Thursday, February 25, 2010

just my luck

I never considered myself as a lucky person.
I'm not saying I'm unlucky either.
But as far as I know, I've been the latter a whole lot more than the former.
Throughout my 26 years of living,
I only won twice in lucky draws & I received food on both occasions.
I always picture myself winning grand prizes & maybe cold hard cash but no such luck.
So does my sister.
Until she went to a shopping mall earlier today.
After filling a feedback form, she was asked to pull out a sealed envelope from a box.
And she couldn't believe her eyes when she found out what she won.

AOWA Induction Cooker
AOWA Microcomputer Electric Pressure Cooker
AOWA Food Blender
AOWA Stainless Steel 15 Pieces Cookware Set

I'm not really a huge fan of the brand but who cares when the whole thing was estimated to worth almost 3k.
And THAT'S what I call lucky!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

what it feels like for a girl

If there's one time when I loathe myself more than any other time,
It would be THAT time of the month.
And the few days prior to that.
Ask any other female, they'd definitely agree with me.
And surprise, surprise!
That time is now.
Guys, I know u're racking ur brains out thinking exactly why we don't like it?
Well, for starters we don't have any control of our emotions.
It's like emotional roller coaster from start to finish.
One time u're laughing, enjoying urself, another time u just break down & cry for no apparent reason.
One thing's for sure, hormonal imbalance could do us more harm than good.
I remember being mean & heartless to the ones I love,
I've lost count on how many times I lash out on them over silly or inappropriate things.
To make things worse, I would be constantly hungry thus stuffing myself like crazy with unhealthy food (like I what I did just now).
Not to forget, I have huge break-outs on my already flawed face.
I just don't feel pretty at all.
And that's definitely not a good thing especially when u're a female.
That's why I'll try to stay away from any human contact fearing I'd turned into a whole different person.
So guys, the next time ur sister, friend, girlfriend, wife or mother snap or tear up over the smallest thing,
Do remember that's not the real us.
Blame our hormones. ;)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

waterfront's really not that bad

Just came back from having a jolly good time with hot babes Lynn aka fellow blogger Ahmoi Chantek & Anne.
We stuffed ourselves at Ipoh Kopitiam, Wisma Tun Jugah (the first for all three), knocked some pins at Riverside Bowl & later before the two of them left for MBO Spring to watch Valentine's Day,
we decided to take a stroll down the Waterfront & breathe some fresh night air.
(Fyi, I didn't join them for the movie because the hall the movie will be playing is an all couple seat hall.
Since there are just 3 of us & if I'd like to watch the movie, I'd have to pay double for the ticket.
Far from sumone u love & having to pay double just to watch a movie about valentine's day, it couldn't be any more depressing than that)
Ok, where were we?
Oh yes, the Waterfront.
Honestly, I don't really favor the place because I don't like the crowd that hang around the place, it's quite dark for my liking, preferred spots for couples to show public display of affection & because there's just nothing there.
But tonight, it was different.
We came across 2 street performers playing the guitar & another musical instrument that looks like a flute but kinda sound like a saxophone.
(I apologize for being musically impaired)
Anyway, when we reached there, they had started playing the instruments & damn, they sound good!
Really good!
And I am starting to like the place already.
The 3 of us sat there for almost an hour coz we just can't get enough of their talents.
With the wind blowing softly on our faces & people selling flowers & gifts for valentine's day passing us by,
listening to beautiful music with great company, things couldn't be any better than that.
What a great way to end the night.

Friday, February 12, 2010

where is it?

I need help.

I seriously in need of one right now.


I left it somewhere an hour ago & now I just don't have the slightest clue of its whereabout.

I searched everywhere but still, no luck.

I m freaking frustrated with myself.


Updated: Remote found. By mum. I should tie it around my neck next time. Haha..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

tooth fairy?

Watched Tooth Fairy starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson last night.
It wasn't until much later into the movie that Fieza & myself found ourselves laughing to stitches..
I still can't get over the Easter Island remark.
So while we're at that subject of the tooth fairy,
I'd like to share a story with y'all.

I was 6 at that time & I had one tooth just waiting to come off.
Within a few days, it finally did.
Wasn't sure whether driven by curiousity, fascination, money or maybe all three,
I decided to place my tooth under my pillow.
And when I woke up the next morning & lifted the pillow,
Guess what I found?
Yes, I'm not kidding.
It wasn't USD1 note that I found but coins.
Lots & lots of them.
I didn't remember the exact total but I could never forget how I felt at that time.
Shocked is an understatement.
When u're a kid & u believe almost everything others tell u,
when one of those things actually happened to u,
the feeling is definitely out of this world.
Maybe, just maybe I'll try again when I have children of my own.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

enough already

I was at a wedding just now and while warming up to a woman there,
my mother introduced me to her.
I don't mind being introduced but I definitely regretted what I was about to hear.
Especially to a total stranger.

"Tok la kakak nya. Nya belum kahwin gik."
(This is her sister. She's not married yet)

I almost choked but managed to utter,

"Mak, perlukah padah nak ya juak?"
(Mum, is that really necessary?)

Can u believe that?
My own mother?


Friday, February 5, 2010

a woman scorned

This morning I discovered something amiss from my aunt's car.
Turned out, some low-lifes broke into her car & stole her stereo.
Fyi, the car was parked right in front of our house.
Just a few feet away from our front door.
And the stereo they took?
Nothing fancy, just the standard stereo installed for Kelisa SE.
They had skillfully took out the whole piece of the left backside window & guess what, they even had the decency to leave that whole piece of window inside the car.
This would be the second time such thing happened to my aunt.
Previously her backside window was smashed but the thief managed to take only a few coins & notes.
At that time, her car was parked in front of her workplace.
And not forgetting, my car which was stolen at a public parking space at Everrise BDC (together with my friend's laptop, my favourite France sandals & my magic 8 ball)
In broad daylight!
I'm praying hard for the thieves to die a slow & painful death & forever rot in hell.
Only then will I be satisfied.

Monday, February 1, 2010

mushy mode (^_^)

Have u ever love someone so much that. . . . .

Ur face lights up everytime u talk about him?
U start blushing everytime someone mentions his name?
U think about him all day, every single day?
U're trying ur hardest to be perfect for him?
U'd do just about anything to make him happy?
U can't help but worry about him all day eventhough he's doing just fine?
U wanna dedicate all the love songs in the world for him?
U want to grow old together & spend ur lifetime loving him, just him?
U wanna scream so that the whole world knows how deeply in love u are?
Ur heart is filled with so much love it feels like it's about to burst within seconds?
U can't imagine life without him?
All u wanna do is love him?

I have, still am & always will.