Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How can u not love them?

Kids can sure surprise u when u least expect it.
Once, my 7 months plus nephew suddenly muttered 'Takdeee' when he was angry at me for teasing him with the word.
And just like the other day, while I was browsing on the internet, little Andika was on his walker and maybe feeling a bit ignored, he decided to do something to get my attention.
Got my attention, he did!
He made the funniest, cutest face ever!
And he did it to me first!
*beaming with pride*

Everytime we want him to make that face, we unanimously say 'muka jaik' (ugly face) but Mum insisted we called it differently (kata-kata umpama doa) so we changed it to 'show gigi lokkk' (show ur teeth) and he will show the few teeth he has.

Now it's the wallpaper on my BB coz I know whenever I feel down, just looking at his face would definitely make my day.

ps: I so wanna be a mother! :p

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

blog while u're on the go

I've been asked on how I update my blog from my BB for many times & do forgive me cause i keep forgetting to write an entry about it.
Actually I figured it out by chance (I was exactly like u who asked a fellow blogger about it but was ignored / maybe she forgot too) so I decided to explore the blogspot page myself & like they say, the rest was history.
And like they say too, sharing is caring so with just how u can share ur immediate thoughts when u're not anywhere near a laptop / broadband connection but with ur trusted baby, I mean BB.

Step 1: Sign in to ur blogspot account & go to the Settings tab

Step 2: Go to Email & Mobile

Step 3: Go to Posting Options & at the Email Posting Address, just fill any word in the blank. For eg, my email posting address would be wnieza266.hotbabe@blogger.com. (No, this isn't real)

Step 4: Select 'publish emails immediately' & save settings.

Step 5: So everytime u wanna blog from ur BB, just send an email to the email posting address u've just created & voila! ur blog is updated!

Try it & tell me if it works!
Glad to help. :)

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Monday, November 22, 2010

walk with me?

When I saw the lime green limited tshirt for the participants in the World Walking Day, I knew I just have to have it.
So yesterday I dragged Bobet (ok, she volunteered) to the venue & instead of doing the walk, our main aim was to get the tshirt.
When we got there, the queue was already a few metres long & it was not yet 7 am!
After almost an hour waiting, it was finally our turn & we managed to get the tshirts.
We skipped the launch & the aerobics session to have the famous Sepinang Sari Mi Sapi & then headed back to the venue.
But it was so hard to find a parking spot so we made a detour to Pasar Minggu.
We walked aimlessly there & bumped into our former secondary school principal.
We also received compliments on our tshirts from a few strangers.
(Told u the tshirt's real nice)
Then back to the venue to get ourselves some free food samples.
Team Malaysia on The Amazing Race Asia, Ivan & Hilda with their cute daughter were also there.
Others were asking to take pictures together with them.
Us on the other hands just settled with smiles on our faces.
Eventhough we were not involved in all the programmes lined up for the event, it sure feels great to see people coming together for a healthy cause.
I am so going again next year!
(I wonder how the tshirt will look like then)
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

We are all smart until we fall in love

When u like someone so much, u'd do things u never imagined u would.
Go the extra mile just to show how much u're into that someone.
At the same time trying to keep ur cool so it won't appear that obvious (but most of the time he/she already knew).
And that's what I witnessed last Sunday at the Padawan Raft Safari.
A great friend of mine likes this guy soooo much (I wouldn't dare use the word love coz she would definitely deny it) that she ventured to the depth of the jungle just to see him compete.
Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit.
But she did go there, with me tagging along, to show her support for him & his team (obviously the latter was just an excuse).
We arrived at Kpg Temurang after an hour journey, about 8.15am.
(Yup, that's how excited we were)
Once we got there, we were told that rafting teams had took off at 8 so thinking that we just missed him, we decided to wait at a neighbouring village, Kpg Semedang knowing that he'd pass there a few hours later.

So we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Until 5 hours & 15 minutes later..

Me: I think someone's approaching but it looks like a kayak. He should be on a raft right?

Her: Yup, he told me he'd be competing in the rafting category not kayakking.*talking while on the phone with someone, obviously distracted*

Me: But he kinda looks like him, don't u think? U know I have horrible eyesight.*squinting*
Me: It's him! It's him! Wave quick!

Her: Encik ...... ! (name not to be disclosed for privacy purposes) *while still on the phone & waving like crazy*

Eventhough I couldn't clearly see his face, I knew for sure he was stunned.
He looked loooong & hard at us & finally waved back.
But that didn't stop him from keep looking til we're out of each others' sight.
Maybe he didn't expect to see us there, waiting under the sun & rain, bitten by insects, teased by a group of drunk supporters just to get a glimpse of him.

Her: OMG! What did I just do? I'm embarassed! *her face so red, I feel like rolling on the floor laughing*

Me: U just did what comes natural to u. *still grinning like a cheshire cat on drugs*

So the two of us made our way to the finishing point at Kpg Git & thank God we didn't bump onto him.
Turned out, he woked up late that morning so he couldn't participate in the rafting category & he was on the kayak just for fun (which included almost 2 hours of ciggy break in between).
No wonder it took us like forever to see him pass by.

But, that didn't deter her feelings for him at all.
She still feels the same way (maybe even more) for him.
The things u do for love.
*sighing with dreamy eyes*

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U're invited!

This came in the mail yesterday evening.
It's an invitation card for my cousin's wedding reception in Johor.
Fyi, she's a year younger than me & she's getting married 2 weeks from now.
Another fyi, I'm the only one without a ring on my finger & a child on my hip of all my siblings.
Talk about pressure with a capital P.
Thank God I couldn't make it to the wedding because of work obligations.
I know for sure I'll be bombarded with the same old, same old question.

Anyways, to Muliana & Sahir, congratulations!
Sorry I couldn't make it to the wedding but I'll be sending my love & wishes for the both of u.
And u can claim the wedding gift from my mum & dad. ;)
Hope everything will go smoothly as planned.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This must be my favourite pic of my nephew, Andika.
He had just gone to sleep & maybe was dreaming of something funny that he smiled in the middle of it.
Great timing for a picture, don't u think so?

My friends said that he kinda looks like me a bit.
Maybe when I have kids of my own, one of them might resemble him but with brown hair & clear, blue eyes.
I wish!

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