Thursday, March 20, 2014

Beauty conscious

Turning 31 *gasps* in a few months is really making me anxious.

So in my pathetic attempt to relive my glorious teenage years, I decided to give this beauty supplement a try.

Known as KColly Sweet 17 which I think stands for Korean Collagen to look like 17 again yoohoo!

Read good reviews about it, even Nur Fathia, the Arianna Rose swears by it. 

Bought it online from Zueboutique in Instagram for RM120 inclusive poslaju and it arrived today.

Actually I did find another seller who sells it for RM95 but because she wasn't friendly I didn't buy it from her.

Zuera on the other hand is a people person & that's how sellers should treat their potential customers. 

She delivers quick service & she also sells a lot of other beauty stuff which a few I got them for free. Another bonus point for her.

What are you waiting for? Follow her on Instagram now and maybe we can look & feel 17 together!


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The Geek Goddess said...

Babe you should try V&N Pure Marine Collagen Powder. It's only RM65 including postage and it really works for me and my mum. Just mesti rajin pake jak hehe.

I did a review here: