Sunday, November 29, 2009

one qurban i could never forget

*dusting off debris & spiderwebs off blog*
im really sorry for not updating.
i never thought anyone would notice my abscense but somebody actually did.

firstly, i'd like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all Muslims.
speaking of qurban, every year i always had flashbacks to when i was in secondary school.
unabashed, i'd like to share what happened on that one fateful day 11 years ago.
our school participated in the qurban of a few cows & goats at our school mosque.
after school session ended, my friends and i stopped by to watch the whole thing in progress.
as soon as i reached there, i immediately spotted a white cow, already lying on the ground, barely breathing.
with blood dripping from the cut on its neck, the bovine looked directly at me with tears in its eyes.
as if begging for mercy.
it was heart wrenching & tears started streaming down my cheeks.
not wanting my friends to know, i retreated far from the crowd but one actually noticed & asked whether i was ok or not.
i wasn't ok & i was still crying when i reached my room.
later in the evening, we had the qurban meat for dinner but i didn't have my dinner that day.
i didn't have the heart to.
friends keep telling that i was just being silly & that the cow died for a good cause but i just couldn't shake the sight of it from my head.
not until now.
i think i should go for therapy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

books galore

source: google

i received these two books in the mail the other day.
and i only paid RM40 for them.
really, im serious.
i found i real great website for book lovers like myself & they sell pre loved books (but for me they look just like brand new) for a fraction of a price.
im now planning to purchase a few more books for my collection.
Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic Series for starters.
don't take my word for it.
visit here.

footnote: my broadband is officially dead. i miss being online every day. :(

Sunday, November 8, 2009

congratulations AMER & ETA

remember the post about me leaving to KL about two weeks back?
i actually went to Port Dickson to attend a wedding.
i was supposed to publish an entry about it once i got back home but my broadband started showing symptoms of terminal illness i had to put it to rest.
for almost a week now, i been carrying around my laptop to places with WIFI access just to get connected.
so forgive me for the short updates & lack thereof.
(cause when i do get online, i'd be spending most of my time taking care of my crops & animals in Farmville. im at level 32 now by the way. ;p )

without further a due,
here are the pics taken on that day.
i apologized for the pictures' poor quality.
nevertheless, do enjoy!

the beautiful bride & dashing groom with their cake

baby emile in dreamland

bride & groom with the bride's family

bride & groom with my sis, my bro+family & urs truly

bride & groom with my sis

bride & groom with urs truly

sis, me & zahra who was obviously annoyed

sis with sis in law & zahra who was pretty much still annoyed

urs truly with sleeping baby emile

anyway, i had the perfect answer for the ever ending question, 'When's ur turn?'
actually, my bro answered it for me.
when asked, he promptly replied, 'Ayang is waiting for her blue-eyed knight in shining armour.'
not exactly in those words but u get my point.
he obviously knows my taste in men.

happy birthday, dear!

it's like all my favourite guys are celebrating their birthdays this month.
with that, i wanna wish my dear friend, Hathsey,
can't wait for December to come cause he'll be home for Christmas.
i'll be counting the days.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

happy birthday, bro!

before the day ends, i'd like to wish my dearest brother, Azahar,
as he said, age is just a number & he's damn right cause to me he doesn't look his age at all but younger.