Thursday, March 26, 2009

don't say i didn't warn u part III

" don't say i didn't warn u part III. HALL 4, ROW H, SEAT 2. aku kak nangga the international tek. time abis aku angkat alu rebuk krusi ya. darn. nasib aku x tegugok. dem eh star."

yes, u read that right.
my friend was the latest victim of the failing seats in the movie theater.
i wonder when will they finally take action?
*not amused. not amused at all*

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

being alone sucks big time

being twice divorced, she opted for a life of solitude.
*at least for now*
but not THIS noraniza though.
i've been solitary (relationship wise) for waaaaaaaay too long.
*make it 26 years*
i m ready to be in the plural.

footnote: what a pathetic way to promote oneself. haha..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

isn't this sweet?

Inspector Jacques Closseau of Pink Panther
footnote: just in case u're wondering, artichoke is a thistlelike flower head with edible flesh leaves and heart.

Friday, March 20, 2009

for everyone's angels

love her when she is just Beyonce.
her alter ego, Sasha Fierce honestly kinda freaks me out a bit.
(check out her DIVA video to get my point)
and Michael Ealy must have been the most good looking African American guy i've ever seen.
(even Halle Berry agreed. they once had a brief relationship)
but tell me, who could ever say no to those eyes that pierce right through your soul?
i know i couldn't.

silly silly me

in my line of work, i deal with all types of people.
but i m most wary of the overfriendly type.
for two reasons;

1) they would sound friendly at first then suddenly WHAM! they go ballistic!
2) they are trying their luck hitting on u, eventhough just for a few minutes.
*flattering but makes me very uncomfortable*

but today was a different story.
i had verbal diarrhoea & i was sooooo humiliated.

here's how the story goes;
a guy called to make a report on a faulty line, on behalf of a friend.
he fit the overfriendly person profile so i started to brace myself.
*while at the same time, a little dazed & my mind was around somewhere*
i did like i always do, take down the faulty number, owner name, type of faulty yada yada..
then, in the middle of conversation he stopped me by asking,

"Yang bercakap ni Cik Nieza ke Puan Nieza? Saya asyik panggil Cik je dari tadi."

with much confidence & without hesitation i answered,

"Puan, Encik."

then it hit me. WHAT DID I JUST SAY?
*i am obviously a CIK so what was i thinking?*

when i tried to clear up the air, it was too late.
cat got my tongue when he replied,

"Puan rupanya, ingatkan Cik tadi. Suara macam anak dara je."

*coz i am. haha..*

i let him amused himself throughout the short conversation (i was amused myself) but i didn't reach the humiliation check point just yet.
not until i turned to my right & saw my officemate with a huge grin on her face.

she had been listening in to my every word!
and was having a great time laughing when she muttered,

"Sejak bila kitak jadi Puan? Baruk malam tadik ka? Konpiden ada jak bunyi nyawab customer."

with that remark, i wish i could bury my head deep enough in the sand like an ostrich does.

moral of the story: daydreaming while at work? BAD IDEA. daydreaming while talking to an overfriendly customer? BIG NO NO.

footnote: i so wanna earn that title. lanji dah tok. ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


hey you.
remember me?
just so u know,
im feeling neglected.
yet again.
and i m this close to going astray.
please don't make me.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

happy birthday udak!

for ur bday, i'd like to list all the reasons why i'm grateful ur my aunt;

1) for being forgiving after i wrecked ur car a month after i got my license.
2) for topping up my phone when i was still jobless.
3) for giving me permission to drive ur car eventhough at times i left the tank almost empty.
4) for paying for the stuff i want eventhough i can afford it myself.
5) for letting me have the balance after i ran errands for u.
6) for stuffing me with delicious food til i gain a few pounds everytime i have a sleepover.
7) for keeping secrets i'd rather not tell my mother.
8) for believing in me when i needed it the most.
9) for approving the guy that i like which im sure mother would dissaprove of.
10) for showing me that a woman can live independently & have the life that she chooses.

believe me, u don't look a day over 30. ;)
love u lots..(^_^)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

sunday movie marathon

Leonardo Dicaprio & Russell Crowe are men at the peak of their careers.
their acting, more like their crafts never even once disappoint me.
Russell Crowe was brilliant in The Beautiful Mind.
he doesn't appeal to me that much when reading about his personal matters but his work,
is always a masterpiece.

the same goes to Leo.
he is a man who exudes charisma in all of his latest movies.
Blood Diamond, The Aviator, Revolutionary Road (can't wait to see this one) to name a few.
frankly speaking, i'd picked him over Brad Pitt in no time. (sorry Brad!)
this movie is a heavy one & it touches the sensitivity of religions as well as the conflicts we're facing at the time.
brilliantly choreographed & directed.
kudos to Ridley Scott.
but don't take my word for it, see it for yourself.
im sure u'll agree with me.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


i saw 3 movies in the past 2 days.
was about to watch the 4th but i thought, 'nah, might as well save some for tomorrow.'

the first movie, WATCHMEN frankly speaking, bored me to death.
might sound a bit harsh there but i'm just being honest.
not just me though, others in the movie theater as well.
i could swear i heard snoring behind me last night.
and my friend (who sat next to me) was fidgeting non stop in his seat (i really pity him) just so he wouldn't doze off.
he did.
quite a disappointment coz i was so excited to watch it when the trailer came out a few weeks before (i was the one who suggested we watch the movie) but it didn't turn out like i expected.
at all.
yes, it was action packed, bones crushing & bodies flying fighting sequences just like any other superheroes movie but compared to Spiderman for example, it fell short.
really really short.
too bad though coz it could have been great.

then, there was SEXDRIVE.
been meaning to watch this in the movies but didn't get the chance to.
something always came up so i kinda forget about it.
but today, i found it in my friend's computer.
the uncut version!
(she had a shitload of new stuff in there. envy!)

and that's when i found ZACK & MIRI MAKE A PORNO.
a friend had been bugging us for ages about how funny this movie was and today i got to see it for myself.
i prefer sexdrive more though but it still was funny.
and uncut too!
(i m such a perv. haha..)

and what i observed from those two,
the guy who at first was in pursuit of another girl will end up with the one girl he thought he'd never be with in a million years.

either a best friend or just someone he always picks a fight with.


i m so in dire need to watch an Oscar winning motion picture.

p.s: i think im overdosing from too much F word today. better sleep it off. nites!

Friday, March 6, 2009

i want it back, please..

:: austin powers. mojo man. yeah, baby! ::

haven't been feeling like myself these past few weeks.
which explains the late updates & no shows on my part.
i was stumped.
i have lots of things to share but i can't put them into words.
they got stuck somewhere between my brain & fingers.
so i just let them be.
maybe i've lost my MOJO.
i seriously hope not.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

words from the wise


Patrick Starr of Spongebob Squarepants