Thursday, April 30, 2009

i love my job! -my daily mantra-

it's Labour Day tomorrow but i'll be working.
the downside of working in shifts.
but it's ok, i have plans right after that.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my favourite tag :)

1) Print current wallpaper
2) Reasons why u love it
3) Tag 10 people (i'll settle for 5)

EDILSON NASCIMENTO is my latest obsession so it's fair that he's become the wallpaper for my laptop. i just can't stop drooling. ;)

I'm tagging:
felicia farida
lois lane

Monday, April 27, 2009

sisters day out

of all the places we went, this is the only photo we snapped.
for someone who's way younger, damn she's tall!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

cool video

inspired by ADAMHATHSEYBRONSON's entry on Alphabeat's What Is Happening video,
i decided to post my own favourite video.
i know the video's a bit outdated but i still enjoy watching it over and over again.
hope u guys will too!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

remember what day it is?

what good have we done for her lately?
(don't get me started with the bad)

Monday, April 20, 2009

tagged by f.i.e.z.a. again!

Q & A

1) What's the name of ur blog & why u chose it?
plain janes & average joes, put ur hands up! - coz im a plain jane myself. at times we do feel like everything & everyone is against us but there's also a time when u feel so ecstatic about something & someone u just have to share it with others. that's when this idea came to life. i want others (plain janes & average joes alike) to feel that they can relate to me & that it is OK not to be in the cool crowd but still have a wonderful life.

2) What is ur current link & how did it come about? - coz that is SO me! i have that hard exterior don't-mess-with-me look but inside, i'm actually a real softie. :)

3) What is the method of writing in ur blog?
nothing specific. i write whatever i want, regardless what others think. but i still keep it as reader friendly as much as i can (eventhough at times i did use vulgar words) just so it can be relatable & interesting to read so that readers (hopefully) will come back for more.

4) Ever thought about discontinuing from blogging?
HELL NO! just started on it end of last year and haven't occured to me (just yet) to stop blogging. i might be hiatus for a few days (maybe weeks) but that's it. this is my new love, my baby. ;)

5) What do u think about the blogger who tagged u?
she's my laughing buddy. she is full of life and love (ehem!) & i hope she'll be happy regardless what that means. :)

anyone who's interested & has too much time in their hands (like me), feel free to do the tag. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


i have a new obsession.
an obsession that comes in the form of EDILSON NASCIMENTO.
feast ur eyes on one of God's most beautiful creation.
and he's single too!
i think im gonna start hyperventilating.
breathe in, breathe out. breathe in, breathe out.
this is nothing compared to these
footnote: pic courtesy of google. feel free to google for more. that's what i've been doing the whole day. ;)

karaoke night

last night was a BLAST!
Bobet, Hathsey & myself went to POP WAVE for our very first karaoke session together.
but before that, we ate at ZEST, just right next door.
i had Bangkok Fried Kuey Tiaw with Seafood while Hathsey had Bangkok Fried Rice with Chicken and Bobet tried their Seafood Soup with plain rice.
we digged in to each other's food once they arrived & we agreed all 3 were fabulously delicious!
no doubt about it!
the place is exactly how i like it. simple & laid back interior, dimly lit with good & speedy service.
and did i mention the waiter is cute too? ;)

after stuffing ourselves, we were then ready to sing our hearts out.
unfortunately, the place was full.
undeterred, we decided to stick around just in case.
a few false alarms & lots of laughs in between, after 45 minutes, we finally got our chance to show off our singing talent (talent?).
man, the wait was totally worth it.
for just 2 hours, we sang like there's nobody's business.
the shy me was without any inhibitions.
i finally let loose.
singing is really a great therapy, especially when doing it with great friends. *i love u guys!*
there would definitely be a lot more of this in the future.
cause i'm hooked!

while waiting for our food to be served we had complimentary garlic bread

told u the interior is nice. actually i always have a thing for dimmed places. :)

the dynamic duo. u should have listened to them belting out 'Keliru' by Nurul & Ajai.
it was hilarious! (blame the videoclip) EJECT! EJECT! :D

the huge screen LCD TV, sofa comfortable for 6 people & lots of privacy.
u can even make out if u want to. ;p

footnote: for locals, POP WAVE is located at Ground Floor, Lot 368 & 369, Section 54, Jalan Petanak, Kch.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

who (or what) did it?

this morning i woke up with a bruise on my nose.
just a little bruise (not like Rihanna's) but still visible.
the kind of bruise that resulted from a short but painful pinch.
i didn't remember getting pinched or intentionally pinching myself on the nose so it was quite a surprise to see myself in the morning.
and i did ask everyone in the house but they were clueless too on who was the culprit.
i sleep alone by the way.
come to think of it,
just maybe, 'something' find me cute while i sleep.
creepy but flattering.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

tagged by f.i.e.z.a

1. 1st, insert this badge or the pic above to inform u have been awarded
2. Make sure you take the pic and said it is from f.i.e.z.a
3. You should tell 10 facts or hobbies about yourself ...

1. i don't talk much. i prefer keeping things to myself. in short, i don't wear my heart on my sleeve.

2.i have serious mood swings. i can be all jolly good fellow one minute and a pissed off bitch in another.

3. i don't swim because i don't know how to. i have a swimsuit though, i even thought about wearing a 2 piece (when i have the body for it). weird huh?

4. i love driving long distance. but with companion. anyone up for a road trip?

5. i've never been in a relationship (unlike fieza who has 8). not exactly sure whether i should consider myself lucky or pathetic? :D

6. i am a proud blood donor. started back when i was in university. as a matter of fact, im planning to do so this Sunday at Everrise 4th Mile (it's from 10am-2pm) if i'm not donating the 'natural' way. see u guys there? a drop of blood could save a life. and it might be mine. ;)

7. i love reading. a lot. give me a good book for my birthday, u'll be my friend for life. :)

8. i don't cook and yes, i'm ashamed for that. my inspiration, where art thou?

9. i like sleeping alone cause that's when i can be my sexiest. but not in my birthday suit though (i lost to u there, hathsey. ;p)

10. i hold back most times. i don't let myself go. i envy those who do. wish it'd rub off on me.

4. You should choose 5 other bloggers (easier the ones who follow u) and mention their names in your blog.

i choose not to tag. til then, take care all!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

dinner out

i love it when weekend finally comes cause that's when my eating buddy, Bobet will be in Kuching (she works in Tebedu & only comes home on weekends).

being with her will make me do 2 things.


she's funny & she loves to eat. something we both have in common.

and on Sunday night, we decided to try out The Banquet with Mu5 Grill & Lounge just next to it.

we've heard good reviews about the place so we headed down there to experience it ourselves.

we sat at the open space area right in the middle cause the air conditioned hall was too cold for our liking.

after a few minutes looking through the menu, a lot to choose from cause they serve Chinese and Western Food(while the waitress waited patiently for our orders), finally i decided to try the Seafood Marinara while Bobet opted for Fried Rice instead.

we shared the Sea Cucumber Soup & thank goodness we did that coz when it came, the portion was huge!

it sure was a struggle to finish it all but hungry wolves that we are, we managed. :)

our favourite would be the dessert, it's a first for both of us.

let us just enjoy the pics, shall we?

yours truly

my eating buddy, the ever funny Bobet (she's single, btw. hehe..)

our drinks (Orange & Apple Juice, RM7 each)

Sea Cucumber Soup (maybe 1/10 of the whole portion, for just RM25)

Bobet's Fried Rice, fit for 3 hungry people for RM10. we couldn't finish it though.

my Seafood Marinara. i'm not exactly a pasta person but i really like this. yum!

our Dragonfruit Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert (RM6)

the place was fabulous. worth the long trip & every cent we paid for.
we sat there for almost 2 hours just to sit back and relax. the ambience was really relaxing & romantic.
i wouldn't mind getting proposed here. ;)
*hint, hint*

Friday, April 10, 2009

pet peeves

while in the cinema, please, i repeat please don't ever ever do these things.

1) TEXTING - seriously, the light from the phone is really distracting. and the sound of the keypads, i just can't stand it! if u wanna text, please leave the hall. others are paying to enjoy the movie.

2) FIDGETING IN UR SEATS - shaking ur feet non stop while sitting with ur legs wide open, hence sending annoying vibrations to the person next to u. especially if u r a guy, it's really making us girls uncomfortable. what are u? epileptic or something?

3) SNACK ON SUNFLOWER SEEDS - it's like sitting with a bunch of overgrown, mutated squirrels. apart from the irking munching sound, it's just plain dirty.

4) COMING IN LATE - if ur show starts at 8.30, it means to be in the hall before that. not barging in at 8.45, giggling & shoving each other like u own the place. what's worst, those who can't decide who sits where, next to whom & switching places in the middle of the movie. give me a break, will u?

5) ROCK & KICK THE SEAT IN FRONT OF U - i know i might look like i seriously need a massage coz im all tensed at the back but trust me, ur rocking & kicking at my seat won't do me any good. instead, it'll tense me even more. we both don't want that to happen, right?

6) BEING A BROKEN RECORD - we are all paying to watch the movie, expecting to enjoy the experience. so i would really appreciate it if u just shut the effing up coz i don't need to listen again about what just happened. i have eyes & ears & they're still functioning, thank u very much.

7) DON'T PUT UR PHONE ON SILENT MODE - this is the worst violation in the movie theater yet. if i could have it my way, i'd snatch the phone from ur hands & ask u to choose. either i throw it to the wall & break it into pieces or drop it to the floor & stomp on it? or should i just shove it down ur throat down to ur bowels? pick ur poison.

i've been in a very bad mood lately & coming across these species in the cinema really pisses me off. so if u think u fit one of these descriptions, please hear my plea & change ur movie-watching habits. the rest of other movie goers & i who just wanna have some peace while in the movies would really appreciate it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

movie day. yay!

fieza & i are planning to watch this,

but will settle for this instead. *blame my working shift for it*

nevertheless we don't mind. we just wanna watch something tonite.
join us?
footnote: hopefully nothing embarrassing will happen to us tonite. it's movie day for God's sake!

Monday, April 6, 2009

kids say (and write) the darnest things

i can't stop smiling when i read these letters.
written by children to God.
here are just a few of my favourites, for more click here.
they will sure to make ur day.

Dear God,
Instead of letting people die & haveing to make new ones, why don't you just keep the ones you got? -Lucy-

Dear God,
I went to this wedding & they kissed right in church. Is it ok? -Neil-

Dear God,
In bible times, do they really talk that fancy? -Jennifer-

Dear God,
Thank you for the baby brother but what i prayed for was a puppy. -Joyce-

Dear God,
I want to be just like my Daddy when i get big but not with so much hair all over. -Sam-

Dear God,
I bet it is very hard for you to love all of everybody in the whole world. There are only 4 people in our family and i can never do it. -Nan-

We read Thos. Edison made light. but in Sun. school they said you did it. so i bet he stoled your idea. -Sincerly, Donna-

see? told u there were funny.

i love animations!

school's out because there's a giant pancake with butter & syrup on it?
jumping around in a castle made entirely of Jell-O?

watching this movie would be like watching my childhood dreams coming true.
anyone wanna join me later?
it's in mouthwatering 3D. yum!

::currently listening to 2 IN THE MORNING by NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK::

Friday, April 3, 2009

special entry for a special someone

bday bash 2008 @ The Junk
she is a great laughing partner. *best k mbak tetak nganok org.*
she is a great mastermind.*bab2 nak klua tym xda transport dirikpun zaman muda muda dulu*
she is a great partner in crime. *curi-curi ambik sunquick lam lemari dari debah katil koatan haus tp x brani mintak.*
she is a great motivator. *alu rami oleh ku k inteviu tym molah survei di avon dolok, thanks to u.*
she is a great persuader. *nang terer ngasut @ njana @ merejok sampei aku alu meli heels C&K & barang faceshop wpun tauk x make gilak.*
she is a great listener. *ingat x aku slalu call kau dolok sampei berjam-jam? hehe..*

*syahdu indah skejap. sob sob*

footnote: cgek ya jak gambar kita duak aku temu, aku baruk perasan kita duak x banyak gambar beduak. ngan fieza melobo jak. haha..

Thursday, April 2, 2009


i just LOVE this song!
the video is so sexy & sensual,
i bet jessica biel's gonna be so pissed off with them both.
i really should start on doing yoga.
i wanna bend & twist like a pretzel just like ciara. ;)

my baby's back!

for those who wondered where i've been, actually i was here all along.
never gone.
wasn't sick nor was i enjoying myself on a week's vacation.
it's just that i sent my laptop away for some tender, loving, care.
*not that i didn't give it any*
but fret not, now we're back & i can be my blogging self in no time!
see u guys in my next updates!

kiss kiss kiss (^_^)