Friday, January 7, 2011

Freaky friday

This morning when I locked the gate, I accidentally 'locked' a small bit of my skin along with it.
Yikes, I know.
But it didn't bleed because somehow the entrapment didn't manage to cut me & the blood was still trapped under the skin leaving an impression of a swollen red dot right in the middle of my left ring finger.
I thought about poking it with a sharp pin or something to let the blood out but then I imagined when I did just that, it's gonna be like one scene from a horror movie.
Blood spurting all over the place, all gory & disgusting & I'll be screaming my lungs out.
But that's just me, someone with real wild & sometimes unrealistic & over the top imaginations.
So maybe I would do just that.
On second thought, let my sis or aunt do it so if anything gory happens, they'll be the ones with blood on them, not me.
Orrrrrr let a good looking vampire suck on it.

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3 hands in the air:

f.i.e.z.a said...

Boh dtandah eh.gangrene lak ada ka gangrene indah?mun vampire kacak sik nya ngisap jarik ajak za heehe.abis tengkok belubang lak.berani ktk! Hahaa

Lois Lane said...

Dari jauh kedak rupa tahi lalat jak oh. Hehehehe.

AmirFX said...

Eeee... Cucuk k jarum jak.. Suruh darah bekuk ya kuar... *leput*