Thursday, December 11, 2008

wanna be on top?

i just finished watching America's Next Top Model Cycle 10 reruns & my, was my head throbbing from the continuous watch!
i know, im a bit outdated as the Cycle 11 winner had already been revealed (i'll start watching Cycle 11 tomorrow) & maybe in the making of Cycle 12 as we speak.
i followed the reality show religiously 'cause eventhough im no model material & not fit for fashion life, i do secretly dream of being a part of this whole glamourous experience.
the travelling, the idea of being dolled up & the chance to express emotions through pictures are just a few reasons why i love watching the show.
so today i googled & found pictures of all the winners together with the beautiful Tyra Banks (except for Adrianne Curry-Cycle 1 & Danielle Evans-Cycle 6. couldnt find them. buhu..).
my favourite winner would be Yoanna House from Cycle 2. what about u?

Yoanna House of Cycle 2
Eva Pigford of Cycle 3

Naima Mora of Cycle 4

Nicole Linkletter of Cycle 5

Caridee English of Cycle 7

Jaslene Gonzalez of Cycle 8

Saleisha Cooper of Cycle 9

Whitney Thompson of Cycle 10

McKey Sullivan of Cycle 11

13 hands in the air:

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

Naima Mora is my fav! She somehow resembled Jessica Alba, only skinnier. i watched that non stop before ..there was one episode where one of the model fainted right before the judges..I know i should not laugh over it, but cant help lah..lucu gilakk..u shud have seen how Tyra reacted..BESARR bijik matanya..hahaha

farah.marzuki said...

aieh lamak dah sik diat koh!!!!! dikpun jak lah pose kedak next top model! haha

::suenas05:: said...

aku suka juak nangga antm. aku plg suka ngan saleisha...manjak kali jak upa nya.. ku maok jd kdk nya. pat sik nieza o??

Ida Athanazir from Kuching, Sarawak said...

i dont know girl, they all look too skinny to me. A bit of flesh would be nice. Of course, I'd like to keep at my size so masih dapat get into my size 36 MNG jeans. But, I pun dah lamak sik nanggar Top Model, I also secretly dream wanting to look like a model. Chehwah!! Berangan ajak...

Ida Athanazir from Kuching, Sarawak said...
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n i e z a said...

i like Naima too.she has that edgy look & i'd kill to look that good with that hairstyle.fuh..
ada aku diat model nak leput ya.ya baruk,dhla gugok lurus bedepek ke blkg.mun dpn mata aku,beliang juak akan tetak juak la dikit2.jaik eh.haha..

n i e z a said...

yalah ko,xpat join pose kedirik jak.gkpun xda org yg akan kritik.hehe..

n i e z a said...

aih,dapat sue.guntin kau rambut kdk nya dah ada impas2 bah.yerr..

n i e z a said...

then u wud love the Cycle 10 winner,Whitney Thompson.she's not skinny at all.she has curves & she's comfy wif comfy that it made her the winner of the cycle..

and yes,i get what u mean.and i'd definitely wanna be on top when my time comes..;p

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

caridee english...

na'ah..*geleng2 palak

She's skinny alrite...

i'd suggest her to take Herbalife F1..hahahaha..polah lawak lynn

n i e z a said...

most of them are skinny,except for whitney.that woman has curves.i think all of them need Herbalife F1.haha..

daria.lala said...

my favs are eva n naima n danielle.

adrianne prolly sikda or tyra soh buang kali, cuz nya ngan tyra ada fight2, sbb adrianne after antm, jadi berolah n minum n all, so kira mbak nama burok (yer aku tok nang kedak perez hilton msia jak haha)

n i e z a said...

nyalah ya,asal google image nya mesti klua gamba pelek2.from antm winner to playboy pin up girl.geli geleman dibuat nya.eeee..