Tuesday, January 29, 2013

long weekend with dearest

Day 1

boarded a plane to KL with besties Fieza & Bobet last Thursday.
the trip actually wasn't planned, we just bought it because the flight tickets were cheaper.
and because it wasn't planned, we didn't even remember 24th was a public holiday.
Alhamdulillah we managed to grab the first flight out at 7 am. :)

we arrived at LCCT at 8.25am, way ahead from schedule.
got a bbm from hubby saying he can't pick me up at KL Sentral cause he was extremely tired and he had a bad headache (he just came back from Cameron Highlands the day before).
i was pretty upset cause i was so anxious to see him.
and yes, i sulked.
didn't even wanna talk when he called.
to my surprise, he was at the arrival gate waiting for me.
turn out he was already there at 8 am waiting for us.
i was so geram but happy at the same time.

took the bus to KL Sentral and we parted ways there as Fieza & Bobet will be staying at Fieza's friend, Jijah's place.
we just stayed at home that day, spending quality time together, catching up on things we missed while being apart from each other.

Day 2

hubby had been going on and on about nasi kandar he had in Penang so i thought why not we try out one here in KL.
had nasi kandar at Restoran Nasi Kandar Pelita, Jalan Ampang.
not as good as the one in Penang i was told but nice nevertheless.

next destination: KLCC.
went to Charles & Keith for their handbags but most of them are neon!
i don't think i could ever rock neon.
went to Vincci but devastated they didn't have what i wanted in my size.

next stop: Jalan Masjid India & Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.
for their hijabs obviously.
met up with bffs here while hubby went for Friday prayers.
grabbed 3 hijabs while waiting for hubby.
when he came back, we parted ways with the girls.
it rained really heavily, we had to take shelter and buy an umbrella at Semua House.
i had to buy flats cause my wedges is killing me.

being married now, definition of shopping is completely different.
it's now: decide what u want, where to get it, make purchase.
no more browsing and comparing prices at different places.
pretty much like how the guys do it.
less time it takes, the better.

in spite of the crazy crowd, i managed to grab this in less than 20 minutes at KL Sogo.
thanks syg! *hugs*

after KL Sogo, took the komuter to Mid Valley, my must-go-to-shopping-mall.
finally found the wedges i wanted in my size at Vincci. *cheers*
bought Ima's wedding present at AEON and Andika's milk bottle at Mothercare.
happy with all the purchases, we walked to the bus stop to wait for the bus.

we waited for the U72 bus to get home at Taman Abadi Indah.
it was still raining mildly and after 20 minutes our bus came.
immediately there was a huge crowd forming towards the bus door.
hubby went in front to secure a place for us but i got shoved to the back of the line and there was an old lady in front of me who was moving oh so slowly.
hubby managed to board the bus but i didn't.
so when he tried to get off the bus, the rude and inconsiderate driver closed the door.
on his arms!
if it wasn't for other people on the bus screaming for him to open the door, the driver would have drove off.
Alhamdulillah it was nothing serious.
but i still blame myself because if it wasn't for me, if i had boarded the bus, he wouldn't get hurt like that. 

Day 3

Leona picked us up at KL Sentral to attend Ima's wedding at Dewan Dato' Ahmad Razali, Jalan Ampang.
Got there before 1pm, the couple arrived at 1.30pm.
unlike 'pengilan' in Kuching, here, guests came, eat & leave.
sometimes without waiting to see the bride & groom.
after taking lots of picture together with the bride & groom, the three of us headed home.
Leo is lihai when it comes to driving!
i was relieved when we finally reached home. 
thanks for the ride babe! *hugs*

at night we had dinner with my brother, sis in law & their two children. 
when they came over, the children swarmed mr hubby like ants on sugar.
he always has that kind of effect with children, they just adore him. 
in the car, my brother asked where i wanted to have dinner.
since we're heading to Ikea & The Curve, Tony Roma's it is.
i have been craving for their ribs like forever.
amagad law of attraction really works!
we had lamb ribs slab, bountiful beef ribs.
it was A LOT! 
the four of us can't finish it.
after dinner, hubby and I went to Ikea to get few things for our future home. aiseh.
when i saw this at Ikea, i bought two sets. 
yes, i am a Tupperware & container crazed woman now. hahaha.
PRUTA food container: 17 units for RM14.90!

later we had hot drinks at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, The Curve and reached home around 12.30am.
thanks abang for buying us a wonderful dinner & taking us to my favourite place, Ikea. *hugs*

Day 4 

the day finally came for me to leave KL and hubby.
we stayed at home & spent as much quality time as possible.
he even cooked lunch for me.
since our flight was at 10.45pm and it'll be too late for him to reach home if he were to send me to LCCT, i insisted he sent me off at KL Sentral.
when i waved him goodbye from the bus and saw his sad face, i just can't control my tears anymore.
i'm even crying while typing this.
that's how much of a crybaby i am.
it breaks my heart every time we have to be separated.
i really don't know how other couples do it.
husbands & wives are supposed to be together, not apart like this.
only after i reached home around 1.30am, he finally went to bed.
i only managed to fall asleep around 3am cause it felt awkward sleeping on my own.
hoping & praying we won't have to sleep alone again.
cause it hurts real bad. :(

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