Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm back!

Going to sleep in excitement tonight cause hubby and I are leaving for KK tomorrow.
We bought the tickets during one of AirAsia's free tickets promotion last July, for a little under rm150.
Why KK?
Cause i just love the place & hubby has never been there.
We plan to stay a night in Kundasang & the remaining 3 nights in KK.
What's better is my brother & his family will also be there.
Double woot!
Such a coincidence that we chose the same date to go to the same place.
So i need to get some shuteye for i need to wake up again in 6 hours time.
Hopefully this trip will go smoothly & we both enjoy our honeymoon, for the umpteenth time.

PS: We got engaged on this date 2 years ago. How time flies. *sigh dreamily*