Wednesday, December 26, 2012

thanks sayang

Long story short, hubby bought me the perfume from my to-buy list.
The trick: When asked, 'Smells good. U want it?'
Just answered YES firmly, without hesitation & get all doe eyed, Puss In Boot's style.
Works every time.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

can't wait!

i just have to write this here.



Thursday, December 20, 2012

she's one happy lady :)

some time last week,

udak : ayang, udak rasa nak beli perfume ko. (ayang, i think i wanna buy myself a perfume)

me: beli la dak. lak kamek ngan. (buy then. i'll come with u)

udak : ok, pas trimak kita pegi. (ok, we'll go after payday)

last night we went out perfume hunting.
she haven't decided which one she wants so we headed to the airport to check out the perfumes there.
it was closed.
of all days, it decided to close yesterday.

her last perfume was Tresor In Love by Lancome.
it was a birthday present from moi.
knowing the fact that she loves it so much, a bulb immediately lit in my head.
i know the ultimate perfume for her.

so we went to Parkson at The Spring.
i led her to the Lancome counter, asked for the tester of this particular perfume.
my sister and i love the smell, i know she's gonna love this one too.
i was right.
with one single whiff, she's hooked!
there it was, beautifully packed as a christmas gift set, together with a mascara and a nail polish.
without thinking twice, she asked the salesperson to wrap it up & made her purchase.
i BBMed sis about it just to irritate her and she was.

but there's happy ending for everyone of course.
i get to keep the mascara and sis, the nail polish.

Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

smell good, feel good

as much as i love smelling good, i have only owned a few perfumes and it only started during my uni years (thanks to ptptn haha).
i don't stick to one scent in particular, i usually go for the latest one in the market.
the better the perfume ad is, the more i wanted to buy it.
i am easily influenced like that. hehe.

i am into fragrance with a hint of sweetness to it, not too overpowering.
the kind that makes me feel sexy and confident in my own skin or girly and flirty.
the kind that leaves a lasting impression on someone.
by breathing in deeply, can get people to say, 'yup, nieza just passed / was here'
actually that sounded kinda creepy but u get my point.

since i have discarded all the bottles, thanks to Google, here are the perfumes that once was my signature scent.
except for no 6 & 7 though.
they're in my to-buy-list next year.

Notes: Chilled Quince, Water Lotus, Ginger Lily.
Notes: Passion Flower, Vanilla, Vetiver
Notes: Red Plum, Sweet Freesia
i'm not really into floral inspired fragrance but J'adore is an exception. Composed of Ylang-Ylang of Comores, Damask Rose, Sambac Jasmine.

Notes: Freesia, Jasmine Petals, Bulgarian Rose
Notes: Freesia, Green Leaves, Citrus Zest, Peony, Magnolia, Musk, Sandalwood, Warm Chocolate Accord.     
Notes: Litchi, Guava, Mangosteen, Magnolia, Litchi Blossom, Freesia, Sandalwood and White Musk.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

lazy saturday

Today, it's just me, sis & Andika at home.
Since Mak & Bapak left for KL & then Turkey (envy!) less than 2 weeks ago, Udak became our sole guardian.
She's on call now leaving just the 3 of us.
Sis is taking her nap after feeding Andika & Andika's watching reruns of his favourite cartoon, Oggy & The Cockroaches.
And me, I'm dead bored cause I can't change the channel.

On a happier note, hubby's coming home next Saturday for a 10 day break. Yeay!
That means we get to welcome the new year together.
Double yeay!
Can't wait!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012


a historical date for Kuching customs.
it was the day our new building headquarters, where i work was officially launched by Sarawak Chief Minister.
took us one whole month to prepare everything.
i wasn't involved in any of the committees cause i just got back from a 2 months course and i guess they overlooked my name.
not that i'm complaining. hehe.

other senior officers including myself were in our 3 piece suit along with a tie, an aiguillette and a customed bowler hat.
something i never wore almost 2 years in service.
it got so bad that i don't have the slightest idea where i placed my long sleeve shirt, the one i have to wear underneath the suit.
as last resort, i had to buy my own, in 2 sizes too big cause the store ran out of my size.

before the whole launching starts, we were busy prepping ourselves and each other in the office like it was the morning of Hari Raya. haha.
and we help ourselves to a few shots.

spot me if u can hehe

me with fellow colleague

around 9am we were summoned to come downstairs and by 9.30 everyone was seated.
the crowd was overwhelming, i think more than 2000 people were present.
the Chief Minister arrived around 10.30am, the ceremony ended around 11.30am and the best part of all, lunch!
by Hilton Hotel oh yeah! haha

here's a few shots from the day.
a month's hard work for just a few hours of ceremony.

gamelan & singers

kawad istiadat

choir group
didn't get a shot of the Chief Minister and wife though.
i was too busy stuffing myself silly during lunch.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

my first run

after much persuasion from a colleague & support from twitter buddies Riyuna & Daria, i finally joined 'Larian Kesihatan Bandarayaku 2012' organised by DBKU last Saturday.
i said yes cause it's been a while since i last had a proper work out and i qualified for the VIP Category which means i only have to run for 2km instead of 5.5km if i joined the Women's Open Category.
the venue was at Orchid Garden, close proximity to the new DUN.
excited, i got there before 6 am thinking the run would start at 6.30 am.
at least that's what was mentioned in the tentative programme.
turns out, it started at 7.40 am because some very important people decided to woke up late on a Saturday and make the rest of us wait.
*crosses arms*

long story short, i was the second woman to arrive at the finish line.
i didn't get any prize though cause for our category, prizes are for 1st to 5th place and obviously the guys grabbed them all.

and i didn't win the lucky draw either.
i'm never lucky when it comes to draws.

but one thing's for sure, i'll definitely run again in the future.
hopefully fit enough & with the stamina to run 5.5km and more.

the 71 year old lady in th Astro ad really inspired me.
she started running marathons when she was 61 & she had run 33 marathons to date.
she is glowing with health & i wanna be just like her.

so if u guys know any running events in Kuching, do let me know.
maybe we can join it together. :)

 my running tag

 2 veterans & a VIP ahaha

running buddies.
they're both over 45 & fit cause they run frequently