Monday, May 31, 2010

Wedding jitters

I woke up this morning with a knot in my tummy thinking about Juz & Aieffie getting married later at 2pm.
It's not even my big day but I'm feeling the anxiety too.
Must be nerve wrecking for the both of them especially the groom and less than 2 hours from now, they will officially be husband & wife.
I am so excited for them!
Wish I could be there to witness the solemnization ceremony.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Early birthday present :)

I haven't been splurging myself for quite some time so when I noticed that my birthday is just a month away, I decided to buy myself an early present.
I am in dire need of a new handbag so it's only fair that I bought one for the occasion.
The handbag I'm currently using was given by Kak Tikah (mstikot) as my birthday present last year & I've been using it since.
I'm the type of person who uses something until it's damaged beyond repair and / or totally worn out.
Only then will I get a replacement.
Same thing applies for men.

PS: Tonight's gonna be Juz's hen's party.
Should I use it tonight?

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Choki choki & katon lamak marek

Tiba-tiba rasa mok molah entry bahasa sarawak, kepak dh klaka english jak2.
Gikpun lelah mike nak molah ayat.
Padah jk nang malas nak o. :p
Kak maca entry fieza pasal hasrat atinya nak makan roti jagong gardenia termakbul, tergerak juak ati nak molah entry pasal choki choki.
Opismet merik tek alu rindok asa ati.
Kinek2 terimbau kenangan masa kecik dolok ngga iklan nya ada beruang koala belagu.
Kiut ada jak.

Dh alang2 mengimbau kenangan tek nak, ingat x tak org ngan katon gagak mok minum aek ya?
Pa tek nya haus, sia sinek jak ncarik aek tp x temu.
Last2 nemu jag berisik aek tp aek nya sikit gilak, x sampei paroh nya nk minum.
Alu nya ngisik batu kecik2 smpe aek ya nait, alu dpt la nya minum tek.
Jaik ati ngga gagak ya ko, nasib bait nya berakal o.

Cgek gk, katon kancil nak nyeberang sungei tp aek nya byk boyak.
Alu nya memanipulasi dak boyak ya sampei dpt juak nya nyeberang.
Sampei nektok mek ingat dialog nya.
"Satu, dua, tiga, lekuk. Jantan, betina, aku ketuk."
Nang ilek2 ajak nya mulak dak boyak ya.
Dak boyak ya ng dendam la ngan nya kakya.

And my feveret, cita kerak entingai.
Nya suk ngga cabik mirah menyin2 alu nya mok mkn wpun kwn nya dh mati2 melarang.

Kawan monyet: Jangan monyet, kita x boleh makan benda tu.
Monyet: Aku x kira, aku nak juga.

Gk asa ko nak juga, alu berasap telinga kepedasan. Haha..

Lamak dh katon ya tek x main di tv.
Rindu nak ngga balit ko.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Bus rides anyone?

Something caught my eye on my way to work today.
It was huge, red & read 'Hop On It' on it's back.
It was a Rapid Kuching bus.
And I was secretly cheering inside.
Coz it's about time our public transportation had a makeover!

I've been living in KL for a few years & because I didn't have my own ride, I relied entirely on public transportations.
I used them a whole lot that I memorised all the routes for both the KTM comuters & Putra LRTs.
But I love the bus rides more.
Coz back then, we could use the same ticket over n over again in the same day (don't know about that now) & for a student like me who loved going out & about, it's a major pocket money saver.
And another reason, I love sightseeing.
Sometimes I would hop on a bus for no reason but just because I feel like it.

Now that we have similar service here, I hope public transportation would be a breeze for all.
And I wouldn't mind leaving Miles at home once in a while & hop on a bus to a destination I've yet to decide on.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I need a pick-me-up ASAP!

I've been feeling very drained as of late.
It's like an invisible vampire had sucked all the energy out of me.
After a long day at work, I just wanna lie down & do nothing.
I don't even go to the gym as much as I used to anymore.
I can't even make myself stand up for long let alone run a few laps on the treadmill.
I'm not sure whether it's old age (is 26 going to 27 old already?) or I'm PMSing.
I've been like this for almost 3 weeks & I should have had my period 2 weeks ago but no sign of the 'Japanese flag' so far.
I'm not pregnant, just late ok?
Maybe I'm just stressed out about something (or someone) & it's taking a toll on my body.
Tell me what I should do to feel better & get my energy back.
Coz at the moment I just feel like a frigging sloth.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

little gestures go a long way

I suddenly miss my nephews & nieces.
They are all in KL so I don't get too see them very often.
Back in KL, I used to babysit some of them & suffice to say that I have a little experience in nappy changing & handling temper tantrums.
For me, they are irresistably adorable & it doesn't require much work to fall in love with them.
But it ain't easy for them to warm up to u.
With that said, I noticed kids seem to like me.
Maybe I was imagining things or my mind tricked me into believing that but yea I'm pretty sure they do.
Or was it fear?

Once, while shopping, I saw this cute little girl who was crying and tugging on her mother's clothes, maybe declined of something that she wanted earlier.
Her mother was desperately trying to console her cause her crying started a chain reaction that her little baby brother in the stroller her mother was pushing started crying too.
But when she turned & looked at me smiling (maybe I did some funny faces), she immediately stopped crying & wiped her tears.
Her mother was surprised as I was & when they left the store, that cute little girl smiled & waved at me.
I was still perplexed by her sudden change of emotions that I even turned to see whether there was someone else behind me, someone she might know but there was just me.

And I still remember this incident clearly when I attended a housewarming party of a friend of my sister's.
I didn't know anyone there & I've planned earlier to just lay low & eat at my little corner til the whole thing ended.
But my plan was changed by a cute little boy in a hawaiian shirt who has this tanned Japanese look.
Of all people, he walked toward me & took my hand, leading me inside the house.
He made me sit right in the middle of the living room, in front of the tv & he disappeared into the kitchen.
Then he came back again with toys in his hands & he asked me to play them with him.
I never knew this kid (turn out he's the hosts' son) but he made me feel like I was family.

Maybe there's something about me that appeals to these younger beings.
If only I have the same effects on guys my age, I'd be having children of my own right now.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

driving and me

tagged by f.i.e.z.a.
this tag is going to be done mostly in malay.
mind my language being all over the place.
i sound silly when i speak in malay.

1) Adakah anda ada lesen memandu?

Oh ya.

2) Bilakah anda ambik lesen memandu?
2005 tp dapat lesen 2006 sbb masa tu masih belajar kat ukm so belajar bila balik cuti panjang je.

3) Berapa lamakah pengalaman memandu anda?
Dapat lesen P pd 20 Februari 2006 jadi hampir 4 thn 3 bulan.

4) Pengalaman pahit ketika memandu.
i) Firstly, pd 6 Mac 2006, x sampai sebulan dpt lesen P dh melanggar kereta lain. Kat tpt parking pulak tu! Ingat lagi, time tu pinjam kereta Kelisa aunty pegi Choice Supermall nak beli barang skit. Nak test power la kiranya. Masa nak keluar dari parking, slps lepaskan brek tangan, sepatutnya tekan brek dulu tp tertekan minyak pulak. Terlanggar la kereta Waja kat depan tp Alhamdulillah kereta tu xda apa-apa tp kereta aunty yg teruk. Sampai skrg masih nampak kesan dari hari tu. Sorry, dak!

ii) Secondly, pd hari secara rasminya lesen P tamat iaitu tanggal 19 Februari 2008, accident lagi sekali tp masa ni tgh reverse kereta pulak. Haha.. Masa tu tgh syok-syok dgr Shayne Ward nyanyi Breathless lam radio, x sedar pulak ada Hilux parking kat belakang. Serius x nampak ok! Sedap-sedap reverse, tiba-tiba ada bunyi benda pecah. Rupa-rupanya lampu belakang sebelah kanan terkena bumper Hilux tu. And nasib baik Hilux tu pun xda apa-apa, scratch skit je. Org tu siap bagi tau sayangnya lampu aku pecah. Yang engkau masih park kat belakang aku bila aku terang-terang sekali tgh reverse pesal? Bangang or buta or both?
iii) Thirdly, pd 21 Julai 2008 kereta Wira bapak aku kena curi kat tpt parking Everrise BDC. Orang tua selalu cakap kalau seronok sgt & gelak x ingat dunia, pastu mesti nangis. Oh, memang betul sbb sebelum tu bukan main suka main bowling & snooker, siap karaoke lagi. Last-last pegi kat tpt parking kat tpt sepatutnya kereta berada tp dgn jelas sekali dh kosong terus fikir, "Eh, mana kereta aku ni? Tadi mmg sah parking kat sini." Lepas hampir setengah jam, barulah dpt terima hakikat bahawa kereta mmg dh xda & xkan dijumpai lagi. QKW7503, jasamu ku kenang!

5) Pengalaman manis?
i) Bila diberi kepercayaan utk drive kereta org lain. Setakat ni pernah drive Waja, Rav4, Pesona, Unser, Avanza, Viva, Swift & Kelisa. Tp automatik shj ye, manual sorry! Huhu..
ii) Drive dari Port Dickson ke KL & drive di KL walaupun x tahu sgt directions, just ikut dari belakang. Hehe..

6) 3 tabiat ketika memandu
i) Baca Bismillah, Al-Fatihah & Ayat Kursi sementara tunggu enjin panas. So far Alhamdulillah, mmg dilindungi.
ii) Pakai tali pinggang keledar & pastikan semua penumpang pun pakai juga.
i1i) Dgr (SAYA SUKA EAN!) atau Kalau xda lagu best, main CD No Doubt track no 4 (Bathwater) & 14 (Ex-Girlfriend) on repeat.

7) 3 pantang time memandu
4 boleh ye? Hehe..
i) Org yg memandu terhegeh-hegeh mcm siput bila kita nak cepat. Siput pun lagi laju tau!
ii) Org yg rasa best drive dekat-dekat, cucok-cucok dari belakang. Kang aku brek mengejut, kita accident, kau jugak yg kena bayar kan?
iii) Org yg x pandai guna signal bila nk masuk lane. Apa kau ingat aku mind reader boleh tau kau nak pegi mana? Benci!
iv) Org yg buang sampah dari kereta. Eeeee! (Geram hingga x terkata)

8) I nak tag
Sesiapa shj yg nak share crita driving diorang. :)

Me heart ice cream!

Everybody in the office is happy today.
Because it's Ice Cream Day for us here.
(It is supposed to be tomorrow but most of us can't resist the temptation & redeem our ice cream today)
Held as a charity event for cancer, everyone gets to give in to their sweet tooth and at the same time contributing to something good.
So besides getting a little brain freeze from overstuffing ourselves with too much ice cream, we also get the warm & fuzzy feeling in our hearts. :)

ps: I googled the pic. Isn't it just yummy?
pss: I have a thing with eating ice cream when it rains. Doubles the shivers.
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Monday, May 3, 2010

happy birthday dear!

dear Bobet,
semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki & bahagia dunia akhirat!
semoga bertemu jodoh seorang jutawan yg beriman, single & ensem!
friends til the end k?

change is good

Starting from Tuesday, things are going to change at work.
Instead of the usual 6 days, 8 hours shift,
My colleagues and I will be glued to our seats for 9.5 hours & 10 hours on certain days.
It's gonna be tiring (sigh) but on the bright side, we'll have more off days in a week unlike once a week like we had now.
No point complaining, as long as my bills are settled at the end of every month.
So here's to a new beginning (and a flatter derriere) !
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