Thursday, October 29, 2009

..and im leaving on a jetplane

i'll be leaving for KL in a few hours but i'm still thinking about what to pack.
for those close to me knows that this is a common sight, my love for last minute preparation for everything!
it's true when they say old habits die hard.
an interesting thing happened just now (and i find it funny), while loading our stuff into our overstuffed luggage, my sis & mum suddenly got choked up & teary eyed.
thinking about our cat!
we had to let him stay at my aunt's cause we won't be around for 4 days.
my sis even had a little souvenir from him last night when she sent him there.
a deep, long scratch on her left arm.
pretty obvious he didn't want to stay.
so the two of them were talking about him & his antics which never failed to make us laugh.
i was excluded cause i wasn't that close to him, not because i m heartless ok?
i could be worse that's why i didn't allow myself to be attached in the first place.
cat story aside, i need to continue packing.
i'll be attending a wedding & majlis bercukur this weekend so i need to look my best cause i'll be on the watch for potential partners.
and i need to come up with a witty comeback for the usual 'when will be ur turn?' question.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

destress urself

watching law abiding citizen last night was a real different experience.
for starters, we were in Hall 4 in MBO Cinema where all the seats are couple seats with reclining back rest.
as first timers there, my sis and I were like 'waaa, best!' and started to rock back & forth on the chair.
we were like Neanderthals, we just couldn't help it.
and my, was it cold in there!
in all the movie was great.
it's one of the movies where u have to watch til the end cause u don't have a clue what will happen next.
and what's more, i got to see my favourite man half naked.
Gerard Butler is damn fine!

as promised, here are a few ways on how to alleviate excessive stress u're dealing with.
(Clyde, Gerard's character should apply some of these before he starts taking things into his own hands)

~ be aware of ur stressors & emotional & physical reactions
~ recognize what u can change
~ reduce the intensity of ur emotional reactions
~ learn to moderate ur physical reactions to stress
~ build ur physical reserves
~ maintain ur emotional reserves
~ eliminate stress from ur environment
~ improve air quality around u
~ change bad lighting
~ organize & decorate
~ have personal space
~ learn meditation & breathing techniques
~ focus on an object / sound
~ create a mental image of a pleasant & relaxing place in ur mind & immerse urself in that

why am i suddenly an expert in this stress thingy?
actually i just went through a one day training on STRESS MANAGEMENT yesterday so i thought about sharing what i learn from that.
so that we all can be less stressed out & when we do, we know how to handle it better.
hope it helps, folks!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

stressed out? destress!

do you . . . . . .

experience memory problems?
find it hard to make decisions?
see only the negative side of things?
desire to escape or run away?
have urges to laugh or cry at inappropriate time?


are you . . . . . .

moody & hypersensitive?
angry & resentful?
easily irritated & on edge?
lacking confidence?

and suffering from . . . . .

back pain?

then u must be STRESSED.

i know i am cause i said yes to most of the above.
especially now when my internet connection keeps getting disconnected.
(along with other things)
but fear not, i will share with all of u on how to alleviate all those excessive stress but u have to wait for my next post.
i'm getting ready to watch Law Abiding Citizen starring Gerard Butler (yum!) & Jamie Foxx and later have a late supper at McD.
my diet?
to hell with it.
i'm destressing.

why do they have to take it away from me?

"please bring me back my Whitnut.."
Spongebob playing me as a distraught & desperate Whitnut lover
-credits of google-

it's way past midnight & my sweet tooth is craving for something.
for Whitnut, from Big Apple Donuts.
white chocolate on top with peanut butter filling.
i love it so much, i bought it each & every time i came by that place.
so frequent that even the guy there knew exactly what i wanted without me telling.
but the last time i checked, they don't make it anymore.
u should have seen the look on my face when they told me that.
a bit like Spongebob's or maybe worst.

Friday, October 23, 2009

he's super clean now

Miles just had his first 'official shower' today.
after more than 2 weeks!
im so horrible!
it wasn't intentional though.
it's been raining a lot lately & i've been working the afternoon shift.
excuses aside, the bottom line is im just too plain lazy!
by the way, Miles is what i decided to call my ride.
Miles gets me going the extra miles.
get it?
(thanks to Anne for the suggestion)
and right now, he looks sparkly & clean & brand new, i just love it!
kudos to the hard working blokes at The Original Carwash at Rubber Road.
ranging from RM8 - RM12 (wash only), RM13 - RM17 (wash+vacuum), RM30 - RM80 (full wash+vacuum+wax) with complimentary drink (u can choose either tea, coffee or lime juice), u can be one happy & satisfied customer like me!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

i could use a little help here

someone's birthday is fast approaching but i still don't have a clue on what to get.
any ideas?
im open to suggestions.
it's for a guy by the way.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

everything happens for a reason

for those who missed me (cough), i'm back!
my absence wasn't intentional.
but because i was feeling under the weather since Saturday,
had the whole Sunday lying helplessly in bed,
and spent my Monday coughing away (and still lying in bed).
only today, i'm in a much better state.
a lot better that i just came back from the shopping mall since 5pm!
how about that for painting the town red?

while being sick, i had an epiphany.
noticed i get that a lot?
well, eventhough i hate being sick cause being sick would mean,
a) i look terrible (worse than my usual morning face)
b) i'm stuck at home (my activities are limited)
c) i had to refrain eating my all time favorite food & stock up on plain water (gag),

i realised that there is some good that come with all the bad things that happen (and being sick is just one of them)
let just say, things always happen for a reason.
i usually hold on to this just to comfort myself until i started seeing the 'reason' why it happened.
because sometimes it takes days, weeks or years but at times, it only takes a few hours maybe just a few minutes.
ok, a few example.
1) i was supposed to fly to KL from the 9th-12th this month, alone. but i rescheduled for a later trip at the end of the month. i fell sick on the 9th til 12th. if i have gotten on a plane that day, God knows what will happen to me. maybe i'd collapsed at LCCT, who knows?

2) i had a minor accident with a motorcycle 3 years back but was too scared to tell my dad, i drove around town with a dented car. on my way home (finally), i gave way to a familiar face driving a familiar car. turned out, he's the guy i've been crushing on like FOREVER (at that time) & he was looking oh so tasteful, i kept replaying the moment our eyes met that when my dad finally found out about the car, i still manage to smile despite the punishment i had to go through.

3) my sis & i were to fly from KL to KCH (also 3 years ago) and guess what? i'm the only one out without a seat. technical glitch they said but whatever. so i had to stay behind & waited for the next flight while my sis flew alone (our luggage were already aboard so one of us had to fly first). the silver lining in this story? our car broke down in the middle of the road. if it wasn't for me who arrived much later with two taxis, my whole family would have been stranded much longer at the side of the road.

there's actually more but u should get my point by now, right?
so now, i always try not to complain & question God why such thing happened & why me?
because there must be a reason it happen & the reason might actually be worth it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


i have been anticipating to publish this blog post for the loooooongest time.
fieza & myself have been keeping mum for almost a month now.
man, it was really hard!
there were times when we almost let it slip our tongue thus ruining the surprise.
but we followed through, only 3 other knew about it.
yes, we were so tight lipped about it that even my parents didn't have a single clue on what's going on!
i just looooove throwing surprises cause the reactions of the unsuspecting 'victims' never failed to make my day.
but today, it is no longer a surprise.
the secret is finally revealed.
today, i would like to say it loud & proud that i have found a new love.
well, it's not a newborn nephew or niece, or a new pet.
definitely not any new arm candy.
(getting one would be great though)
u read that right, i just picked up my car yesterday & i still can't believe that i own one now!
i've been making plans since forever but things kept coming up so i had to put it aside for a while.
until that one fateful day in September when i had an epiphany.
'it's either now or never'
i m glad for that sudden realisation & much persuasion on fieza's side that a month later, i m still trying hard to wipe the smug look off my face.
so without any further a due,
this is MY BABY.
(haven't named it yet. any suggestions?)

pic taken by fieza. artsy! this is just the display unit. well u know what im trying to convey here. :)

footnote: i just realised major things keep happening in my life on the 8th. first, i got employed on 8th March last year & now this. will i be meeting The One on the 8th too? :p

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SpongeBob Mood Widget

Sunday, October 4, 2009

fill me in

Haagen-Dazs' version of mooncakes. yummy!
pic credits to google

lately i've been craving for something.
and that something is none other than a rich, heavy & dense mooncake.
with red bean paste.
just the thought of it makes my mouth water.
to be honest, my first time having it was 2 years back because before, the mooncakes i saw all have salted eggs in it & i couldn't see myself eating salted egg with anything else besides rice.
i figure the taste would be revolting.
and the thing not looking inviting at all sure didn't help.
but my brother bought one & insisted i had a small bite,
later i ended eating half.
but not the salted egg filling though.
not ready for that yet.
have anyone tried it?
i mean the one with the salted egg?
is it any good?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

im feeling frisky

i dont feel like sleeping alone tonight.
i've been sleeping on my own for too many nights because i wanted the whole bed all to myself.
but come to think of it, good things get better when shared with others.
so tonight i decided to share that other half of my bed.
cold nights wont be as cold anymore when i can snuggle up close to the warmth of another living being.
talking on my bed wouldn't make me look like im crazy anymore when i have another pair of ears listening patiently to my every woes.
and my hands would definitely not behave when i have something to touch & rub on.
before u have any funny ideas, let me set the record straight.
i'll be spending the night with my cat.
i repeat, my cat.
why not?
he deserved it anyway.
he's been a very good pussy.