Tuesday, April 27, 2010

u don't need to worry, we are doing just fine

Just so u know, after u left,
Bapak had painted your room green.
I don't really like the color but you know him, it's either his way or no way.

And Mak said she wants me to sleep there so that it won't be unoccupied for too long.
Mak bought a new glass cabinet for the living room.
She placed all the 'dulang hantaran' in there.
For me to use later of course. :)
Your plants at the car porch are all well taken care of.
Some even had new buds & most are blossoming.
Dad even bought new ones to add to the collection.
We have a new cat.
She's a stray & a Siamese just like the last one we had.

We also welcomed a new member to the family.
His name is Andi & he's super adorable.
If only you're still here to see all these for yourself.
But i believe you are at peace & content where you are now.
And nothing makes me happier.

Al-Fatihah for my late brother, Allahyarham Syarikin Abdul Wahab.
Today marks the 100th day since his passing.

Monday, April 26, 2010

enlighten me please

i have a question.
what does it mean if u dream about snakes?
never happened to me before.
until last night.

but they weren't the usual small, slithering kind.
in fact they were enormous, Loch Ness monster like, gliding on water in a huge lake.
they were 4 of them, with different colors & distinct patterns on their scales.
they were gliding away from me, towards the opposite direction.
is it a bad omen or a good sign?
i'm not superstitious, just curious.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


kids say the darndest things.
especially when they're stoned.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


my nights are filled with dreams ever since i started to sleep with my parents lately.
yes, i sleep with them because they didn't want me to sleep alone in our spare room downstairs.
maybe they just don't trust me really sleeping alone.
nah, such thing wouldn't happen.
at least not yet. :p
back to the dreams,
before, i am not the type who easily has dreams at night.
daydreaming on the other hand, is my thing.
i don't usually have dreams and when i do, they're usually very brief & i don't remember much of the details once i woke up.
but lately, i have been having vivid dreams reflected by what i had been feeling, thinking or seeing on that day itself.
for example, i saw a Hummer the other day.
it was a first experience for me so i was a bit, maybe very excited & later that night i dreamed of a yellow Hummer.
then i had a little emotional thing going on with this guy where i thought he was secretly contacting another girl behind my back which later resulted in him cheating on me in my dreams.
and just last night, i dreamed i received a 10k bonus from work thanks to the rumors spreading all over the office.
what bothers me is that the dreams are getting more frequent & intense.
i don't really mind about the sweet dreams but hopefully i won't have anymore nightmares.
i don't wanna end up wetting the bed like i used to (as in when i was way younger).
oops, there goes another secret out the window.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


When i arrived home from work the other day, my dad suddenly asked,
" What do u think of the car? Like new?"
I knew he sent my car for servicing that morning but i just got back and i haven't driven the car yet to feel the difference.
So i thought he must have been referring to something else.
I took a second look at the car and then realized something that wasn't there before.
A rear spoiler.
My dad got it installed after he settled servicing the car.
He said that it would complement the car's whole look & make the upper rear look less like a kiwi's (as in the bird) butt.
Yes, those were his exact words.
And he didn't do just that, he even washed the car & filled up the tank a day before.
I must have been a really, i mean REALLY good daughter to deserve such treatment from him.
Thanks, dad!
In return, dad, u can expect to have an amazing son in law & super adorable grandchildren in the future, ok?