Saturday, March 20, 2010

so close

i just love love love this song!

Friday, March 19, 2010

me! me! me!

Who would have thought a plain jane like me deserve the
I'm deeply flattered.
Thanks Ahmoi!
Sorry, I still can't figure out how to attach pics from my berry,
but I'd definitely post it on my sidebar when I'm online with my laptop some other time.

And now,
7 more things to know about me.

- I don't like being in the spotlight. I prefer to be on the sidelines than being the centre of attention. That's why I always keep a low profile.
- I don't like people throwing things out of a moving car.
- I don't like to be in close contact with any animals with feathers.
- I don't like confrontations. I prefer sulking instead.
- I like to do silly things just for the thrill of it but later regret it.
- I like to flirt & but not with every guy, just the selected few.
- I like to be married before I'm 30. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

season 1 is over

I bet most of u watched The Biggest Loser Asia finale last night.
Well first & foremost, congratulations to David of Indonesia for bringing home the title.
He lost 83kg for crying out loud!
Kilos fellas, not pounds!
More than half of his body weight!
Eventhough I've always been rooting for Carlo (the Keanu Reeves look alike from the Philippines),
David truly deserved it.
But, (here's the bombshell)
He looked so skinny.
Unhealthy kind of skinny.
Frail, that's the word.
It's like he's gonna collapse at any time while on stage.
We've seen other winners of The Biggest Loser & they all looked toned & glowing with health.
It's like u feel so amazed with what they have achieved, u wanna run down to the gym immediately.
I didn't get that feeling from him though.
I'm just worried he was starving himself & not maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the title.
But that's just what I think.
What say u?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i hate everything about u

My colleagues & I were just talking about one thing we unanimously hate.
I cringe at the sight of that thing.
Its protruding eyes, its sticky feet, its soft almost transparent body, its tail that could snap off anytime.
I used to not care about this domestic pest,
let alone fear it.
Until that one afternoon when one actually bit me on my finger while I was enjoying my afternoon siesta!
Yea, exactly!
I never knew lizards could bite humans either!
And that was definitely the turning point.
I hate hate hate lizards!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

gloomy saturday

I'm currently at a hospital.
My aunt had just been admitted for acute pneumonia.
We've been worried about her incessant coughing these past few days,
And today it got worse.
This would be my first visit to the hospital after my brother's passing in January.
I don't like to be here.
It's gloomy, depressing & I always have a bad feeling about this place.
Please pray for my aunt.
I really don't want her to stay here for too long.

Monday, March 1, 2010

home alone

Fyi, I'll be having my house all to myself for the next two weeks.
So I'd like to announce that I'll be hosting a pool party
(bikinis & surf shorts only) this Sunday, 7th from 7.30 pm til late.
Food & beverages will be provided but all are welcomed to contribute.
Sorry, I'm just playing with u guys.
Can't help myself.
We don't have a pool & I don't think bikinis & surf shorts would be appropriate in my neighbourhood.
Not all lies though.
My parents & sis left for umrah & ziarah til the 13th march.
And my aunties will be staying with me til then.
U all just have to wait for my housewarming party then.
Hopefully there'll be a pool.