Sunday, May 31, 2009

tick tock

im counting down the days for our little get-away cum get-together & myself turning 26.
hopefully things will come out as planned or even better.
26 more days to go!
oh, i can't wait!

footnote: i'll be posting my wishlist later so u guys don't have to think long & hard about pleasing me & making me happy on my birthday. ;p

Sunday, May 24, 2009

w is for weddings

i have a love & hate relationship with weddings.

let's talk about the love part first, shall we?

i love the food!
they're free & damn, they're delicious!
well most of the time anyways, depending on the caterers / cooks.
just like what i had today, they tasted so good my friends and i gorged them like hungry piranhas.

and then the entertainment.
there would be singing, karaoke-ing, even 'bergendang.'
it's not everyday u can watch old folks dancing & singing to their hearts desire & look damn cute doing it! :)

the glow on the faces of the newlyweds.
i love it when the bride & groom steal glances towards each other & then smile knowingly.
it's like they have a secret code, a code only the two of them share.
or maybe they're just anxious on what's going to happen that night? ;p

a hopeless romantic that i am, i definitely can go on & on & on about things i love about weddings but since i'm a considerate one at that, i'll just leave it at just three.

before i proceed, please be clear that i don't hate weddings.
i love them but at times, let me rephrase that. but lately, weddings is the one thing on everybody's mind.

it's like, everybody i know is getting married!
my officemate, my ex-schoolmate, my friend's brother, my next door neighbour etc..
i am happy for these people & u don't have to drag me out of the house to attend their weddings.
but please, do spare us the question.
yes, THE when-are-u-getting-married? question.
it's ok if u have a boyfriend/girlfriend in tow.
but quite depressing when u turn up at a wedding alone or with friends who are equally single.
and sometimes out of annoyance i'd love to hit them with a nasty remark or comeback like 'i'm not ever settling down. i prefer to live in sin.' (got this from CLEO mag)
the expression on their faces would be priceless. :D

i'll be turning 26 this June & currently unattached.
okkkaaayyy, i'm single. *unattached sounded cooler & less desperate to me. :D *
of course i ask that question to myself.
but right up til now, i still don't have the answer.
all i know, eventually that time will come.
and when i look at that guy beside me, beaming with pride & full of love with beads of perspiration forming from anxiety, i know that he is definitely worth the wait.
with that, i won't have anything against weddings anymore.

footnote: congratulations on the wedding of Bobet's brother, Adi with Norafiza. looks like u've been 'overtaken', bet. haha..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


not me though.
but it's the name of this song.
(the 6th minute of this clip)
brilliantly sang by ZEE AVI.
if u love her singing, grab her album.
it's now in stores!
but for now, let's sing along!

semalam i called u, u tak answer
u kata u keluar pegi dinner
u kata u keluar dengan kawan u
but when i called Tommy he said it wasn't true

so i drove my car pegi Damansara
Tommy kata maybe u tengok bola
tapi bila i sampai, u, u tak ada
lagi la i jadi gila

so i called and called sampai u answer
u kata, "Sorry sayang, tadi tak dengar.
My phone was on silent, i was at the gym."
tapi latarbelakang suara perempuan lain

"Sudah la, sayang. i don't believe u.
for i've always known that ur words were never true
why am i with u? i pun tak tau.
no wonder la my friends pun tak suka u."

so i guess that's the end of our story
akhir kata she accepted his apology
tapi last-last kita dapat tau she was cheating too
with her ex boyfriend's best friend, Tommy.
*great ending. everybody wins*

me, wiser? i don't think so

my gums hurt, all thanks to my wisdom tooth.
it has only partially erupted,
meaning i have an opening for bacteria to enter around the tooth.
making it susceptible to infection,
which results in pain, swelling & jaw stiffness.
and i am now having all three!

it's been 2 days and the pain has taken its toll on me.
i am not myself anymore.
i was alternating between being crappy, pissed off, melancholic & other mixture of emotions.(welcome to my shady side)

i really dread the times when it has to happen cause i had had bad experiences before.
once, the swelling was so bad i couldn't fully close my mouth.
let alone had some oral action.
(i just made up the last part)
i couldn't eat for a few days.
and i lost a lot of weight because of that.
(a little thankful for that but i'd go for a less stressful & painful method)

can it just grow out of me at one go & spare me all the emotional rollercoaster ride & the suppressed appetite it put me through?
or should i extract it?
but i heard that would hurt even more.
is it true?
well i don't care.
anything to make this pain stop once and for all.

Monday, May 18, 2009

feels good to be a girl!

it's not even my birthday (yet!) but look what i got!
i m soooo happy!
the paperbag (i was so excited, i opened it right there & then in the car!)

the prettily wrapped box

the gifts
if u were wondering, those were,

Someone was very kind to think that i deserve all these.
To that someone, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
And to Felicia & Khay, thank you too.
For picking them out for me.
You guys definitely have great taste in things & friends.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

thursday night surprise

i was startled by the sound of my mum screaming.
and then another scream, even louder than the last.
followed by laughter & a few inappropriate words, out of frustration.
concerned & curious, i jumped out of bed and follow the voice.
it led me to the living room,
where i found my parents glued to the television set,
totally oblivious of my presence.
i took a closer look at what they were watching & the clock to what time it was.
and then it hit me.
it is Thursday night & it's past 11.
they were so caught up with all the action, i decided to let them be.
smiling as i walked back to my room.

footnote: i can't believe it. this would be my 100th entry! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

gonna miss u, buddy! A LOT!

it's been a while since i had a good cry over something.
(watching the ending of Marley & Me and scrapping my arms on a sharp table end don't count)
i should be grateful 'cause that means life has been treating me well so far.
but yesterday, i woke up crying.
i had the most terrible dream.
so terrible, it made me cry in my sleep.
a dream i won't mind forgetting.
and then it hit me.
that the friend from that dream will transfer to KL due to work in 5 days time.
THAT made me cry even more.
we've been great friends like FOREVER and the sudden realisation that he's leaving in such short notice breaks my heart.
it sure sucks to be left behind by someone so dear.
i will definitely miss our outings together.

these are only a few & i feel it's best described in our own language.

belagu cam orang x ingat dunia gik di Pop Wave, nangga wayang sama2 wpun x best ne tapi jadi best coz kita nangga rami2, mbak kau mkn kat ayam penyet for the first time where u encountered a living 'osctrich' , lepak2 kat mcd airport netak org yg lalu lalang, take team nguyat & ngaco fieza n bobet especially fieza, taking fieza & me on our first 'wild night out', shopping ngan mek org & jadi our personal stylist, nganok dpn2 mpuan jual tiket wayang kat star coz she was so annoying. . .

but what i will miss the most is ur honesty.
about everything.
u don't give a rat's arse about anything & i like that it u.
life wouldn't be the same without u here.
i know it's just KL & u can came home anytime but still,
i feel like i'm losing my best friend.

(u haven't left but i miss u already)

ok, enough of all these sob stories.
let me dry my tears so i can continue.

i wish u all the best.
don't forget about us here.
mun aku pegi KL klak mesti mbak aku raon2 sinun, k?

boh x pegi KK indah klak.
it's my birthday & i want u to be there. :)

love ya lots!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

it's a small world after all

i can still remember vividly the first time i had a crush on someone older.
i was 13 & he was 4 years my senior.
he was a guy of few words, not exactly one in the popular crowds but not one to be dismissed as well.
he was in the Kompang Group & also the class monitor.
he was medium built & average in height.
and he had the sweetest smile.
since i was a very shy girl (i still am today), eventhough we did cross ways a few times,
i never uttered a single word to him. not even a 'Hi'.
i practically turned into butter when he's near so i decided to just admire him from afar.
that continued for one whole year,
and after he left school to pursue his studies after SPM, i never heard from him again.


he is still single & currently working in Sibu.
and how did i know that?
it's because his sister is my colleague!
i had the same reaction too. i was like OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! but i had to contain myself, fearing she might think i'm psycho or something.
we have been working in the same office & she had been sitting in the cluster in front of me, almost everyday for more than a year but i just found out about it today!
(i did realise they share the same surname but i just left it at that.
'cause they don't look anything alike).

now that i know his status & his whereabouts, what should i do with the information then?
should i acquire more (since the source is near) & reignite the old spark?
after all these years & then this happens? it must be a sign, right?

Monday, May 4, 2009

the other side of me

nope, there's nothing wrong with this picture.
just that i'm wearing a dress instead of the usual tshirt & jeans & i let my hair down.
and notice the famous Paris Hilton stance? ;p
i love my feminine side so much, i think im becoming narcissistic.

footnote: the reason why i bought it was because i thought i'd look cute wearing it when i'm pregnant. haha..