Saturday, December 31, 2011

Highlights Of My 2011

It feels surreal that today is the 31st of December,
the last day of the year 2011.
In a few hours it's goodbye 2011 & hello 2012!
Thinking back, a lot had happened all through this year.
And because I can only remember so much, I'm only gonna list out a few that was really close to my heart.

I started my new job in the government sector in January.
Working office hours & only on weekdays is a real blessing after working in shifts for almost 3 years.
And in October, after we moved to a new office building, I finally have a room with my name on it.
Next year's resolution, work my ass off (more) & personalise my room. :)

I utilised my international passport twice this year.
I travelled to Bali, Indonesia with Anne & Bobet in June and to Yogyakarta and Bandung with my family in December.
Being able to travel abroad & experience other culture besides ours is a real eye opener to always be grateful that we have a place we truly belong to.
Next year's resolution, backpacking in Phuket & Europe. :)

I found love when I least expected.
For those who didn't get the memo, I was no longer single starting October. *blush*
My oh my, being in a relationship really is hard work especially for first timers like me.
Every day is a struggle in fighting temptations especially when u see each other every single day and feel so deeply for the other person.
I learnt that relationship is not always a bed of roses, there are misunderstandings & fights over the minutest things especially during that time of the month.
And I also learnt that I'm a real cry baby despite the tough exterior I portray.
Next year's resolution, more love with less fighting and crying. :D

So besides those resolutions I stated earlier, I also hope to:
* update my blog more frequently than now (sorry guys)
* learn to cook (yes, I still suck in the kitchen)
* achieve my ideal weight of 50kg (that's 12kg to lose)
* buy a house
* settle down

Happy new year 2012 everyone!
Hope next year rocks much more than this year!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm back!

I'm currently at the immigration waiting for my number to be called.
My number : 1020.
Number now : 1002.
Early but not early enough.
18 people beat me to it.

Better than yesterday though.
I got here at 7.45 & people were already queueing outside the door to take their numbers.
Waited 15 minutes for the number & another 3 hours to renew my passport.
Alone. And hungry. And my bb died on me.
Not sure whether the service was slow or that's the fastest they can do.

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