

kawad istiadat

choir group
didn't get a shot of the Chief Minister and wife though.
i was too busy stuffing myself silly during lunch.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

my first run

after much persuasion from a colleague & support from twitter buddies Riyuna & Daria, i finally joined 'Larian Kesihatan Bandarayaku 2012' organised by DBKU last Saturday.
i said yes cause it's been a while since i last had a proper work out and i qualified for the VIP Category which means i only have to run for 2km instead of 5.5km if i joined the Women's Open Category.
the venue was at Orchid Garden, close proximity to the new DUN.
excited, i got there before 6 am thinking the run would start at 6.30 am.
at least that's what was mentioned in the tentative programme.
turns out, it started at 7.40 am because some very important people decided to woke up late on a Saturday and make the rest of us wait.
*crosses arms*

long story short, i was the second woman to arrive at the finish line.
i didn't get any prize though cause for our category, prizes are for 1st to 5th place and obviously the guys grabbed them all.

and i didn't win the lucky draw either.
i'm never lucky when it comes to draws.

but one thing's for sure, i'll definitely run again in the future.
hopefully fit enough & with the stamina to run 5.5km and more.

the 71 year old lady in th Astro ad really inspired me.
she started running marathons when she was 61 & she had run 33 marathons to date.
she is glowing with health & i wanna be just like her.

so if u guys know any running events in Kuching, do let me know.
maybe we can join it together. :)

 my running tag

 2 veterans & a VIP ahaha

running buddies.
they're both over 45 & fit cause they run frequently

Sunday, October 21, 2012

f is for fitness

Today we had our second fitness test.
The first was on 8/9, more than 6 weeks ago.
The main objective was to measure our fitness level and how much we've improved / worsened on the second test.
A few aspects were taken into account but I'd just pinpoint those which I think matters.
I gained 2kg so now I'm 65kg instead of 63kg.
I increased inches on my waist from 83cm to 88cm.
Darn it.
No thanks to our caterer who serves us curry, masak lemak, masak kicap alternately from the first day we're here.
And no thanks to myself who doesn't work out on my on time.

We also did a 2.4km run.
For me it was more like 2.4km stroll.
Previously my time was 22.23 minutes, today it was 22.55.
0.32 minutes late.

Overall I think I've improved cause in other areas, I did quite well.
Fyi, I frog jumped as far as 173cm.
Eventhough that's not exactly something to be proud of but the skill might come in handy when entertaining Andika or future children.

We also did physiological test to determine our body's age.
I have the body of a 55 year old.

I know that in order for me to conceive, I should start watching what I eat & work out more.
But for me to work out more, I should start working out first.
Will be meeting hubby in 3 weeks so there's still time for stamina improvement.
Watch out sayang!

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

mobile sauna : my worst trip ever

After not setting foot on the famous Serikin for a little over a year, I was really excited about going again.
The last time I was there was on 16th October, a day before I met mr hubby.
Fyi, the parcel I was posting the next day when we met was a rattan mat bought in, well u guess it right, Serikin.
It's fair to say that the place has a special place in my heart.

So the troop (my coursemates) and I reached there around 8am.
Had a short briefing from the officer on duty at our customs border office there.
Then operation shop-til-we-drop commenced at 8.30am & we're given 3 hours to shop to our hearts desire.
Well I didn't cause I was broke.
Only managed to grab titbits & a canned drink.
Serves me right for not saving for this trip.
Damn I'm still reminded of the telekung, kain ela & kain pelikat I saw there.

After almost 3 hours, my friend and I went back to our bus thinking the rest of the troop were already waiting.
Turned out, not even half of us were there.
We stepped onto the bus & it felt like entering a freaking sauna.
The airconditioner had malfunctioned.
There was air coming out alright but it's damn hot air.
It's scorching hot outside and now this?
I took my seat, was too exhausted to care.
I just wanna go home.
It's almost noon & everyone was supposed to be back inside the bus but there's a still a few were unaccounted for.
I was starting to be a little pissed off, I was burning outside & inside.
Waited a few minutes more but still no sign of them.
Eventhough upset, I managed to doze off in the heat.
When I woke up, I was drenched in so much sweat it feels like I've been dipped in water & lifted right away.
I panicked when I realised I was the only one on the bus.
Well, the rest were resting under a tree cause they couldn't stand the heat.
Too sleepy & too lazy to step off the bus, I just waited there but not without curses thrown in here and there.

Around 12.30pm we finally left the place but a few km down the road, we had to stop cause someone almost fainted in the bus.
Then someone had trouble breathing.
Then another.
And another.
This heat thing is slowly killing us one by one.
We stopped at the side of the road & another surprise, the tyres got stuck in the mud.
Our day had gone from bad to worse.
So we disembarked the bus & took shade on both sides of the road.
Then a familiar car halted.
It was a former colleague who was transferred to a different department.
Known for being blatantly honest, she called me fat in front of others.
My day had gone from worse to let me bury my head inside the ground and not pull it out ever.

It took the driver about 15 minutes to get the bus up and running again.
And there was almost an accident caused by a stupid, selfish driver who refused to stop even when our bus signalled to enter the road.
We finally reached the academy after an hour.
This is by far the worst road trip I've had.
I can't imagine if we had to board the same bus for our trip to Sibu next week.
It's going to be a nightmare, I can guarantee that.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sausage on the go (the verdict)

Sorry guys, it took me a few days to finally write part two of the sausage incident.
Before I write any further, I'd like to firmly state that this is my personal opinion.
What I will be writing does not represent the product as a whole.
As I'm not a chef & I don't cook much, my taste palette might be a little confused when in contact with new and unfamiliar flavors.

Long story short, I tried the cheese flavoured the other day.
I hated it.
It tasted nothing like cheese.
To me it tasted more like canned sambal udang mixed with plastic.
Managed to take two bites without having to puke.
How about the remaining two flavors?
I didn't bother to try.
The last bite still left a bitter taste in my mouth.

So i'll be sticking to the usual sausages.
The kind that needs refridgeration & prepared well before consumption.
Now I feel like eating my favourite hotdog+egg+cheese.
By the way, what's the difference between sausages & hotdogs & franks anyway?
Just curious.

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After a year

A year ago on this date,
I met a guy while helping to post a parcel for a friend.
The guy was the frontliner at the postage office.
I had a slight problem with the cost of the postage.
To put it easily, I didn't have enough money with me.
We exchanged numbers and he promised to update regarding the cost.
In less than 30 minutes, I received a text from him confirming the exact total of the postage.
So in the evening I came back to pay the balance.
We made small talk while waiting for him to come up with my receipt.
On my way out he asked when we can meet again.
I answered (I was being nice), I'm going out now why don't u join us?
He replied I'm still working but can I text / call u sometime.
I said yes, why not.
He walked me to the door and waited for me to drive away. I waved him goodbye & he waved back smiling.
Fieza & and giggled in unison in the car once he's out of our sight.
Well actually we laughed out loud.
U can tell such things don't happen a lot to us.

A year later, today.
That guy is now my husband.
I married him 6 months ago in the presence of both our families and close friends.
I still can't believe it myself, my jodoh came so fast.
Or maybe I'm just 'gatal'?
I think both.

It was a brief meeting so why did I decide to let him know me better?
Because he was so damn persistent.
He wouldn't take No as an answer, damn it!
I have never been in a relationship before so I thought why not give him and myself a chance.
And having a new movie buddy won't hurt right?
Now I got more than a movie buddy.
If u know what I mean. (Only 9gaggers will understand).
But I think the main reason is because I feel comfortable being around him.
I'm not the chatty type so for me to converse freely with someone especially a guy is a huge thing for me.
I can be my crazy self when I'm with him.
Believe me I am a bit cuckoo around those I'm comfortable with. :P
To be honest, I didn't know then whether he was The One but I sure know it now.

Dearest Mr Azlan,
Thank you for being persistence even when I kind of 'jual mahal' during our days of courtship.
Thank you for the love u shower me with everyday even when we're thousands of miles apart.
Thank you for always saying I'm beautiful even on obviously bad hair & PMS days.
Thank you for constantly reminding me of Allah & be grateful with everything we have.
Thank you for never asking me to change anything about myself.
Thank you for everything you've done & will do for me.
I love you so much, sayang.
I pray we will grow old together and later in Jannah.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

sausage on the go

Found these yesterday at Choice Supermall.
Ready to eat sausages.
I've always love sausages and being curious, i just got to have a taste.
No refridgeration needed, just unwrap, tear off & enjoy.
There's 3 flavors: Tori Fish, Otak Otak & Cheese In.
No worries for Muslim cause they're Halal.
And it's RM3.99 for 3 pieces.
Haven't tried them though.
Stay tuned for next post.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

ready. aim. fire!

On Wednesday I had the chance to handle & fire a gun.
Not a plastic gun nor a water gun but a real one!
A 9mm Glock.
Gun handling is one of the modules we had to go through during our 2 months basic course for senior customs officer.
( I have survived until the 5th week of this course, 5 more weeks to go! Woot! )
For this module, we fired a few rounds in the gun simulation room before being allowed to fire at a proper shooting range the next day.

There were 3 rounds for us to show off our shooting skills on the range.
Centre fire, rapid fire & hostage.
My score was 53, 81 & 27 respectively.
I did the worst for the hostage category but overall I ranked 12th from 34 participants.
Simulation is nothing near like the real thing.
My pistol kept jerking cause I didn't pull the trigger gently & I even closed my eyes a few times after firing.
Dangerous I know but it's just scary.

Two of us were injured during the practice.
A friend had a small cut on her finger when the pistol's slide jerked backwards when she finished firing her rounds.
Another I believe to be the silliest injury self inflicted by a person.
And that person was me.
*hides face in hands*
A bullet shell from the pistol I fired actually flew into my safety goggle & burnt little skin above & below my left eye.
The injury might be minor but damn it hurts.
The reason: I didn't wear my safety google close to my face.

Safety measures is always important while loading & especially firing a gun.
So remember to wear your safety google, ear muff (wear them right) and always listen to the shooting instructor.
Don't get too excited or too scared.
Keep calm, take ur aim & pull the trigger.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

law of attraction works for me :)

when hubby was called to report duty on the 16th July in Petaling Jaya, being a worry wart, i started to worry about almost everything.
particularly about him finding his on way in an unfamiliar place.
i've been studying in the Peninsular for a few years so boarding buses, LRT & the KTM Komuter to get my way around actually thrilled me.
but for hubby, it's a brand new experience, being away & apart from family and close friends in a big city.
yes, dearest hubby is the original kampung boy. :)

i proposed to him about me coming along to KL so that i can show him around.
it was Wednesday, he's leaving on Saturday and purchasing flight tickets last minute would cost us an arm and a leg.
as much as he wants me to come, in the end, the decision was made.
i will stay.
i was devastated cause we both didn't know for sure when we will see each other again.
i was thinking if we can't welcome the fasting month together, at least we can spend our weekend together.

but that night, as if Allah knows how much i wanted to be with him that weekend, i received an SMS by a colleague that our names were listed to attend a 5 day course in Melaka, starting 16th July and we're leaving for KL either on the 14th or 15th July!
the timing just couldn't get any better.
i was in such disbelief i confirmed with her twice!

the next day at the office, i immediately booked my return flights for 14th July (same flight as his) & 22nd July.
and so the rest is, like they say, history.
Alhamdulillah we were given the chance to welcome Ramadhan together.
had our first teraweh at Taman Desa's mosque & iftar the next day at my sister in law's parents' house in Port Dickson.
it was definitely a weekend better than i have imagined.

i'm loving this law of attraction thingy!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chronology of a (hopefully) temporary separation :'(

15th May 2012 - hubby went for an interview for a post in the government sector

18th June 2012 - hubby found out he graced the interview (actually, it was me cause I was too anxious to know. checked the result first thing in the morning at the SPA website)

21st June 2012 - hubby received his offer letter on the mail

2nd July 2012 - hubby got a call from regional office informing he needs to report duty on the 16th July 2012 at their headquarters in Petaling Jaya. And he has to attend 6-8 months course there.

My heart immediately fell when he broke the news. Knowing mr hubby as the joking type, I was waiting for a punchline or him to say, 'Nah, I'm just kidding' or 'Gotcha' but that didn't happen.
Instead I heard his voice breaking up on the phone, of him holding in tears.
And I was doing exactly the same.

Later we went to the regional office to purchase his flight tickets.
The officer there explained one more time about the place, time & date of him needed to report duty.
And the duration of the course he needs to attend.
The course that would separate us temporarily.

What makes me really sad is he'll be leaving on this 14th, a week before Ramadhan.
We were so excited to welcome the month since it's our first year as husband & wife.
And the first day of Ramadhan would be our 3rd month being married.
We planned to go to our neighbourhood mosque for teraweh together.
We even thought of places to break fast together & what to have for sahur.

I know I shouldn't be complaining because this is rizq from Allah.
He knows what's best for the both of us and I will hold on to that.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


i turned 29 yesterday!
*throws confetti*
nothing much changed in my life between that one year period when i turned 28 and now.
i have my wonderful family, great friends, stable job.
except for the fact that i celebrated my 29th birthday as a wife.
maybe a mother next year?

Friday, June 22, 2012

a post long overdue :p

yesterday was our second wedding monthliversary.
that's how long overdue this post is.

here comes the bride & groom
another shot

and another
our simple dais
he won. because i let him. :p

thanks kak irda & abg jaha for the ridiculously delicious cake

where exactly is the camera? :D

i still can't recall what made us laugh so hard

officemates, godmom & mom in law

gorgeous ladies of ex-smsk

bride & groom with both parents

ma familia minus udak & andika

my second family plus my nephew & nieces

groom's buddies

groom's Man Utd buddies
   then we had a few shots at the dais


 later, a few shots outdoor.
it was so hot outside i was begging for the photoshoot to be over real fast. :D

but we got a better idea & took shots inside where it was cold. :)


 official photographer was SwkPixel. 
really great team to work with. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

in a week! ;)

and because i'm turning 29 in a week (woot!), here's my humble wishlist for those itching to know what i'd like for this year. :)

don't get too excited too soon, i just wanna be prepared. ;)
( this or any books regarding pregnancy, parenthood, marriage )
ht what to expect when youre expecting ll 120510 vblog 5 Things You Dont Expect When Youre Expecting

i'm now in my department's bowling team so these items would definitely stop my teammates from pestering me to have my own bowling set :P

i'm a size 5 by the way,

i use the no 11 ball,

and a bowling ball bag to complete it :)

since i've transformed myself into a hijabista (not sure whether it's a real word coz i just made that up),
and i'm still in experimental mode so any style of hijab would do ( i love paisley & abstract motives )
all three from

Penny Chiffon Maxi Dress - Green
  Shirt Maxi Dress - Dark Green 
i can't remember the last time i bought something like this for myself.
long sleeved maxi dress - both from

 i could imagine the stress melting away

 the sand.. the sun.. this is the life

apart from these, i wish to be in the pink of health, happy & very much in love. :)
happy becoming birthday to me!