Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lunch At Tumis

Finally I got the chance to dine at Tumis.
Recently opened, if I'm not mistaken a few months back, it's located at Lot 281, Ground & 1st Floor, Jalan Borneo,Taman Sri Sarawak, Kuching.
With Tune Hotel at one end & 7 Eleven at the other.
Been wanting to come here since a fellow blogger raved about it in her fb & multiple check ins from foursquare by her isn't helping either.
So I batted my barely there lashes & persuaded A to try out the place.
He was a bit hesitant at first but after hearing good reviews from a friend he finally gave in.
Funny thing was, he asked the friend how's the food at Sambal Tumis?
I'm not sure where he got the word 'Sambal' from but for sure I was laughing so hard when he told me about it.

So back to our lunch story,
We found a great parking spot next to 7 Eleven, a bit far from the place but still in walking distance.
I ordered Nasi Goreng Tumis (RM6.80) while A went for Ikan Panggang Sambal Tumis (A chose ikan kembung, I have no idea the name in English) with Nasi Putih (RM8.80), both specialty dishes & recommended by the chef.
We also had Mixed Veges In Oyster Sauce (RM5.80) as a side dish.
For drinks, I had Green Tea Lemon (RM2.80) & A had two Iced Milo (RM2.90) each.
At first I ordered Barley Lemon but they haven't prepared the barley yet.
My order came fast, followed by the veges but A's order came about 40 minutes later.
He was starving, poor thing.
But we weren't in a hurry & A did eat half of my rice & the server did inform us that it would take them a while to prepare the dish so there wasn't a reason to be upset.
When the dish finally served, it was totally worth the wait.
The sambal was a little spicy for my liking though but A loved it.
Service was good but could be better if it's fast.
We would definitely come over again in the future.

Pic 1: Nasi Goreng Tumis. Huge portion. Only remembered to snap a pic when I was halfway eating it.
Pic 2: Mixed Veges in Oyster Sauce. Love that there's lots of button mushrooms.
Pic 3: Ikan Panggang Sambal Tumis with Nasi Putih. Just ignore A's fork like how he ignored me when I said I wanted to take a pic of the dish.

Yesterday's story, today's entry :D

My Saturday started with breakfast at Pak Amit Cafe at Jalan Astana.
As usual, we had mi kolok & rojak ayam without tofu.
Then I spent my morning at A's office watching Upin & Ipin on Youtube.
Because there weren't many customers & A's officemate was cool having me there, I got to nap in between.
Went straight back home at 11 coz we need to change for the birthday party at 2.

Was told it'll be a birthday party cum majlis aqiqah logically I went there in my kenduri baju kurung moden but when I got there, others were wearing casual.
I had totally overdressed for a kid's birthday party.
A being a total sweetheart wore a songkok through all that so that I won't feel out of place.
By the way, I got the birthday boy a Mr Potato Head.
Didn't find a Spongebob / Patrick plushies that's within my budget.
Did find Otto, the strawberry smelling teddy bear in Toy Story 3 but it was too over my budget.
Back to the party story, the birthday boy was so cute!
Don in a tuxedo, he'll sure be a heart throb once he's all grown up.
The buffet spread was marvelous.
We were served ayam masak merah, daging masak hitam, mixed veges, kari kambing, roast lamb etc.
We ate & mingled for an hour or so & left.

A then suggested we bring Andika to Pustaka Negeri to feed the fishes.
Since it was still early, we hang out for a while at my house.
Hanging out here meant interrogated by my mum on everything about him & us.
I left the two of them alone while I went upstairs getting Andika ready.
I believe he managed himself well cause I can see mum quite taken with him.
And don't get me started with Andika.
When the two of them together, I always feel like the third wheel.
I can't even put a finger on A without getting nudged by Andika.
So we fed the fishes & Andika was really into watching b-boys there strutting their stuff to the extend of showing them his own dance moves.
He was so talented!
For a toddler that is.
I'll upload the video later so u guys can entertain urselves.
I still have a great time laughing everytime I watch it.

Later we had dinner at Abang Man Tom Yam Seafood in Matang cause we didn't know where else to go.
We ordered Nasi Paprik, Nasi Goreng Ayam Sambal & Kailan In Oyster Sauce.
Everything was bland.
My rice was cold & we can tell they only reheated the fried rice for less than 5 minute.
My chicken paprik tasted funny & the gravy was too watery.
So was the vege.
And A's ayam sambal was chicken used for chicken rice in chilli sauce gravy.
We expected a hearty meal but left with dissatisfaction.
Not sure whether it's our mistake for selecting those dishes but one thing's for sure, there's no way we're coming back to that place.

That was my Saturday.
Wanted to publish it last night but too sleepy to even push send from my bb.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

We're invited :)

We received our first birthday bash invitation yesterday.
For a one year old.
It'll be on this Saturday at the parents' house.
I'm 28 and I never had a birthday party thrown for me.
Children these days, aren't they lucky?

Anyways, I need some help here.
First, what to wear to a one-year-old birthday party?
And second, what to get a one year old boy for his birthday?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's been 2 years

Dearest Abang,

It's been 2 years since u left us.
Wait, let me rephrase that.
It's been 2 years since u were called by God because for us, u never left.
A lot had happened within these 2 years.

Andika is now 1 year & 9 months, a very hyper toddler whose hobbies include slapping us senseless & throwing tantrums (and random things) at us.

It's been my first anniversary working in customs 2 weeks ago.
Eventhough it's been a year but I still have a lot to learn & a long way to go.
Wish me luck ok bang?

I found love & u would never guess the place we first met.
We went jogging today cause he was worried that I've been putting on weight & he wants me to be healthy, that's how thoughtful he is.
We have our good days & bad days like other couples but one thing's for sure, I have never been happier.

The walls in our living room is longer blue.
Ina & myself took matters into our own hands last Ramadhan & painted the walls with warm hues.
We even have a feature wall now, that's how cool we are.
We also have family potraits hanging on our walls now since everyone was here during Hari Raya last year.
Everyone except for u.

Mum had been pestering me to sleep in ur room.
She even bought a whole new bedroom set in her attempt to tempt me.
It just feels wrong to take over ur room, ur private space.
But come to think of it, the room had been vacant for far too long.
Not to worry though, one day I will occupy ur room as my 'bilik pengantin' before we move to our own house.

I think I have updated enough.
Hope I didn't bore u or anything.
I'll update more when things got even more interesting.
May u always rest in peace.
Al Fatihah.

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